Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz

A Cut Above the Rest:
Season 1, Episode 31.
Dorothy hosts a ball but things go wrong thanks to Wilhelmina.
Thankfully however this ball got salvaged from Wilhelmina’s menace.

Season 1, Episode 32.
Dorothy caused Ozma to lose her magic just before she was to take part in a magic contest.
Fun that the friends make it appeared that Ozma still has magic in the contest (virtually not that different to real-life magicians).
However this trick was exposed and Wilhelmina won the contest with the prize of the wishing stone.
Amazing that the wishing stone works and that wishes come true in Oz just like my wish of my wife Karen Gillan.

Halloween Heist:
Season 1, Episode 33.
Dorothy introduced her friends to Halloween and Wilhelmina was sure a menace in disrupting Halloween with her creating Jack Pumpkinhead.
Funny on Jack keep on calling Wilhelmina mom.

Haunt Me Not:
Season 1, Episode 34.
The friends whilst on Halloween goes inside a haunted house and what a surprise where they ended up next.

Wheelers of Fortune:
Season 1, Episode 35.
Not bad episode in which the friends meet an unpleasant figure but ends with a happy race at the end.

Sister Sister:
Season 1, Episode 36.
The friends meet Glinda’s sister and what a mayhem she causes including pretending to be Glinda herself.

Moody Magic:
Season 1, Episode 37.
Fun episode in which through Wilhelmina’s magic, Dorothy’s mood is changed to something unpleasant and the friends having to deal with this unpleasant Dorothy.

If the Shoe Fits:
Season 1, Episode 38.
Fun episode with Wilhelmina’s latest attempt to get the Ruby Slippers and when she got it she lost it.
This was due to Dorothy’s anti-wish for the slippers and that is when she wishes for something the opposite occurs.

Get Smart:
Season 1, Episode 39.
Get Smart is of course the name of that TV series.
The Nome King kidnaps a well known author and demands that he be included in the author’s book of the greatest rulers of Oz.
Funny that the Nome King does get included in the book but in the chapter of worst rulers but he was still happy about it!

Mission Imp-Possible:
Season 1 finale.
Not bad episode in which the friends tried to cure Zoup of his hiccups and enjoyable pranks that got presented here.

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz has been picked up for a third season.