Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz

Beware The Woozy:
Series opener.
Despite opening the series this is not an origin episode as Dorothy is already in Oz.
Ozma accidentally got herself petrified so Dorothy and friends goes find the Woozy as part of the way to get Ozma de-petrified.
Fun when they got the Woozy out of his captivity and taking him to de-petrify Ozma.

Magical Mandolin:
Episode 2.
Interesting said mandolin which makes people dance by day and trance by night.
Wilhelmina steals the mandolin for her own purposes.
Not bad plot about the use of the mandolin.

Toto Unleashed:

Episode 3.

Wilhelmina snatches Toto and tries to make him her own pet.

Not bad as the battle for Toto’s ownership gets ensued.

Official Ozian Exam:

Episode 4.

Dorothy gets told that she has overstayed her welcome in Oz and therefore has to pass a citizen exam to stay.

Wilhelmina wants Dorothy to leaves so she provides a distraction away from her studies.

Quite a delicious irony at the end.

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz

Locket Locket In My Pocket:
Episode 5.
Whilst Dorothy and her friends are at a fair, Wilhelmina through a magical locket pretends to be Dorothy by transforming herself into her form and use this opportunity to damage her reputation.
When this deception got revealed it was fun seeing others turning into Dorothy as well.

Mixed-Up Mixer:
Episode 6.
Whilst cooking in the kitchen, Dorothy accidentally mixes in the Potion of Life which give life to inanimate objects.
Quite fun the mayhem that this ensues.

Ojo the Unlucky:
Episode 7.
Dorothy and friends help out with Ojo who is very unlucky.
Quite good when Ojo’s luck changed when they were really in trouble.

The Lion’s Share:
Episode 8.
An enjoyable effort in which Lion goes through courage to become King of the Forest as he overcomes of things he has feared.

Rules of Attraction:
Episode 9.
Dorothy celebrates Valentine’s Day in Oz and Wilhelmina through her gets everyone loves Dorothy much to Dorothy’s discomfort.
Fun on how this gets resolved.

Brain Power of Love:
Episode 10.
Scarecrow is smitten with Patchwork Girl and interesting how this plays out here and how he deals with it.

One-Winged Wally:
Episode 13.
The friends help out a monkey name Wally who only has one wing.
It was especially pretty good when Wally stood up to the Wheelers.

Episode 14.
Glinda’s wand goes missing and it ultimately lands in Wilhelmina’s hands.
It was pretty good how Dorothy got Toto to get the wand and freeing the friends at the same time.

No Sleep Sleepover:
Season 1, Episode 15.
Dorothy and her friends are having a sleepover and as she points out sleeping is not the purpose of the sleepover. After all what is the fun of sleeping during the sleepover as the sleepover is stay at the place of the host without going home on the night in question and only sleep when the fun is over for the night.
Wilhelmina feels left out that she has not been invited which culminates in her creating the Pillow Monster.
Fun sleepover and what a menace that is the Pillow Monster.

Lion Catches a Bug:
Season 1, Episode 16.
The forest is under attack by the flying monkeys and Lion as the king of the forest is the only one to fight them off.
However there is a problem of Lion literally catching a bug.
Dorothy, Scarecrow and Tin Man then shrink themselves to go into Lion’s body and get the bug out.
Fun episode using the familiar premise of people shrunk to size to get inside a body.

Meanwhile Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz has been picked up for a second season.

Tik Tok and Tin Man:
Season 1, Episode 17.

This episode marks Tik Tok’s entrance to the series.

Tin Man fears that his place in the group got supplanted by the discovery of Tik Tok who is of a similar metal creation to Tin Man.

Good introductory episode for Tik Tok and how he got the friends out of trouble here.

Also good that Dorothy given assurance to Tin Man that he hasn’t been supplanted and that he is needed to be like a big brother to Tik Tok.

If I Only Had Some Brawn:

Antepenultimate episode of season 1.

Lion saves Patchwork Girl from being in an accident and made Scarecrow wished it was him who had saved her instead.

This made him wish and got some brawn.

However it would prove that it is best to just stick on what one is good at.

Like the jokes about corn early on and reminds me of similar jokes made by the main Doctor Who cast in Doctor Who Confidential 6.8 River Runs Wild, the corresponding episode to Let’s Kill Hitler.

The Beast Royales:
Penultimate episode of season 1.
The Beast Royales is the name of a visiting band when they got kidnapped by Wilhelmina.
Wilhelmina is a big fan and wants the Beast Royales only for her.
Fun when Dorothy and friends got the fans to help them rescue the Beast Royales.
It was funny when the fans were unwilling to go to the castle not even for the Beast Royales when Dorothy comes up with them getting free T-Shirts.
Typical after the Beast Royales got rescued how quickly Wilhelmina moved on to another band.

Time After Time:
Season 1 finale.
Coincidentally Time After Time is another TV series that I am currently seeing and it deals with time travel.
The Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz namesake episode also deals with time travel.
Wilhelmina attempts to steal the Ruby slippers but fails miserably and it results in high alert should she try again.
Wilhelmina therefore determines with a comment from one of the monkeys that the only way she can steal the Ruby Slippers now is to go back again and try again.
The repeated attempts also fails and the last attempt is funny as Wilhelmina finally gets to try on the Ruby Slippers but they refused to go with her.
A very fun way to end the first season and it was funny that at the end of each of her failed attempts, the flower pot always falls on Wilhelmina’s head.

Kitten Around:
Season 1, Episode 21.
Enjoyable adventure in which the friends help out a kitten back to its home.

Castle Sitters:
Season 1, Episode 22.
Dorothy and friends takes care of a castle and funny when the two monkeys came in including when a big bird was used against them and earlier when a piano dropped on one of them.

Stuck On You:
Season 1, Episode 23.
A magic locket has gotten Dorothy and Ozma to joined literally at the hip.
Good lesson on how this episode about being close together physically representing what it means to be close metaphorically.

Family Matters:
Season 1, Episode 24.
Dorothy and friends help find Woozy a family to be with but it was pretty obvious that the family are ones that have been staring them at the face and it is Dorothy and friends themselves.

The Emerald of Zog:
Season 1, Episode 25.
Enjoyable episode in which the friends search for the said emerald.

Cooking Up Some Magic:
Season 1, Episode 26.
Fun episode when some cooking brought gingerbread men to life and of course have my own favourite kind of ginger that of my wife Karen Gillan.
Houses literally fell down with the collapse of gingerbread houses.

Copy Cat:
Season 1, Episode 27.
Not bad episode involving Wilhelmina and her use of a literal copy cat.

Snow Place Like Home:
Season 1, Episode 28.
Interesting episode in which Dorothy introduced her friends to snow for the first time.

Mirror Madness:
Season 1, Episode 29.
Oh wow that was quite a terrifying mirror version of Wilhelmina that was presented here.

Everything Coming Up Poppies:
Season 1, Episode 30.
Not bad episode as poppies get our friends in literally a bubble.