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Liao Dynasty – The Doctor sent Matthew See and Karen Gillan to the Liao Dynasty for a Chinese takeaway – it wasn’t a restaurant but the actual 12th-century palace. The guards were not happy. [The Gunpowder Plot]


Baker’s End: The King of Cats:

The King of Cats is the first story in Baker’s End starring Doctor Who luminaries Tom Baker and Katy Manning and written by Paul Magrs.

I was very glad that this had Tom and Katy finally working together.

Tom plays a different version of himself and there is a funeral for him in the village of Happenstance which was attended by Suzy Goshawk played by Katy.

However Tom is not as dead as he seems and the hilarity this ensues and this embroils Suzy in it.

Other cast members includes Susan Jameson and David Benson.

Jameson’s played Tom’s housekeeper Mrs Frimbly and she also played another housekeeper Mrs Wibbsey, companion to Tom’s Fourth Doctor in the Nest Cottage series which was also written by Magrs.

Benson played Panda, companion to Iris Wildthyme played by Katy for Big Finish.

The interview with Tom at the end was enjoyable and it was very amusing how long it took Magrs to identify himself.


The Fifty-year Delay:

The Fifty-year Delay is a short story that was originally published in the 50th Anniversary Annual and later republished as part of the Heroes and Monsters Collection.

Featuring the Eleventh Doctor.

Intriguing story in which the Doctor meets Ryan Goodman in the Underground Station as they battle it out against an ancient time bird.