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Secret of Arkatron:

Secret of Arkatron is a short story that was originally published in the 2011 Annual and later republished in the Heroes and Monsters Collection.

Featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Amy.

Arkatron looks similar in name to Akhaten from the later Eleventh Doctor TV episode The Rings of Akhaten which was three episodes after my wife Karen Gillan sang her swansong as Amy in The Angels Take Manhattan.

Enjoyable story in which the Doctor and Amy visits a spooky house on an asteroid.

Fascinating the mystery that comes up here and why there is respect is just walking away at the end when the mystery is solved.


Arachnids In The UK:
Season 41, Episode 4.
Written by showrunner Chris Chibnall.
Series directorial debut by Sallie Aprahamian.
This is the episode with Chris Noth in it and he is playing Jack Robertson.
With the episode title, it made me remember a movie that I saw in 1992 and that was Arachnophobia (1990).
Perhaps unsurprisingly Arachnophobia got mentioned at Whovians whilst talking about Arachnids In The UK.
I did think about whether this would be a sequel to Planet of the Spiders before remembering that this season is not having links to the series’ past.
Impressive on seeing the new space-time vortex the first time in this the Chibnall era.
We meet Yaz’s family including her mum Najia.
The Thirteenth Doctor uses her sonic screwdriver to get into Dr McIntyre’s colleague’s place. The response with this that it was breaking and entering but the Doctor didn’t say it was sonicing and entering as the Eleventh Doctor said that in The Hungry Earth.
In fact The Hungry Earth, like Arachnids In The UK, is written by Chibnall.
The fact that Chibnall had written The Hungry Earth was not something I had remembered immediately. I remember that scene because it had my wife Karen Gillan as Amy (and my wife Karen is always in my mind) about it being breaking and entering which was followed by the Doctor’s sonicing and entering response.
Horrifying on seeing all those webs at Dr McIntyre’s colleague’s place before seeing her dead covered in web.
Terrifying when that spider turned up under the bed. Reminded me when the Clockwork Man did the same in The Girl In The Fireplace as it had the same effect.
In fact Arachnids In The UK is the fourth episode of the first Jodie Whittaker season and The Girl In The Fireplace is the fourth episode of the first David Tennant season.
Second episode in a row that I found something in common with the corresponding episode of the said David Tennant season.
Will I find the next episode The Tsuranga Conundrum have in common with Rise of the Cybermen?
That was sure a much bigger spider that Robertson saw.
When I saw his terrified face in the Next Time trailer I thought it was a cameo for Noth before he got killed off but instead it turned out to be a full on guest role instead.
Robertson left Kevin his bodyguard to deal with the spider but the spider kills Kevin. Gee Robertson is all heart.
Wasn’t thinking of it but the Thirteenth Doctor presents the psychic paper upon meeting Robertson.
With the prospect of Robertson running for president, Trump and the Russians gets mentioned. That’s way too topical for my liking.
What a revelation that the hotel was built on a landfill hence the reason for the spiders and the rubbish at Yaz’s place that was seen earlier was sure a foreshadowing of this.
It made Najia to say that it prove that her husband and Yaz’s father was right that there is a conspiracy.
At Whovians parallels were made with The Green Death but I honestly wasn’t thinking of that story when the landfill was shown.
This situation ends with Robertson shooting that big spider which I found to be anti-climatic and presented ominous signs of what would happen if he does become President of the United States.
When Najia tells Yaz that they were going to talk about the Doctor, I knew the moment when Yaz that this talk would take place when she gets back to the shop that she was going back to resume her travels with the Doctor.
Having accidentally gone along with the Doctor at the end of The Woman Who Fell To Earth, the end of this episode sure gave Graham, Ryan and Yaz each a reason to join the Doctor on her travels this time on their own volitions and the Doctor was right to caution them about their safety and that when or if they come back home they would not be the same people they were when they began their travels with her.
A fun bit that was noticed in Whovians is that when the Doctor and Dr McIntyre were talking in the lab, Tosin Cole, evidently not acting as Ryan could be seen in the background making shadow puppets.
It seems that he was having a little fun that would go unnoticed.


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In the pilot of The Invisible Man (2000-2002), Darien Fawkes (Vincent Ventresca) got introduced to scientists.
Among them are Doctors Baker, McGann, Hartnell and Troughton!

Later on in the pilot, Darien used a business card with the name I.M. Forman. A slight misspelling of I.M. Foreman, the owner of the junkyard where viewers first saw the TARDIS.

Darien also says “Who da man”. Matt Smith would say the same thing in his own first (full episode) as the Eleventh Doctor in The Eleventh Hour.


The Tsuranga Conundrum:

Season 41, Episode 5.

Series directorial debut by Jennifer Perrott.

She is an Australian and her previous work included Home And Away, Offspring and in 2008 directed future companion my wife Karen Gillan in her starring role in Stacked.

Intriguing on what I thought was a land mine turn out instead to be a sonic mine.

The Doctor, Graham, Ryan and Yaz then found themselves on what appeared to be a hospital.

Jodie Whittaker had been in such an environment before when she starred in the first season of Trust Me where she played a nurse pretending to be of all things a doctor.

In fact Jodie Whittaker’s reveal as the Doctor in 2017 came just before the debut of Trust Me.

In addition to this, The Tsuranga Conundrum has her reuniting with her Trust Me co-star Lois Chimimba (Mabli).

Jodie had also worked with Brett Goldstein (Astos) before in a movie called Adult Life Skills (2016).

Director Perrott also had previous experience in a hospital environment as she was a director on British medical series Doctors.

Funnily enough Patrick Mulkern in his Radio Times review reference another British medical series Casualty as he called Casualty In Space.

Perhaps it is a sense of irony that Perrott had directed on Doctors but not Casualty and perhaps a casual viewer can’t tell the difference between these two British medical series.

The Tsuranga of the title is soon revealed to be where the travellers woke up to after the sonic mine and it turned out to be a spaceship.

Second episode after The Ghost Monument in which the travellers to wake up in an unknown spaceship.

Shocking when Astos got killed after getting in a pod and then exploding with him in it.

That little creature the P’Ting is sure menacing including eating metal.

It even had a taste of the sonic screwdriver before spitting it out. Was thinking that this was the end of this sonic before it was revealed that it can reboot itself.

For the first time ever in Doctor Who we see a pregnant man. The only other time I have seen a pregnant man is the movie Junior (1994).

Jack Shalloo who played the pregnant man Yoss said in a video interview that he too thought of Junior.

Lost for words from the pregnant man that men give birth to boys and women give birth to girls.

Ryan’s dad is brought up again and we get more information this time as he recounts when his dad left after the death of his mom.

I am thinking that we probably going to see the dad later this season.

Graham and Ryan reference Call The Midwife upon seeing the pregnant man giving birth.

I watch Call The Midwife and whilst on the topic of medical shows other current medical shows I watch are Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Doctor and The Resident and the only classic medical show I am now watching is Trapper John, MD.

Moving on brother and sister Durkas and Eve Cicero expressing their love with one another before sadly the latter died.

The pregnant man and General Eve Cicero’s heart condition played out like a soap opera and with this taking place on a spaceship made this feels like an episode of Star Trek: Voyager and incidentally my wife Karen Gillan is a Voyager fan.


Torchwood: The Death of Captain Jack:
The Death of Captain Jack is the season 4 opener of the Torchwood Big Finish audio series.
This story marked James Marsters’ return as Captain John Hart since playing him in the TV series in three episodes of season 2.
Written by David Llewellyn and released in March 2018.
The Death of Captain Jack begins with Hart visiting Jack incarcerated and in the near state of what it says in the story title.
What ensues is the presentation of events that is a complete divergence to what was known before.
The disregard to Torchwood continuity has certainly allowed Marsters to have a lot of fun in his reprisal as Captain Hart.
Marsters truly got to shine a lot more than what he was given in his TV appearances.
Marsters has the spotlight here with Jack having a minimal involvement here.
Among the comedic aspects of this story like a joke about two Greats, Alexander the Great and Catherine the Great and the brief brushes has with Children of Earth & Miracle Day.


On November 4 2018, the same date as The Tsuranga Conundrum, the Talking Dead episode on The Walking Dead 9.5 What Comes After which talks about it being Rick Grimes’ departure, host and Doctor Who fan Chris Hardwick briefly mentions Doctor Who as he says to Yvette Nicole Brown that she knows what it is like to lose people as she herself is a Doctor Who fan.


Manifest 1.4 Unclaimed Baggage showed a moving stone statue that looked remarkably like a Weeping Angel.

This episode included the line “blink of an eye” and perhaps coincidentally the Weeping Angels made their debut in Blink.

One of the cast members of Manifest is Josh Dallas and he was briefly in Silence In The Library which is two episodes before Blink.

Unclaimed Baggage also featured briefly Bethesda Fountain in Central Park in Manhattan and that was also in The Angels Take Manhattan.


The Thirteenth Doctor’s Ear Cuff:


Hard Quiz on Wednesday November 7 2018 on the ABC had Peep Show as one of the specialist subjects.

In one question host Tom Gleeson asked to this subject’s contestant Valerie that Peep Show stars Paterson Joseph and Olivia Colman was considered the lead for which sci fi show and then it was Valerie correctly answered Doctor Who.

Gleeson then finished the question with the lead to replace Peter Capaldi.

One of the other contestants Jason had Back To The Future as his specialist subject which is a time travel narrative like Doctor Who.

So having a Peep Show question that relates to Doctor Who is either very deliberate, coincidental or a sense of irony to Back To The Future as one of the other specialist subjects.

Valerie and Jason made it to the final round which was won by Jason.


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The sixth and next episode of the current season is called Demons of the Punjab, episode 7 is Kerblam! and episode 8 is The Witchfinders.

The names of the final two episodes is not yet known.


The Goldbergs 5.3 Goldberg on The Goldbergs had Adam (Sean Giambrone) wearing a Doctor Who T-Shirt with the diamond logo and it takes place in 1980-something.

The episode made its world debut in the US on October 11 2017 and it reached Australia a little over a year later on the Seven Network on November 12 2018.

Its showing on 7 came mere hours after the ABC showed Demons of the Punjab.


From Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia:

Justicia –“A prison planet visited by the Doctor and Rose Tyler. It was the first alien world that Rose went to.” [Boom Town]

In Boom Town itself, Rose simply says Justicia but not that it was a prison planet nor that it was the first alien world that she went to.

These details about Justicia came from the Ninth Doctor/Rose novel The Monsters Inside which evidently took place sometime before Boom Town.

However information should have corresponded to what was seen and heard in the episode(s) concerned.

Perhaps as a suggestion that Justicia should have been stated as a planet visited by the Doctor and Rose as mentioned by Rose.


Demons of the Punjab:

Season 41, Episode 6.

Series writing debut by Vinay Patel

This episode begins with Yaz and her family celebrating her gran’s birthday.

Wonder how long it has been for Yaz since she came back from “the shop” in Arachnids In The UK and how that talk went with her mum about the Doctor.

The gran Umbreen said that she was the first woman married in Pakistan.

Looking back on it now Umbreen didn’t say who she married to as we soon find out it wasn’t to Yaz’s granddad.

After Umbreen gave Yaz a broken watch, Yaz asked the Doctor for them to go to that time in Umbreen’s life to find out what happened.

Certainly shades of Father’s Day when Rose asked the Doctor to see her father Pete before he died.

Demons of the Punjab is a historical episode that of the partition of India and horrifying the divisions it presents due to the land that separates India and Pakistan and the people on it.

Intriguing about the Vajarians as they were not assassins as first thought but witnesses.

Despite having seen Umbreen in the future, Yaz wanted to stay to make sure her gran is safe.

Certainly a recent contrast to Clara when in Cold War & Kill The Moon when she took the future for granted as time can be in flux.

Commendable when Graham saying about striving to be good men and striving to be good people is the best thing we can do.

The Doctor officiates at the wedding and quite inspiring what she said about love.

Kind of amusing how Umbreen decided to move to Sheffield just by placing a pin on a map by chance.

Quite sad the conflict with the brothers because of the partition and that it cost one of them his life.

Moving that last scene with Yaz and elder Umbreen.

Initially I thought that this is the second episode after Rosa, which too is a historical episode, has the end credits playing music which isn’t the theme music before it was pointed out that it was the Indian version of the theme.


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TV WEEK of December 15-21 2018 has as its star letter about Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor written by Geraldine and entitled “Still a fan”:
“I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who and have been ever since I was a young girl in the UK. I’m now 67 years old. When it was first announced that the new Doctor was a woman, I was most upset. But since watching the new series, I’ve changed my mind.
Jodie Whittaker is really growing on me. She certainly is different, but in a good way. She sparkles.
I still look forward to watching The Doctor, her companions and the TARDIS on Mondays on ABC.”
Next to this letter is the promotional picture of Jodie in her costume and Geraldine for writing this letter won a five-DVD pack valued at $124.75 which includes The Bombing starring Bruce Willis.


Legends of Tomorrow 4.8 Legends of To-Meow-Meow had Ava (Jes Macallan) saying that she did not have time for all that timey-wimey crap!


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