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iZombie 4.8 Chivalry Is Dead sees the investigation of a person in a knight’s armour leading Ravi (Rahul Kohli) to say time travel murder and then says:

“Perhaps the impaled knight stepped out of the TARDIS seconds before his death.”

Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) then asked:

“What the hell’s a TARDIS?”

Liv (Rose McIver) not knowing what a TARDIS is says that it is something nerdy.

Ravi then gives this explanation of what the TARDIS is-

“It’s the space-time vessel from Doctor Who. Looks like a police box. Bigger on the inside.”

I would not had a problem with Liv not knowing what a TARDIS is when she says that it was something nerdy except minutes earlier she made reference to the Borg from Star Trek.

Isn’t the Borg something nerdy as well.


Cobra Kai 1.3 Esqueleto sees a school Halloween dance and this had a male student in costume as the Eleventh Doctor and picking up a girl.

Seeing this Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) says to his friends that they just lost one (a girl) to Doctor Who!

Cobra Kai is a sequel to The Karate Kid and given the Eleventh Doctor here and notwithstanding having seen the Karate Kid movies beforehand, what triggered me in starting Cobra Kai was rewatching Selfie 1.6 Never Block Cookies.

In this Selfie episode, a Karate Kid reference was made by Eliza Dooley and she was played by Eleventh Doctor companion my wife Karen Gillan.

Whilst on the subject of triggering mechanism and having seen the first two episodes what triggered me in seeing this the third episode of season 1 was seeing a rerun of School Reunion, the third episode of David Tennant’s first season as the Doctor.

School Reunion & Esqueleto both has a school as a setting but more so in the Doctor Who episode than in the Cobra Kai episode.


A new K9 series is being developed and this time it will be set in space akin to Guardians of the Galaxy:

“We are excited to at last now be able to tell you that there is a major project in the pipeline to bring K9 back as the standalone hero that he deserves to be.

We have entered into a partnership with a major US/UK company and are currently now developing a new multi Million Dollar series/s which will establish the K9 "brand" prior to the release of the feature film.

A K9 film would have been a one off, but with now having a new series to investigate, (which will be set in Space akin to Guardians of The Galaxy etc) we will be establishing our own universe on a much grander scale than we could do before.

OMEGA will still play a part and we haven’t dismissed the ideas of other characters such as The Axons, however we are very keen to establish new adversaries and alien creatures for K9 and his new associates to face.

The project will look to appeal to both new and old audiences and there will be more news in early 2019 so watch out on our social media.

Bob and Paul would like to thank #K9fans for their patience while the original plans developed into this far bigger opportunity. K9 will be back with you soon!”


The entry in Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia by Gary Russell on Martha’s sister Tish says that Tish is Martha’s elder sister (by a year).

Funnily enough I had always thought that Martha was the elder sister not Tish and the episodes themselves certainly made it appear that Martha was the eldest as I don’t recall any dialogue that stated otherwise.


The Ghost Monument:

Season 41, Episode 2.

After being absent in the previous episode, the season opener The Woman Who Fell To Earth, the new title sequence finally makes its debut and it is impressive.

The suspense on seeing the new title sequence could have been kept a little bit longer if this episode had begun with a teaser sequence and then go into it but instead it came straight away at the very beginning.

One of the guest stars here is Shaun Dooley. He is an actor I have seen before elsewhere and I am glad to finally see him here in Doctor Who.

Coincidentally on the same night I saw Dooley in The Ghost Monument, I also saw him in his regular role in Jamestown in the season 1 finale which marked his final appearance in that series.

The reason for this coincidence is that new episodes of Doctor Who on the ABC and Jamestown on Universal were shown on Mondays with Doctor Who scheduled before Jamestown on their respective channels.

Luckily the Doctor and her new friends got picked in space by Angstrom and Epzo.

The Doctor tells her three new friends that she will get them home. Certainly harks back to the very beginning when the First Doctor too had three companions but only Ian and Barbara wanted to go after being brought along against their will by the Doctor.

Essentially the opposite to how Graham, Ryan and Yaz are now with the Doctor as that was an accident.

Nice on Audrey Hepburn being mentioned by the Doctor as the Doctor produced sunglasses that used to belong to Hepburn and give it to Graham.

Before it was brought up by Graham I didn’t notice why Graham, Ryan and Yaz could understand Angstrom and Epzo since the three new companions have not at this point been in the TARDIS.

Surprised on the holographic tent and further surprised that the Ghost Monument turned out to be the TARDIS.

Ryan in picking up that gun and going on all Rambo was sure unimpressive.

The Doctor says that brains are better than bullets although there were no bullets in those as they fired lasers instead.

Wasn’t expecting to hear about the Stenza here the race that Tim Shaw from The Woman Who Fell To Earth belonged to.

The Remnants were sure creepy and intriguing when it says to the Doctor about the Timeless Child. Wonder who this Timeless Child is.

The Doctor and companions finally get to the TARDIS but the Doctor says that she lost her key. Perhaps she has forgotten that she can open the TARDIS with the snap of her fingers.

What a sight on the new interior.

The Doctor says the old comment about the TARDIS having redecorated but the Doctor likes it unlike the previous responses when this comment was made.

Graham asked about how all this could fit in the TARDIS. The Doctor says it is dimensional engineering but thank goodness she didn’t say dimensional transcendental as the new companions definitely would not have understood that.

Noticed in the end credits about the filming in South Africa. Knew about the South Africa filming but didn’t know about it for this episode.

The Ghost Monument came on October 14 2018 and on this same day the Talking Dead episode on The Walking Dead 9.2 The Bridge in which its star Andrew Lincoln says about the monument to the dead.

That coincidentally sounded similar in description to The Ghost Monument even though we now know that the TARDIS was the Ghost Monument.


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Revenge of the Swarm:
Revenge of the Swarm is an audio story featuring the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Hex.
Written by Jonathan Morris and released by Big Finish in August 2014.
It is the first in a trilogy with this TARDIS crew in 2014.
It is a sequel to the Fourth Doctor TV story The Invisible Enemy and has John Leeson reprising the Nucleus of the Swarm and that TV story also introduced him as K9.
Not a bad sequel and incorporates well with what went on with Hex recent to this story.
Funny moments includes the spelling that is presented to the characters and the Doctor saying never mind about that!
Also what Ace did on saying that contact has been made. Contact certainly got made by her.
At the conclusion of this adventure Hex sure raised questions about how things were reached to come to this resolution and he sure wasn’t happy about it.


TV WEEK of October 27- November 2 2018 has a letter about the new Doctor from reader Beth.

Under the headline “A new Doctor in the house”, Beth wrote:

“It’s been nice to finally see a female doctor in Doctor Who. The show is lucky to have Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor.

She’s a breath of fresh air. I can’t wait to see what adventures they have in store for her.

TV WEEK’s response:

“As long as the Doctor is quirky and intelligent, it doesn’t matter who they’re played by, although fans might argue each actor brings something new to the role.

We look forward to watching all 10 episodes with Jodie and the Christmas special in this series.”


From The Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia -

Joofie Crystalle: “Soap opera character from the Sto show By The Light of the Asteroid. Joofie had many husbands.” – From the 2007 Christmas Special Voyage of the Damned.

That last sentence about Joofie Crystalle feels kind of prescient to the 2015 Christmas Special The Husbands of River Song.


The Haunting of Hill House 1.2 Open Casket had Olivia Crain (Carla Gugino) says this to her young daughter Shirley as she was grieving the loss of her pet:

“When we die, we turn into stories. And every time someone tells one of those stories, it’s like we’re still here, for them. We’re all stories in the end.”

This is a similar line delivered by the Eleventh Doctor in his first season finale The Big Bang when he said to young Amelia Pond (Caitlin Blackwood):

“I’ll be a story in your head. But that’s okay. We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?”

The Haunting of Hill House episode is written and directed by series creator Mike Flanagan, who is himself a Doctor Who fan and as further proof his line was no coincidence he had earlier cast companion my wife Karen Gillan (adult Amy Pond including in the said The Big Bang) in his movie Oculus (2013).

To add to this Shirley Crain from The Haunting of Hill House is essentially the counterpart to Kaylie Russell, my wife Karen’s character in Oculus.


Second Empire Episode 13:

It was especially thrilling at the end with the reveal of a very familiar character at that vault.

He is played by Trevor Cooper and Cooper had guested in Revelation of the Daleks which had featured the aforementioned character but he did not play that character.


Doctor Puppet

The Twelfth Planet:

The finale to Doctor Puppet and what a fun way to end it with the first twelve numbered Doctors getting together and with planets nearby that are key to proceedings.
No, Alisa Stern has not forgotten about the War Doctor.



Season 41, Episode 3.

Written by Malorie Blackman and showrunner Chris Chibnall.

Second episode in a row in which there is no teaser sequence. It looks like that Chibnall has decided to do away with it.

The Thirteenth Doctor, Graham, Ryan and Yaz arrive in 1955 and meet Rosa Parks.

Before I watched this episode a facebook friend pointed out that the Seventh Doctor and Mel was also in 1955 in Delta and the Bannerman.

Not only that but Delta and the Bannerman & Rosa share the same actor in Morgan Deare. He was Hawk in Delta and the Bannerman and is Arthur in Rosa.

For anyone who is not a time traveler, who says no one can be in two places at the same time.

Over at Whovians, Tegan Higginbotham pointed out that Back To The Future travelled back in time to 1955.

1955 is sure a popular time travel destination.

Blackman had written for the Seventh Doctor for the short story The Ripple Effect.

Rosa is played by Vinette Robinson. She had been in Doctor Who before playing Abi Lerner in 42 also written by Chibnall.

Funny when the Doctor says that Elvis had borrowed a mobile phone from the Doctor. Elvis with a mobile that is something I like to see.

The villain here is Krasko played by Joshua Bowman. This is not the first time that Bowman had time travelled as he had played Jack the Ripper in the short-lived Time After Time TV series.

To be frank, Bowman as Krasko is less impressive to when he played Jack The Ripper especially how Krasko was easily dealt with by Ryan.

It would be a shame if this is all Bowman gets to do in Doctor Who.

The Doctor identified Krasko as an ex-prisoner of Stormcage. River was also at Stormcage. Did they know each other?

The Doctor, Graham, Ryan and Yaz standing at the motel made me think of a similar sight with the Third Doctor, the Master and UNIT for Radio Times.

Impressive new use of the sonic screwdriver with covering and then uncovering of the Doctor’s writings on the motel wall.

Funny when Graham introduced himself as Steve Jobs.

What a surprise when Rosa introduced Ryan to Martin Luther King Jr. Wasn’t expecting to see King in this episode despite him earlier coming up in conversation.

As they were talking about a bus, the Doctor says that she got her transport metaphors mixed up when she said off the rails. I myself have used off the rails when I refer to a different mode of transport that of an aeroplane in reference to an event in my personal life.

When James Black revealed to Graham was having a day off instead of driving a bus on that fateful day the Doctor had the replacement driver winning a raffle for a trip to Las Vegas to see Frank Sinatra.

This is akin to the Tenth Doctor becoming a teacher in School Reunion by placing a winning lottery ticket in the mailbox of his predecessor.

In fact Rosa is the third episode of the first Jodie Whittaker season and School Reunion is the third episode of the first David Tennant season.

What a truly great moment with Rosa refusing to Blake on giving up her seat and Robinson delivered her scene superbly.

The Doctor says afterwards that Rosa kept on fighting and this episode did a great service to her legacy.

This episode which presented racism in its ugly form came on October 21 2018 and on this same date Supergirl 4.2 also touched upon racism but of a different kind that towards aliens living on Earth.

Surprise that for the first time the end credits played music that wasn’t the Doctor Who theme but instead Rise Up by Andra Day.

The Next Time trailer for Arachnids In The UK revealed that this is the episode with Chris Noth in it.


On ABC Radio, Nightlife for its usual quiz after midnight Saturday October 27 2018 had Doctor Who as one of five categories.

One contestant Sam (a woman) got all five Doctor Who questions right.

The question were the following:

Q. The Ice Warriors came from which planet in the Solar System. A. Mars.

Q. Which Doctor Who villain was played by actors Michael Wisher, David Gooderson and Terry Malloy.

A. Davros.

With that in mind the question did not include Julian Bleach who played him in NuWho.

This was soon followed with a clip with the Fifth Doctor and Davros in Resurrection of the Daleks.

Q. What are four words on top of the TARDIS.

A. Police Public Call Box.

Q. Coordinates were mentioned and these coordinates refer to which planet.

A. Gallifrey.

Q. Paul McGann played which Doctor.

A. Eighth.

This was followed with a clip from Night of the Doctor with the Eighth Doctor and Ohila just before the Eighth Doctor’s regeneration.


In the Sydney Sunday Telegraph on October 7 2018 the day before Jodie Whittaker’s full debut as the Doctor hit the ABC, Duncan Lay in his piece “Women give male TV the reboot” wrote her debut as the lead-in to another 10 classic shows that could be brought back to life with female leads and they are the following:

Buck Rogers – alternatively Lay suggested here Flash Gordon.


Magnum, P.I. – It seemed that Lay was not aware that a reboot of Magnum had just made its debut about a fortnight earlier in the US on September 24 but still with a male lead in Jay Hernandez.

Kung Fu

Knight Rider

21 Jump Street

Dukes of Hazzard

The A Team

The Flintstones



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Listened to The Navy Lark: The Reunion, a radio retrospective in 2008 on The Navy Lark with presenter Sue MacGregor who briefly mentions Doctor Who when she says that Jon Pertwee went on to more success with Doctor Who and Worzel Gummidge.


The DVD info text on The Enemy of the World Episode 5 said about the guard chasing Astrid after she left the caravan that when we next see him he would be changing his helmet in fact he changed his entire body.

This is because this next scene of the guard has him played by a new actor in schoolboy Nigel Burtwhistle.

Since this is Doctor Who I thought it would have been appropriate for the info text to say that the guard had regenerated!