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Amy Pond Rock Candy Vinyl Figure:

Amy Pond never looked more sexier.


My wife Karen Gillan’s brief bit in The Big Short is included in this video from ten minutes from this film which was posted by IGN to promote its DVD/Digital release.

Her scene comes up at 3.20:


The Daily Mail got it wrong about my wife Karen Gillan being English and being a Rose:


The first Jodie Whittaker season of Doctor Who will make its debut on October 7 2018 and it will start with The Woman Who Fell To Earth.

The ABC will fasttrack it on October 8.

How BBC America announced the Doctor’s imminent return:


Saw a redhead woman in a green jacket.
Fellow redhead my wife Karen Gillan also wore a green jacket in The Vampires of Venice.
The said redhead I saw also wore glasses and my wife Karen also wore glasses in her Doctor Who swansong The Angels Take Manhattan.


My wife Karen Gillan cosplayed or should that be reprised her role of Amy Pond in her kissogram police officer outfit:

Funnily I saw a rerun of her Amy Pond debut The Eleventh Hour in the said outfit just hours earlier.


Whovians will be back on October 8 on the ABC on the same day of the start of the first Jodie Whittaker season as it covers this new season.


Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia has entries on three different characters called Jenny.

Two of the three Jennies are ones that are immediately well known to Doctor Who fans that of Jenny, the Doctor’s Daughter and Jenny Flint, one of the Paternoster Gang.

The other Jenny gets overlooked in the grand scheme of things Who as she was a very minor character and that is Martha’s maid friend in Human Nature/Family of Blood before she died when her body was taken over by Mother of Mine.


Did my wife Karen Gillan Reveal an Avengers 4 Spoiler (and includes a picture of her in her kissogram police outfit from her Amy Pond debut The Eleventh Hour):


Saw Star Wars fan series Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager series finale Chad Vader Dies when the following line came:
“It’s the end but the moment has been prepared for.”

That line had earlier been used for the Fourth Doctor’s last words in Logopolis.


New guest stars for the upcoming Doctor Who season have been announced and they are Shaun Dooley, Art Malik, Susan Lynch, Johnny Dixon and Samuel Oatley.

The new season begins on the ABC on Monday October 8 5:45pm.

Official trailer #2:


The Lives of Captain Jack: The Year After I Died:

The Year After I Died is the first episode of The Lives of Captain Jack anthology from Big Finish,

This episode takes place a year after Captain Jack’s first death as was shown in Doctor Who: Parting of the Ways and hence the title The Year After I Died.

Very interesting story presenting what Jack was up to relatively soon after his first death and first resurrection.

Sarah Douglas makes for a very good adversary as Vortia Trear, the founder of the Hope Foundation.

Also very good is Shvorne Marks as Silo Crook an aspiring reporter and Jack sure found her pesky with her inquisitiveness.

A solid episode and quite horrifying upon learning about assets.


The second episode of the first Jodie Whittaker season is called The Ghost Monument written by showrunner Chris Chibnall and directed by Mark Tonderai.


Clips of Doctor Who guests including my wife Karen Gillan on The Graham Norton Show:


The latest TV WEEK dated October 6-12 2018 has an interview with Jodie Whittaker about being the new Doctor as her debut season approaches.

She said that she “really wanted to bring a friendly kind of being.”

On her audition for the Doctor:

“I had the most fun. I found it moving and energizing and loved auditioning. I thought, ‘Oh my God – I want this job.”

On her gender, Jodie urges fans to look at the bigger picture.

“The point of the role, which is so wonderful, is that the body you regenerate in could be you.

If you’re a kid watching the hero looks like you. And because this is some people’s first [Doctor Who], it won’t be the female Doctor. It will be The Doctor, and that will be really exciting.”

The trivia time box on this stated:

“Doctor Who writer Chris Chibnall created Broadchurch, which starred both Jodie and Tenth Doctor David Tennant.”

Incidentally David Bradley (William Hartnell in An Adventure In Space and Time and the First Doctor in The Doctor Falls & Twice Upon A Time) was also in Broadchurch.

Pages later the new season got reviewed by Darren Devlyn.

Devlyn quoted what the Doctor says to her new companions,

“All of this is new to me. New faces. New worlds. So, if I asked, really, really nicely, would you be my new best friends?”

Devlyn responded, “Absolutely.”


Most Beautiful Music:

Most Beautiful Music is a short story that was originally published in the 2009 Annual and later republished as part of Heroes and Monsters Collection.

The Doctor and Donna attend a concert to hear what is says in the story title however there is a horrible price that came with delivering this music.

Written by Justin Richards and since this story is in written form I can only imagine what he had in mind as the most beautiful music.

It is sad but lovingly told story and the premise seemed to be kind of like later TV episode The Rings of Akhaten with Merry singing the Long Song which is a beautiful piece of music.

In Most Beautiful Music, Donna mentioned her friend Ginny.

In the TV series Donna is played by redhead Catherine Tate and fellow redhead my wife Karen Gillan prior to playing companion Amy Pond had coincidentally played a character called Ginny in Stacked pilot which aired in August 2008 just a month after the end of the Doctor Who season that year and Most Beautiful Music is set during that season.

Donna talked about Ginny’s wedding just like Karen had a wedding with me Matthew See.


Whovians will return on Monday October 8 7:30pm on ABC Comedy:


Weird Science 4.9 Slow Times at Farber High had Gary Wallace (John Asher) saying, “Reverse the positron neuron flow” and that sounded almost like “Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.”


The Woman Who Fell To Earth:

Season 41 opener.

Full debut of Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor and written by new showrunner Chris Chibnall.

As the episode started I was waiting for the opening title sequence before remembering coming across an article that revealed it would be absent for this episode.

Already knew that Graham, Ryan and Yaz were going to be the new companions but their introductory episode here revealed how each of them are connected. Graham is Ryan’s stepgranddad while Ryan and Yaz are old school friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time.

Yaz is a cop in training when she looked into an alien incident which just happened to be reported by Ryan hence their reunion.

Graham’s wife and Ryan’s nan is called Grace. Grace is also the name of the Eighth Doctor’s companion and it is not like Chibnall didn’t know that.

In fact Eighth Doctor companion Grace is a surgeon while Graham would reveal that his Grace was a nurse.

This episode takes place in Sheffield. In an unfortunate coincidence just days before I had an unpleasant experience on facebook relating to Sheffield. Best not talk about it.

After a lengthy wait, the Doctor finally shows up by literally dropping in on a train.

The Doctor puts her finger in her nose. Didn’t think I would ever see that.

The Thirteenth Doctor resting on the sofa at Ryan, Graham and Grace’s place, felt like a reminder of the Tenth Doctor resting post-regeneration in his own debut The Christmas Invasion.

The Doctor and her new friends, but not us the viewer, saw the state of the dead body thanks to the alien.

We would have seen the state of the dead body if this had been Torchwood. In fact Chibnall had written on Torchwood.

The Doctor makes her own sonic screwdriver and questions this name and later refer to it as Swiss Army sonic.

Doctor Who purists would undoubtedly have a problem with the sonic screwdriver called something other than the sonic screwdriver.

When the Thirteenth Doctor and friends met the alien it felt similar in sight to when the Eleventh Doctor in his own debut The Eleventh Hour with Amy and Rory met up with the Atraxi on that roof.

When the alien revealed and introduced himself as Tzim-Sha, the Doctor thought he said Tim Shaw.

Could not help but think of well-known Australian called Tim Shaw. Unsurprisingly Whovians showed a clip of this Tim Shaw in response to this.

On seeing Karl in the train, I didn’t think much of him so it was quite something that he was targeted by Tim Shaw.

Quite a moment when the Doctor remembers who she is as she announced that she is the Doctor.

Sad that Grace dies in the midst of the battle against Tim Shaw.

The Doctor finally changed her clothes and for the first time ever it was in a shop and new clothes that got paid for right there and then.

In the course of this episode I had wondered why Graham, Ryan and Yaz would join the Doctor in her travels so it was a surprise to see that the choice was not in their hands as the Doctor was building a teleport, with the absence of the TARDIS in this episode, and it accidentally teleported them in deep space marking the cliffhanger.

The guest star trailer that came up after the end credits was sure impressive and very surprised that among them are Josh Bowman and Chris Noth, two people I wasn’t expecting to see here.