Doctor Who


The Curious Case of the Lizard-Woman of the Opera:
Fan fiction in DE#234.
Enjoyable take on the Phantom of the Opera with it featuring Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint but no Doctor in sight.
Written by Katie Yu and she makes good use of Vastra as the lead character in the absence of the Doctor.


Doctor Who: The Fan Show

The Steven Moffat Interview Part 3:

The final part of the Steven Moffat Interview and it looks like it is also the final episode of Doctor Who: The Fan Show.
Includes a clip of my wife Karen Gillan in The Beast Below.


Second Empire Episode 12:
What a massacre of Daleks.
Funny when it was mentioned the cost of travel machines.


What makes you believe that?


It was a long time between the release of the final part of this interview and the previous part, I have come across a comment that Christel has spoken of the Fan Show in the past tense and Doctor Who News not so long ago refer to her as the former host of the Fan Show.


Ahhhh… Gotcha. What is Beebs gonna do in place of this? I felt it was a great connection for fans to get inside Goss. But I guess the production staff are already doing a pretty good job of leaking things on their own. :laughing:



New series Take Two has a principal character called Sam Swift (Rachel Bilson) and Sam Swift is also the name of a character in Doctor Who: The Woman Who Lived and Take Two’s own Sam Swift saying in the first episode, “Have you met me?” and it was the same thing that O’Donnell said in Doctor Who: Before The Flood which is two episodes before The Woman Who Lived.

There is little evidence that all this is not coincidental.

This is because Take Two is created by Andrew W. Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller and Marlowe had earlier created Castle (2009-16) with Miller executive producer.

One of the Castle episodes that Marlowe and Miller had written together is 6.5 Time Will Tell which is about someone who claimed to be a time traveller and this episode included references to Doctor Who and the sonic screwdriver.


The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Return of Sarah Jane Smith:

Made as a one-off special to mark the tenth anniversary year of The Sarah Jane Adventures in 2017.

This is a fan made project made in stop motion animation and even got Alexander Armstrong to reprise Mr Smith.

As stated in the credits it was inspired by the unmade story Miracle on Bannerman Road which was originally planned as a Christmas special to conclude the fourth series in 2008. The fourth series finale instead the ironically named Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith as The Return of Sarah Jane Smith is written as a goodbye to her.

As per Miracle on Bannerman Road, The Return of Sarah Jane Smith is written as a pastiche of A Christmas Carol.

Fascinating send off for Sarah as she faces a situation in the attic and reunited with an old friend in more ways than one along with a familiar enemy whose presence is only appropriate given the occasion of this special.

Even the cliffhanger to Class gets addressed here.

It is easy to feel that the final TV story The Man Who Never Was was a rushed ending due to the untimely death of Lis Sladen.

The Return of Sarah Jane Smith more than makes up for it as it feels like a farewell to her.


In Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia by Gary Russell in its entry on King James I stated the following:

“Protestant King of England, also James VI of Scotland. The Gunpowder Plotters planned to murder him and marry the future Elizabeth I off to a Catholic.” [From the Adventure Game, The Gunpowder Plot]

Reading the latter part of the last sentence did not sound right as James succeeded Elizabeth to the throne when she died in 1603.

The Encyclopedia was published in 2011 and James I will soon be seen in the TV series and played by Alan Cumming.


10 Things You May Not Know About Death In Heaven:


The Enemy of the World Episode 3 shows a volcano with lava flowing out.

The DVD info text stated that this is footage from documentary film Les Rendezvous du Diable (1958).

This story is in black and white and the DVD info text stated that the aforementioned footage would be reused but in colour in Inferno.

The DVD info text neglected to mentioned that Barry Letts, who directed The Enemy of the World, had produced Inferno.

In fact Letts did some of Inferno’s direction itself.


In late April 2018 my wife Karen Gillan was on Popcorn with Peter Travers to talk about Avengers: Infinity War:

Matt Smith and Doctor Who gets brought up here including the description Matt gave to my wife Karen.

Clips of her are shown from The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe, The Curse of the Black Spot and her Doctor Who swansong.

Clips are also shown of her from the two Guardians of the Galaxy movies, Rebus, The Kevin Bishop Show, Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle & Selfie as they were also talked about here.

My wife Karen says that people should call her KGill or KG but I am happy just to call her Karen.

Love her singing at the end.

My idea of a beautiful woman and I love her.


Best Friends:

Best Friends is a short story that was originally published in Doctor Who Files and later republished as part of Heroes and Monsters Collection.

Featuring Captain Jack as he witnessed the struggle of a friend as he is being taken advantage by a so-called uncle.

A heart-warming story showing the value of this friendship.


Dempsey and Makepeace 1.7 Makepeace, Not War has a character called Davros (Brian Coburn).

Dempsey was played by Michael Brandon and he later played General Sanchez in Doctor Who: The Stolen Earth which maybe coincidentally also had a character called Davros (Julian Bleach).


How X-Men: Days of Future Past Should Have Ended:

Logan says timey-wimey at 1.46.


Dempsey and Makepeace 1.7 Makepeace, Not War has a character called Davros (Brian Coburn).

Dempsey was played by Michael Brandon and he later played General Sanchez in Doctor Who: The Stolen Earth which maybe coincidentally also had a character called Davros (Julian Bleach).


The writers of Jodie Whittaker’s first season as the Doctor has been confirmed.
Along with showrunner Chris Chibnall they are Malorie Blackman, Ed Hime, Peter McTighe, Vinay Patel and Joy Wilkinson.


Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia by Gary Russell has an entry on Thomas Jefferson which states:
“Second President of the United States and one of the Founding Fathers……{The Impossible Astronaut]

Russell got it wrong that Jefferson was the second president as he was actually the third.

John Adams was the second president.

Notwithstanding that the Encyclopedia was published in 2011 and the War Doctor revealed in 2013 but perhaps Adams was the War President.

The Encyclopedia also noted that the concluding episode to The Impossible Astronaut, Day of the Moon had a character called Colonel Jefferson.

The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon was written by then showrunner Steven Moffat and I wonder if he had trouble coming up with character names when he decided to name the colonel after one of America’s Founding Father who also got mentioned in the same story.


Young Hercules 1.35 My Fair Lilith, aired on February 1 1999, as indicated in the episode title is a take on My Fair Lady.

Prior to herself being given the My Fair Lady treatment, Lilith (Jodie Rimmer) suggested a red-haired bard girl for this.

This red-haired bard girl was not seen in this episode but kind of prescient to the red-haired my wife Karen Gillan later starring in the My Fair Lady/Pymaglion inspired series Selfie starring my wife Karen as Eliza Dooley.

Incidentally Young Hercules was played by Ryan Gosling and he was later in the movie The Big Short (2015) which also had brief appearances by my wife Karen.