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DWM’s Davros And Other Villains has a column of Historical Villains and included in it is El Akir (Walter Randall) in The Crusade (1965).
It says that Akir was killed by the husband of one of his victims. This is actually an error as he was killed by the father of one of his slaves instead.


10 Things You May Not Know About Time Heist:


In Navy Lark (radio series) 13.3 Number One’s Married Quarters, Hong Kong was brought up in conversation and Sub-Lieutenant Phillips wondered if he would bump into Sydney Greenstreet.
Chief Petty Officer Pertwee asked “Who?” to which Phillips said, “No, not Doctor Who” and then said that Pertwee had a one-track mind!
This episode was broadcast on April 9 1972 just a day after the start of the Pertwee Doctor Who story The Mutants.


The Planet That Wept:
The Planet That Wept is a short story that was originally published in the 2008 Annual and later republished as part of Heroes and Monsters Collection.
The Doctor and Martha are on the said planet with the latter enjoying her time on the beach.
Soon they find out that something mysterious is going on the planet involving voices and trees.
The revelation of the trees is more or less similar to premise about the Forest in the TV story Silence In The Library/Forest of the Dead which was aired in 2008 the same year that The Planet That Wept was published.
The Planet That Wept includes a jungle and while Martha was played in the TV series by Freema Agyeman, fellow companion my wife Karen Gillan later played another Martha and in a jungle in the movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017).


In Wolfblood 3.9 The Cure, had Tom (Kedar Williams-Stirling) saying that he was messing about with a sonic screwdriver thing!


My wife Karen Gillan in her underwear ain’t no joke:


Torchwood: Aliens Among Us: Aliens & Sex & Chips & Gravy:
Season 5, Episode 2.
This episode mostly features new characters of Ng and Mr Colchester (ie if one could called the former a new character) with Jack making a brief appearance here.
With the episode starting off at a hen party it led to the appropriate reference to what happened to Gwen in Something Borrowed.
Quite gory by what happened at the hen party.
Not bad how things progressed after the hen party and funny when Madrigal called Mr Colchester the driver.
Quite a shocker that ended this episode.


Convictions is fan fiction featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Eleanor.
Written by Channelle Dixon and published in DE #234.
Fascinating story in which the Doctor and Eleanor meets Joan of Arc just prior to her execution.
A very good presentation of the person that Joan of Arc was.


From Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia –

‘I Could Have Danced All Night’:
“The Doctor returned from a Versailles party with Madame de Pompadour, pretending to be drunk, to fool the Clockwork Robots into letting him pour anti-oil into them. To aid the deception, he sang this song from My Fair Lady, the musical version of Pygmalion.” [The Girl In The Fireplace]

Future companion my wife Karen Gillan would star as Eliza Dooley in the My Fair Lady/Pygmalion inspired series Selfie.

Madame de Pompadour was the girl who waited long before this very title was given to my wife Karen as Amy Pond.
The Girl In The Fireplace was written by future showrunner Steven Moffat and as showrunner later on created companion Amy Pond.


Portrait of my wife Karen Gillan for Hot Scots exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in 2010:


The Daft Dimension: The Secret History of Life Before Doctor Who Magazine (DWM #500):
This is a one page comic strip of The Daft Dimension in DWM #500 for this momentous occasion.
Funny little story of Doctor Who fan Arnold Grimsbottom setting up an ongoing publication about Doctor Who only to be beaten by Doctor Who Weekly later to be renamed Doctor Who Magazine.


David Tennant was on The Graham Norton Show on May 18 2018 in which he revealed how he found out who the new Doctor was going to be.

Tennant was told by current showrunner and his former boss at Broadchurch, Chris Chibnall to expect a call from the new Doctor.
The call came and it was from his former Broadchurch co-star Jodie Whittaker!

As well as the new Doctor, Tennant also talked about his new movie You, Me and Him & Bad Samaritan.
With You, Me and Him, Tennant explained why it was not easy for him to be cast in this movie despite the fact that his wife Georgia was producer of this movie.
Georgia is also in front of the camera in this movie as shown in a clip of her and her husband.
Norton also showed a clip of Tennant’s first acting job that of an anti-smoking ad much to Tennant’s embarrassment.

Here is the ad in full:

In his review of this Graham Norton Show, Colin Vickery of the Sydney Sunday Telegraph tv guide made no mention of Tennant at all.
Vickery mentioned Miriam Margolyes despite the fact that she wasn’t in this Graham Norton Show.
Perhaps Vickery got Margolyes mixed up with Tennant!


From DE #238
Gavin Hayne: “Matthew See is Karen Gillan’s companion.”


10 Things You May Not Know About The Caretaker:


Comic-Con 2012 – Matt Smith, my wife Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill interview by EW:

This was filmed in July 2012 a couple of months before certain departures took place with one that is more meaningful to me than the other.
Funny at the beginning that my wife Karen had to adjust sitting on that couch.


The Navy Lark 13.9 (radio series) Hypnotising Ramona had Madame Elvira hypnotising the crew of HMS Troutbridge including Chief Petty Officer Pertwee.
Madame Elvira comments on how it was easy to hypnotise them saying it was like talking to a load of Daleks.
Chief Petty Officer Pertwee then asked, “Who?’ to which Madame Elvira responded, “Quiet Doctor you got a one-track mind.”

This episode came on May 21 1972, the day after the start of the latest Pertwee Doctor Who story The Time Monster.

Madame Elvira was played by June Whitfield and she would later be in Doctor Who in the David Tennant swansong The End of Time playing Minnie Hooper but there were no Daleks for her to hypnotise.
The End of Time was written by then outgoing showrunner Russell T Davies and ironically he had wanted to include the Daleks here but were dropped to avoid repetition in close proximity as they would appear in his successor Steve Moffat’s first season in Victory of the Daleks & The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang.


Torchwood: Made You Look:
Made You Look is the sixth and final story of the second season of the Torchwood Big Finish audio series.
A solo story for Gwen with a brief appearance by Rhys.
It is a story set after Miracle Day.
In this story Gwen is in the seaside town of Talmouth where it is deserted except for the owner of a bed and breakfast Mrs Rhodes.
Gwen helps out Mrs Rhodes as they get away from a being known as Darkness.
Darkness claims his victims when they looked at him hence the story title.
A very thrilling story for the menace that is the Darkness and complemented well by Gwen’s protection of Mrs Rhodes.
A brilliant even if it was a somewhat simple solution provided at the end.

A shining story for Eve Myles as Gwen.


Torchwood: The Death of Captain Jack:
The Death of Captain Jack is the season 4 opener of the Torchwood Big Finish audio series.
This story marked James Marsters’ return as Captain John Hart since playing him in the TV series in three episodes of season 2.
Written by David Llewellyn and released in March 2018.
The Death of Captain Jack begins with Hart visiting Jack incarcerated and in the near state of what it says in the story title.
What ensues is the presentation of events that is a complete divergence to what was known before.
The disregard to Torchwood continuity has certainly allowed Marsters to have a lot of fun in his reprisal as Captain Hart.
Marsters truly got to shine a lot more than what he was given in his TV appearances.
Marsters has the spotlight here with Jack having a minimal involvement here.
Among the comedic aspects of this story like a joke about two Greats, Alexander the Great and Catherine the Great and the brief brushes it has with Children of Earth & Miracle Day.


The War Master: Only the Good: Beneath the Viscoid:
In the Doctor Who TV series episode Utopia, the Master made his debut in NuWho in the form of Derek Jacobi before he regenerated at the end of that episode into John Simm.
To rectify his brief turn in the TV series, Big Finish has gotten Jacobi to reprise the Master and billed him as The War Master as in the Master who was in the Time War with his first series called Only the Good and it begins with Beneath the Viscoid.
Among the other cast members is Jacqueline King. King had played Donna’s mother Sylvia in the TV series.
King had also worked earlier with Jacobi on Big Finish in Doctor Who Unbound: Deadline with Jacobi as Martin Bannister/Doctor Who and King as companion Barbara.
In Beneath the Viscoid, Jacobi gets to be the Doctor again but this time as the Master impersonating him.
Beneath the Viscoid is a fascinating story to start the War Master series with the Master arriving on the planet Gardeeza and how he uses his impersonation as the Doctor as part of his deception and how the Daleks is involved in all this.
That moment at the end did not come as a surprise because it just so typical Master as Jacobi gets to expand his wings as the Master in this the beginning of his own series.


In The Navy Lark (radio series) 13.10 The Master of Sardinia, Sub-Lieutenant Phillips said that he saw a movie in which there was this doctor and the said Master played by Jon Pertwee (!) asked, “Who?”
Sub-Lieutenant Phillips then said, “No, this chap was a good actor.” He then said the name of the movie and it was Dr No.
In response to this, the Master said, “You watch it clever boy.”

This episode was originally broadcast on May 28 1972 the day after Episode 2 of the Pertwee Doctor Who story The Time Monster.