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My wife Karen Gillan was interviewed by the Sydney Sunday Telegraph’s Neala Johnson for an article on April 29 2018 about her role as Nebula in Avengers: Infinity War
The article is presented under the headline “It’s Personal” and followed by the subheading “Karen Gillan was both fighter and fan while working on the star-studded Avengers epic”
The pictures that are presented of her are of her at the Avengers: Infinity War world premiere and from her at the world premiere it has an arrow pointing to her as Nebula.
Curiously enough the picture of Nebula that was used is one that I saw on the Internet just hours before coming across this article.

It also presented a picture of her with her co-stars in Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle as it also looked at this movie.

With the sci fi scale of Avengers: Infinity War, Johnson demonstrated that she has not forgotten Karen’s already established sci fi credentials when she said that my wife Karen had “broken out as Doctor Who companion Amy Pond.”
Afterwards Johnson said that my wife Karen “took an odd call from her agent asking if she’d be willing to shave her head.”

My wife Karen asked “What for?” and the agent said “Marvel” and my wife Karen was in.


Found this article from October 2010 sometime after my wife Karen Gillan’s first season as Amy Pond in which she was aimed for the role of real life 17th century woman Isobel Gowdie who had confessed to witchcraft:

According to screenwriter David Ness that among other actors who expressed interest in this project was future Missy, Michelle Gomez.
This project however never went ahead but it would have curious to see Amy and Missy together.

While this project in which my wife Karen could have played a confessed witch did not go ahead, she did however was in the pilot The Devil You Know which was about the Salem Witch trials.
However The Devil You Know was not picked up as a series and neither has the pilot ever been aired.


The Genesis Chamber:
The Genesis Chamber is an audio story featuring the Fourth Doctor and Leela.
It is the second release of Philip Hinchcliffe Presents.
Adapted by Marc Platt and released in September 2016.
Of course the well known Fourth Doctor story produced by Hinchcliffe with Genesis in its title is Genesis of the Daleks.
The Genesis Chamber is a different kind of story to the aforementioned Genesis TV story.
The Genesis Chamber has the Doctor and Leela on a human colony world where the inhabitants relies on advanced technology to have children and coming in the midst of an arranged marriage in which one of the intended participants is not keen on.
Guest stars Jon Culshaw and Culshaw himself had played the Fourth Doctor in Dead Ringers and even voiced him briefly for Big Finish in the Fifth Doctor story The Kingmaker.
Other guest stars include Jemma Churchill who plays two roles including Inscape. Inscape is the supercomputer that looks over the colony and impressive how she delivered the eeriness of Inscape.
The Genesis Chamber is a rather solid story on the society that the Doctor and Leela stumbled into and the menace they encounter here.
At the beginning of the story, the Doctor tells Leela about having a dream of 13 Doctors.
Undoubtely a reference to the 12 numbered Doctors including the Fourth as well as the War Doctor and all thirteen of them were seen in The Day of the Doctor.


With her currently as Nebula in Avengers: Infinity War, my wife Karen Gillan got included in IMDb’s Superhero Stars Then and Now:

For my wife Karen the Then picture is of her in the 2008 pilot Stacked which was not long before becoming Amy Pond in Doctor Who and the Now picture is as the aforementioned Nebula in Avengers: Infinity War.

I love Karen so much.


Peter Capaldi on The Sunday Project on April 22 2018:


The Secret of the Stones:
The Secret of the Stones is a short story that was originally published in Doctor Who Files and later republished as part of Heroes and Monsters Collection.
Martha asked the Doctor how Stonehenge was built.
However instead of seeing the building of Stonehenge first hand they instead sees it through snapshots through history.
The premise is basically the same as Exploration Earth: The Time Machine the radio drama in which the Fourth Doctor and Sarah saw how the Earth was created whilst in the TARDIS.
Overall The Secret of the Stones does not make for a bad story even though there was no action coming out of the Doctor and Martha.


The Sons of Kaldor:
The Sons of Kaldor is the season 7 opener of The Fourth Doctor Adventures from Big Finish.
The Doctor and Leela are back seeing the same kind of robots that had encountered in The Robots of Death.
Interesting story including who the Sons of Kaldor refers to.
A good take on the Voc Robots here and it was intriguing when the Doctor made a reveal of certain orders that were made.
Running at two episodes I felt that there was still a lot of the story left to tell as it reaches its end but yet it still managed to wrap things up at the end of the second episode.


Russell T Davies & Steven Moffat Talk Rose and The Day of the Doctor:

As mentioned here Paul Cornell did the novelisation of Twice Upon A Time by Steven Moffat.
Twice Upon A Time included the Brigadier’s paternal grandfather and Cornell himself had inserted the Brigadier in his novelisation of the 1997 mini-series The Uninvited.


10 Things You May Not Know About Robot of Sherwood:


Finished The Uninvited.

I have decided to watch The Uninvited after discovering that the novelisation by Paul Cornell included a cameo by the Brigadier from Doctor Who although the character is unnamed in the book and Cornell himself is a Doctor Who writer.


The DVD info text written by Niall Boyce for The Horns of Nimon on Part 4 it began with it stating that it was broadcast on January 12 1979.
Curiously enough the previous was broadcast on January 5 1980!
I wonder if viewers remembered how The Horns of Nimon concluded after seeing the penultimate episode.
During Part 4, Boyce wrote “DON’T BLINK” as it refers to Soldeed making a quick escape whilst the Doctor, Seth and Teka had their attentions elsewhere.


10 Things You May Not Know About Listen:


Q & A from Digital Spy with my wife Karen Gillan on December 20 2010 about the then upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special A Christmas Carol:


The Tenth Doctor Adventures Vol. 1: Infamy of the Zaross:
Infamy of the Zaross is the first episode of The Tenth Doctor Volume 2 from Big Finish.
This is the first Big Finish episode to feature Rose as Billie Piper reprises her in this her Big Finish debut.
Also featuring Camille Coduri as Jackie.
Written by John Dorney.
Funny the way the theme music got cued.
Jackie visits Norwich when an alien race called the Zaross makes their invasion prompting her to call Rose and in no time at all Rose and the Doctor comes straightaway.
As it turned out the Zaross are not what they appeared to be and there is a reason for why Infamy is in the title of this story.
A fabulous story and a magnificent way to provide Billie Piper’s Big Finish debut as Rose.
A cute little Easter Egg on what appeared when the Zaross were dealt with and later realising that it is in line to what was presented in the 2006 season in which this episode takes place in.
Funny last ironic words for the Doctor to end this episode.


Under The Lake has a DVD commentary with writer Toby Whithouse, producer Derek Ritchie and guest star Sophie Stone (Cass).
Under The Lake has the Faraday Cage and Whithouse in the commentary revealed that the idea of the Faraday Cage had earlier been used for a rejected Being Human story idea and Whithouse is the creator of Being Human.
In addition Ritchie had worked on Being Human as Second Assistant Director, Under The Lake director Daniel O’Hara had been a Being Human director and another guest star Steven Robertson (Pritchard) had a principal role in Being Human.


The movie The Big Short (2015) featuring a brief appearance by my wife Karen Gillan will make its Australian free to air debut on Saturday May 26 8:45pm on Network Ten.


The directors of Jodie Whittaker’s first season as the Doctor are now known and they are for the ten episodes of this season:

  1. Jamie Childs
  2. Mark Tonderai
  3. Mark Tonderai
  4. Sallie Aprahamian
  5. Jennifer Perrott
  6. Sallie Aprahamian
  7. Jamie Childs
  8. Jennifer Perrott
  9. Jamie Childs
  10. Jamie Childs

All mark their Doctor Who directorial debut although he had directed Jodie Whittaker before for her announcement trailer.


The penultimate episode of The Resident season 1, Run, Doctor, Run guest starred my wife Julianna Guill and Dana Ashbrook.
For my wife Julianna Guill this may not prove to be her only appearance in the series as she plays the sister of one of the main characters played by Emily VanCamp.
This is The Resident 1.13 and I had seen my wife Julianna Guill in an earlier 1.13 that of the Selfie finale I Woke Up Like This in which she played my wife Karen Gillan’s old high school nemesis.
Curiously enough Dana Ashbrook is the brother of another Doctor Who companion Daphne Ashbrook.
In The Resident episode we see Dana as a doctor in a hospital just like her sister had experienced in the Doctor Who TV Movie.
So this The Resident episode has two guest stars in which one had earlier been an old high school nemesis of a Doctor Who companion while the other is the real life brother of another Doctor Who companion.
Quite fortuitous that this episode has the word Doctor in its title given the aforementioned guests’ brush/history with Doctor Who companions.


TV WEEK of June 2-8 2018 has Doctor Who for its word puzzle.
On top of the word puzzle is a picture of Matt Smith, my wife Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill with the following caption:
“The Doctor (Matt Smith) (centre) with companions Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) in Doctor Who.”

It was certainly a delight for me to suddenly see my wife Karen when I turned the page to see this word puzzle and incidentally “Amy Pond” are among the words in this puzzle.