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The Sydney Sunday Telegraph tv guide of April 1-7 2018 has a piece on Parker Posey on playing the female Dr Smith in the new Lost In Space.
The article writer Holly Byrnes stated that Lost In Space fans have almost immediately embraced the gender change of Dr Smith and that unlike “the controversy which surrounded the gender switch made by producers of Doctor Who, Posey had a long pedigree for making the weird seem wonderful.”

The new Lost In Space will be released by Netflix on April 13 which is incidentally Peter Davison’s birthday.


Matt Smith as the Doctor and my wife Karen Gillan as Amy on the cover of Radio Times in June 2010 ahead of the broadcast of The Pandorica Opens with them by Stonehenge the site of the said episode:


10 Things You May Not Know About Nightmare in Silver


TV WEEK of April 14-20 2018 has a small piece on Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle as it arrives on DVD, Blu-ray and digital on April 11.
It includes a picture of my wife Karen Gillan with her co-stars from the movie and the article itself briefly mentions her as commando and dance-fighter Ruby Roundhouse.

Elsewhere in this issue of TV WEEK all ten series of NuWho so far on Stan is among the Streaming picks.
Reviewer Thomas Mitchell gave it four stars and chose The Empty Child as the best ever episode.


10 Things You May Not Know About The Name of the Doctor:


On Tuesday April 10 the ABC showed the second episode of the documentary series Employable Me and we meet jobseeker Ben and he made his entrance wearing a Twelfth Doctor coat.
It is undoubtedly meant to be the Twelfth Doctor coat as we soon see the TARDIS at his place.
We also see a piece of Doctor Who merchandise clothing among the clothes he puts up on the clothes line.
In context with both Doctor Who and his job seeking efforts, Ben says that he knows what it is like to be alien.
The last we see of Ben at the end of this programme he points the sonic screwdriver at the camera.

The ABC reran this episode of Employable Me two nights later on Thursday April 12 which incidentally was immediately followed by a rerun of Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.


Lee Mack has announced that he will be appearing in Doctor Who season 41.


7 will rerun Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 featuring my wife Karen Gillan as Nebula on Saturday April 21 7pm.


Torchwood: Aliens Among Us: Changes Everything:
Aliens Among Us produced by Big Finish has been promoted as the fifth season of Torchwood following on from events of the fourth season Miracle Day.
Aliens Among Us begins with Changes Everything and it is an inversion in name of Everything Changes the series opener.
Coincidentally I saw the Guardians of the Galaxy (animated) episode which also words Changes Everything in it only with the word Money in front of it and hence it is called Money Changes Everything.
The Guardians of the Galaxy episode is written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach who incidentally had created the short-lived Torchwood-like series The Middleman (2008).
After listening to Changes Everything I found out that it also takes place after five post-Miracle Day Big Finish stories none of which I had listened to.
Changes Everything introduced new principal characters in Mr Colchester, Ng and Tyler Steele.
John Barrowman comes in late as Captain Jack.
Changes Everything is a solid way to begin Aliens Among Us including how the villain Ms Vorsun got presented in a very insane way and how Jack dealt with her and Jack explaining to Tyler what Cardiff means to him now.
Certainly came to a surprise to me by the last thing that Ng says in this episode and intriguing what Tyler gets up to at the end.


People Magazine of April 16-30 2018 has a feature on some of the women in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War and it includes my wife Karen Gillan.
Under the headline “A Infinity Phwoar!” with the word “A” coming from the A in the Avengers logo.

For my wife Karen’s bit comes the following:
“She’s the GOTG [Guardians of the Galaxy] bad gal turned good, but before she shaved her head and painted her face blue, Brit babe Kaz had long hair – and NO CLOTHES ON – in 2013 romcom Not Another Happy Ending” and it presented the picture of her beautiful naked self from the said romcom.

I am so in love with my wife Karen.


Guardians of the Galaxy (animated) 3.7 Mission: Breakout!: Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves had at point Gamora tying Nebula with a rope around her.
Before seeing this episode, I saw a rerun of Doctor Who: Nightmare In Silver in which coincidentally at one point had the Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith also had him being tied by rope around his body.
Nebula in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies is played by Smith’s Doctor Who co-star my wife Karen Gillan.
My wife Karen however does not voice Nebula in the animated series as she voiced instead by Cree Summer and ironically just as my wife Karen is not in the animated Guardians of the Galaxy she is also not in the said Doctor Who episode as it is one of Smith with Jenna Coleman as Clara instead.


Included in the special features on Revenge of the Cybermen DVD is the documentary The Tin Men And The Witch and it began with the late Doctor Who producer Barry Letts stating the success of the return of the Daleks in Doctor Who in the 1970s.
On the subtitles when Letts says about the return of the Daleks, it presented it as Return of the Daleks as if it was the name of a story which it wasn’t for the TV series,
In this documentary Revenge of the Cybermen director Michael E. Briant says about the problem of presenting on-screen the perception that were more than three or four Cybermen that was available.
Curiously enough I am writing this after seeing a rerun of Nightmare In Silver where there was no problems in presenting more than three or four Cybermen.


A Dog’s Life:
A Dog’s Life is a short story that was originally published in Doctor Who Files and later republished as part of Heroes and Monsters Collection.
This story is told mostly from K9 Mark III’s perspective from being in service to Sarah Jane Smith and leading to his reunion with the Doctor now in his tenth self in School Reunion.
A moving story for K9.


On Tuesday April 17 2018 the ABC showed the third and final episode of the documentary series Employable Me and we meet jobseeker Cain and we see that he has a small TARDIS in his room.
Incidentally the reprise included fellow Doctor Who fan Ben in the previous episode in his Twelfth Doctor coat.
The ABC reran the final episode of Employable Me two nights later on Thursday April 19 which incidentally was immediately followed by a rerun of the Matt Smith swansong The Time of the Doctor.


Robert Downey Jr got interviewed by the Sydney Sunday Telegraph’s Neala Johnson on April 22 about Avengers: Infinity War.
Under the headline “Infinity & Beyond” it included a comment from my wife Karen Gillan about Downey.
Johnson says that for my wife Karen, “the intimidation factor of merging her Guardians character Nebula into the wider Avengers family on Infinity War was lessened by Downey’s welcoming gestures.”

My wife Karen:
“He [Downey] gets all the cast together and we all socialise and he gives us the most beautiful cuisine. He’s leading the charge very well.”

I love my wife Karen.


Pearl Mackie on Studio 10:


My wife Karen Gillan talks about her fighting skills including recently as Nebula in Avengers: Infinity War:


My wife Karen Gillan got mistaken for Sophie Turner of Game of Thrones:


Saw Avengers: Infinity War featuring my wife Karen Gillan as Nebula.
Saw it on ANZAC Day April 25.
This was one day in which the ABC did not have a rerun of NuWho due to the occasion of ANZAC Day itself.
Fortuitously I saw Avengers: Infinity War at the same time that the ABC would have shown a NuWho rerun if it had not given the series this little break.
Incidentally seeing my wife Karen in Avengers: Infinity War on ANZAC Day came almost a week after seeing her cameo in reruns of The Time of the Doctor.


Avengers: Infinity War got reviewed by the Sydney Sunday Telegraph’s Vicky Roach on April 29 2018.
Under the headline “Epic mashup a true Marvel”, Roach gave it four stars and the verdict of “A masterful Marvel mashup” no mention of my wife Karen Gillan as Nebula.

I Matthew See is love with Karen Gillan.