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Murray Gold has announced that he has stepped down as Doctor Who composer with the 2017 Christmas Special Twice Upon A Time being his swansong.

The upcoming 2018 season will be the first without Gold as composer since the arrival of NuWho in 2005.


The Americans 5.10 Darkroom had some of the main characters talked singing karaoke which was not seen on-screen.
NuWho’s own 5.10 is Vincent and the Doctor and while it did not have karaoke it is however my wife Karen Gillan’s tenth episode of her first season as Amy Pond and later on in the tenth episode of the first and only season of her later series Selfie, Imperfect Harmony, my wife Karen as Eliza Dooley sang karaoke with the Chandelier song.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5.11 is All the Comforts of Home and made its world debut in the US on March 2 2018 and coincidentally three dates later on March 5, ABC (Australia) reran NuWho’s own 5.11 The Lodger.
The episode introduced Dove Cameron as Ruby.
Dove Cameron incidentally is a Doctor Who fan and as she made her introduction as Ruby in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5.11, NuWho’s own 5.11 The Lodger featured my wife Karen Gillan as companion Amy Pond and my wife Karen herself had recently played a character called Ruby in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.


The Party’s Just Beginning poster:

Starring, written and directed by my wife Karen GIllan.

It made its debut at the Glasgow Film Festival.


My wife Karen Gillan on Doctor Who, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Avengers: Infinity War & Horror Movies:


Interview with my wife Karen Gillan in April 2010 the month of her debut as Amy Pond in which hopes she does not get Superpowers:


Free download of Doctor Who: Serpent In The Silver Mask Episode 1 with the code argentia:


I found Avengers Assemble 4.22 Secret Wars: Westland to have some coincidences to MCU actor my wife Karen Gillan.
The said Westland is that of a place set up like the old west and had Doctor Strange being there for some time.
Just as Doctor Strange was in Westland, Doctor Who had some Western stories including the Eleventh Doctor episode A Town Called Mercy which had my wife Karen as companion Amy Pond.
There are dinosaurs in Westland and the preceding Doctor Who episode to A Town Called Mercy is Dinosaurs On A Spaceship also featuring my wife Karen.
Westland feature guest appearances by a couple of Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon and Groot and my wife Karen plays Nebula in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.


Entertainment Weekly has released covers of the upcoming Avengers: Infinity including that of Nebula (my wife Karen Gillan) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen):


Needle Point:
Needle Point is a short story that was originally published in Doctor Who Files and later republished as part of Heroes and Monsters Collection.
The story mostly features Martha as she decides to wander off on her own after growing tired of going around in circles with the Tenth Doctor.
Whilst having a break from the Doctor she notices an old lady and lots of versions of hers.
Fascinating story of Martha dealing with multiple versions of the old lady including the significance of the old lady knitting with a particular wool.


TV WEEK of March 24-30 2018 has a piece on Rove McManus about his new show Show Me The Movie!
This piece includes the column of Rove’s Roles and among these roles is:
Whovians 2017
Doctor Who tribute show on the ABC


In Australia, Tomb Raider got released on Thursday March 15 2018.
Tomb Raider is the origin movie for Lara Croft, an archaeologist. Tomb Raider for the benefit of newcomers to Lara Croft reveals Lara’s mother’s name is Amelia.
Four days later on Monday March 19, the ABC reran A Good Man Goes To War, an episode featuring River Song, also an archaeologist and this too revealed her mother’s name is Amelia.
Tomb Raider had the line of being worth ten men.
Incidentally Dinosaurs On A Spaceship had the said Doctor Who’s Amelia (my wife Karen Gillan) saying that she is worth two men.


On Wednesday March 21 2018, the ABC reran Night Terrors which had a huge eye being found in a draw by Amy (my wife Karen Gillan).
A few hours later the ABC broadcast new episode of Hard Quiz which had “Weird Al” Yankovic as a specialist subject by contestant Ben.
The picture of Weird Al that was used here was of him coincidentally by a bunch of huge eyes.


Alan Cumming has been cast as King James I of England (also James VI of Scotland) in Jodie Whittaker’s first season as the Doctor.


Legends of Tomorrow 3.15 Necromancing the Stone had mention of the Mona Lisa in the Legends latest mission off-screen.
This is an episode that does not feature Arthur Darvill as Rip but when Darvill was Rory in Doctor Who one of his episodes The Girl Who Waited he broke the Mona Lisa when he used it as a weapon against a Handbot.
As far I can tell in Necromancing the Stone, the Mona Lisa is still intact as well as its own explanation of it.
Perhaps the Mona Lisa being intact is because Darvill wasn’t there to break it again.
Another thing that Necromancing the Stone has in common with the said Doctor Who episode and that is 36 years.
36 years was how long the older Amy (my wife Karen Gillan) had waited in the Doctor Who episode while 36 years in the Legends of Tomorrow episode is that age that is stated for John Constantine.
Necromancing the Stone got fasttracked on Australian TV on FOX8 on Thursday March 22 2018 and coincidentally it came just hours after the ABC’s rerun of the said Doctor Who episode.
While still on the subject Necromancing the Stone had Constantine saying that his business card says that he is Master of the Dark Arts not Doctor Ruddy What’s His Face.
This led to Ava and Gary to ask “Who?”


Revenge of the Swarm:
Revenge of the Swarm is an audio story featuring the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Hex.

Written by Jonathan Morris and released by Big Finish in August 2014.

It is the first in a trilogy with this TARDIS crew in 2014.

It is a sequel to the Fourth Doctor TV story The Invisible Enemy and has John Leeson reprising the Nucleus of the Swarm and that TV story also introduced him as K9.

Not a bad sequel and incorporates well with what went on with Hex recent to this story.

Funny moments includes the spelling that is presented to the characters and the Doctor saying never mind about that!

Also what Ace did on saying that contact has been made. Contact certainly got made by her.

At the conclusion of this adventure Hex sure raised questions about how things were reached to come to this resolution and he sure wasn’t happy about it.


Dom Kelly’s Atlantis:
Fan fiction featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Eleanor in DE#233.
Enjoyable story setting the Doctor and Eleanor in the Paris Commune and with the premise of Atlantis.


My wife Karen Gillan Interview with ReelScotland in May 2010 during the airing of her first season as Amy Pond:

When asked where she would like to go on her second season she said:
“I would love for Amy and the Doctor to go back to the 1960s and to a big music festival and watch Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton play live together.”

Unfortunately this idea did not come to pass.

My wife Karen was asked if she met John Barrowman and says that she hasn’t. This was eventually rectified when Barrowman interviewed her, Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill as the incumbent TARDIS team at a convention.

My wife Karen on another idea that did not come to pass, an Amy Pond spin-off which ends the interview:
“I don’t know, that would be quite cool. I wouldn’t rule that out, it’d be interesting to see Amy go off and do other things. What would they call it? Pond and Beyond?”


Part 1:

Part 2:

Fan made audio story featuring both the Ninth and Twelfth Doctors.
Starring Pete Walsh as the Ninth Doctor and Jonathon Carley.
A very superb fan made story with Walsh and Carley perfect sound-alikes of the Doctors that they were portraying.
Intriguing by the circumstances with the way that these two Doctors have met and very good premise that this story handled with the theme of happiness and endings.


Found out more directors of Doctor Who season 41 that of Mark Tonderia and Sallie Aprahamian.