Doctor Who


In March 2010 shortly before her Amy Pond debut in The Eleventh Hour on April 3, my wife Karen Gillan was asked in an interview where she will like to take the TARDIS:
“I would like to go millions of years into the future to see how people have changed and what technology we have come up with. Also, it would be really interesting to see how far humans have advanced physically. There is this theory that people are going to get really frail and skinny with big heads because they only use their brains and not their body. If I was going to go into the past then I think it would definitely be to see Elvis in concert or visit Gracelands.”

Well I would love to see Elvis with her.


My wife Karen Gillan two minute interview with IGN on March 23 2010 shortly before her Amy Pond debut in the following April:

She looked so beautiful here.


Sonic Sleuth:
Sonic Sleuth is a Eleventh Doctor comic strip story published in 2014.
Also featuring Amy Pond and it is nice to have a story with just the Eleventh Doctor and Amy as I always there were too few of these stories with just the two of them in the TV series.
In this story the Doctor misplaced his sonic screwdriver.
What ensues is amusing turn of events as the Doctor searches for it.
Funny where the sonic screwdriver turned out to be and culminating in a funny ending.

For my wife Karen Gillan.


Tom Baker and Sophie Aldred Pledge Drive








10 Things You May Not Know About The Rings of Akhaten:

This particular got my attention:
“When Clara appears by the graveside of her mother, the headstone reveals that Ellie Oswald died on March 5, 2005. This is the date on which the Ninth Doctor first met Rose Tyler, during the Auton invasion depicted in “Rose.” While there’s no suggestion that Clara’s mother died in the attack, it has also not been made explicit that she did not, which some fans are rather excited about.”


Selfie 1.6 Never Block Cookies had Charmonique (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) and Henry (John Cho) mentioning the Moon landing.
Randolph and Cho’s Selfie co-star my wife Karen Gillan was already familiar with the Moon landing as one of her stories as Amy Pond, The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon had the Moon landing as its backdrop.


The Lucy Show 3.7 Lucy, the Meter Maid has Lucy as the said meter maid.

The uniform that Lucy wore here looks kind of similar to one that fellow redhead my wife Karen Gillan wore in her Amy Pond debut The Eleventh Hour that of a police uniform in which she revealed that she was a kissogram not a cop.

As Lucy and my wife Karen are both redheads, my wife Karen plays a character called Lucy in her feature directorial debut The Party’s Just Beginning which she also wrote.


Marvel’s Spider-Man 1.19 Spider-Island – Invisible Threat had Spider-Man calling Spider-Gwen, Little Miss Muffet.
Coincidentally in a little bit of throwback with Selfie that I am doing I saw the bit in 1.7 Here’s This Guy, of Eliza (my wife Karen Gillan) being called Miss Muffet as well.


The last of the three The League of Gentlemen 2017 Anniversary Specials Royston Vasey Mon Amour has an appearance by a Dalek.
This Dalek is in a photo shoot with Mark Gatiss as one of the characters he played here. This photo shoot seemed very akin to one that Third Doctor actor Katy Manning did with a Dalek as well.
Royston Vasey Mon Amour featured an appearance by David Morrissey along with Gatiss and another League of Gentlemen Reece Shearsmith all three men have played Doctors.
Morrissey was the Next Doctor, Gatiss was the Doctor in the spoof The Web of Caves and Shearsmith was Patrick Troughton in An Adventure In Space and Time in which he got to be in the Second Doctor costume.


Star Trek: Discovery season 1 finale Will You Take My Hand? had Tilly realising that Georgiou is from the Mirror Universe and the former does something before she was told not to do that by Michael.
Certainly made me think of the Tenth Doctor saying that to his companions whenever they say something they shouldn’t be saying.



The Magicians 3.5 A Life in the Day involved time travel and the words timey wimey magic was spoken here.


On Wednesday February 21 2018 the ABC reran Doctor Who: Victory of the Daleks which guest stars Ian McNeice as Winston Churchill.

Hours later the ABC screened Hard Quiz the first new episode after taking a break and one of the specialist subjects in this episode was coincidentally Winston Churchill.
The contestant who chose Churchill as his subject Mark got eliminated in the penultimate round and the game was then won by Evelyn for her subject of Audrey Hepburn.
One of Hepburn’s movies that got mentioned in a question about her is My Fair Lady.

Victory of the Daleks is one of my wife Karen Gillan’s episodes as Amy Pond and she later starred in Selfie which was inspired by My Fair Lady/Pygmalion.


Legends of Tomorrow 3.10 Daddy Darhkest:
Constantine says “Allons-y Alonso” and fellow time travel the Tenth Doctor got to say those two words together in Voyage of the Damned when he learned Midshipman Frame’s first name to be Alonso.
Alonso Frame was played by Russell Tovey and Tovey was on Legends of Tomorrow itself as Ray Terrill/The Ray in the Legends of Tomorrow and concluding part of Crisis on Earth-X which was a couple of episodes before Daddy Darhkest.
Sara, John and Leo get sent back in a mental asylum in 1969. A mental asylum in 1969 was also in Doctor Who: Day of the Moon.


Mercy 1.16 I’m Fine guest stars Morgan Turner.
This episode came on March 10 2010 and Morgan Turner had more recently been in Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle playing Young Martha and her avatar in the game was played by my wife Karen Gillan.
The Mercy episode came 24 days before my wife Karen’s Amy Pond debut in The Eleventh Hour on April 3 2010.
Upon watching Morgan Turner in the Mercy episode I found more coincidences with my wife Karen’s time on Doctor Who.
First of all the series title of Mercy as my wife Karen would visit A Town Called Mercy.
The Mercy episode with the title of I’m Fine came almost two months before Doctor Who: Flesh and Stone on May 1 2010 in which my wife Karen as Amy said those exact words of “I’m fine” (after realising she said “I’m five.)

The fact that my wife Karen as Amy said “I’m fine” was something I got reminded of (although I had never forgotten it) thanks to seeing a rerun of Flesh and Stone on the ABC just before seeing the Mercy episode.

In the Mercy episode Morgan Turner played 11-year old girl Molly who got admitted to Mercy Hospital and in one scene Molly was in bed with toy dinosaurs on top of her.
While Morgan Turner had toy dinosaurs, my wife Karen would later see Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.


In the lead-up to the debut of Doctor Who season 35 on BBC America on April 17 2010 Matt Smith, my wife Karen Gillan and Steven Moffat were at an event to promote it.

Among the questions they were asked was what historical event they like to visit in Doctor Who, my wife Karen went with Woodstock while Matt went with the Lost City of Atlantis.
However neither suggestion came to pass throughout their time on Doctor Who.


Legends of Tomorrow 3.11 Here I Go Again had Tala Ashe as Zari wearing a black/red patterned shirt. My wife Karen Gillan as fellow time traveller Amy Pond wore something similar in Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon.


Lucifer 3.15 High School Poppycock in its teaser showed Lucifer’s nightmare of him with wings failing to grab hold of Chloe’s hands as she was falling down from a building.
This was fasttracked on Australian TV on FOX8 on Wednesday February 28 2018 and earlier in the day the ABC reran Doctor Who: The Hungry Earth which had a similar scene when the Doctor failed to grab hold of Amy’s (my wife Karen Gillan) hands as she was dragged into the ground.
Another coincidence is that the Lucifer episode had a guest character called Ashley (a man) and the Doctor Who episode is directed by a real-life male Ashley. Ashley Way.


The Librarians (4.9) and a Town Called Feud is similar in title to Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy.

The Librarians episode was written by Tom MacRae who is himself a Doctor Who writer but did not write A Town Called Mercy which was instead written by Toby Whithouse.
Both titular town had a redhead as a series regular with my wife Karen Gillan as Doctor Who’s Amy Pond (whom MacRae did write for in The Girl Who Waited) and Lindy Booth as The Librarians’ Cassandra Cillian.
However unlike Amy Pond who visited A Town Called Mercy, Cassandra Cillian did not visit a Town Called Feud as she stayed in The Library this whole time while her colleagues visited the said town instead.
Ezekiel expressed delight on seeing a gift shop. The Tenth Doctor also likes shop and MacRae had written for this Doctor in Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel.


In DE #234 in 2017 Chanelle Dixon was given Adric’s Gold Star (the fan of this issue).

When asked who is her favourite companion she says that is she absolutely choose one it would perhaps be Amy.
She says that Amy is stubborn like her and a real fighter who would do anything for those she loves. Plus she is a fellow redhead.
Based on the age that was given, Chanelle Dixon was born in 1987 the same year as my wife Karen Gillan (Amy).