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Love & Monsters:
When Elton and Ursula came back to LINDA HQ after the latter had forgotten her phone, Elton asked Victor Kennedy where Mr Skinner was and Victor said that Mr Skinner is in the toiler.
However Elton said that LINDA HQ did not have a toilet as they use one in a nearby pub.

This episode came on in 2006 and eight years later in 2014 I was working in a shop and it had no toilet and so I had to use one in a nearby pub.
2014 is also when the short-lived Selfie came out starring my wife Karen Gillan.
In fact it was whilst watching Selfie that I fully realised that I have fallen in love with Karen.

Love & Monsters also played the song Mr Blue Sky by ELO and this song would also be played in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in 2017 which featured my wife Karen as Nebula and she made her debut as Nebula in Vol. 1 in 2014.


Merry Christmas From Doctor Who:

Presented for the last day of the Advent Calendar on the BBC Doctor Who website.


No Small Parts for Jodie Whittaker:

This does not include the regeneration from Twice Upon A Time.


Twice Upon A Time:
The 2017 Christmas Special that also marked the swansong for Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor.
As shown at the end of the 2017 season finale The Doctor Falls, the Twelfth Doctor has an adventure here with the First Doctor with David Bradley in place of the late William Hartnell and Bradley had previously played Hartnell including him portraying the First Doctor in An Adventure In Space and Time.
It seems that for the benefit of viewers who are not well versed into classic Who the caption stated 709 episodes ago when showing footage of the Hartnell swansong The Tenth Planet that begins Twice Upon A Time.
Akin to The Five Doctors starting off with a clip of Hartnell from Dalek Invasion of Earth before seeing the First Doctor in the form of Richard Hurndall, The Tenth Planet footage of Hartnell as the First Doctor in Twice Upon A Time had him morphed into new filmed scenes of Bradley as the same Doctor.
The First Doctor companions in The Tenth Planet were Ben and Polly and for the new scenes Ben is played by Jared Garfield in place of the late Michael Craze and Polly by Lily Travers in place of the still alive Anneke Wills.
I however was surprised just how brief the appearances were of the new actors playing Ben and Polly.
After Bradley part in the episode is over we revert back to The Tenth Planet with Hartnell regenerating into Patrick Troughton.
The title sequence presented the names of Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie (both as usual), David Bradley (perhaps not surprising) and Mark Gatiss (definitely surprising).
Gatiss is credited for playing The Captain and his real identity I will get into later on.
Gatiss is both a writer and actor on Doctor Who and he is not the only Doctor Who writer to appear here as it also featured Toby Whithouse as he appears in Doctor Who for the first time in his acting capacity.
As expected Pearl Mackie is back as Bill but it turns out to be a duplicate made by the Testimony or as this Bill has said she is a memory.
Quite amusing when the First Doctor walked into the Twelfth Doctor’s TARDIS.
When we later saw the inside of the First Doctor’s TARDIS, this Doctor revealed that brandy is hidden in one of the roundels. This definitely not something that would able to be shown when Hartnell was the First Doctor during the 1960s due to a different attitude about the presentation of alcohol and what shows it can be shown or not shown.
The word snap was said when the First Doctor realises that he and Twelfth Doctor are one and the same person. Snap was also said by the Second Doctor in The Two Doctors upon knowing that he and the Sixth Doctor are one and the same person.
Amusing on the First Doctor discovering the sonic screwdriver from the Twelfth Doctor. It seems to confirm if such a confirmation was needed that it was always the Second Doctor who invented the sonic screwdriver when it made its debut in the Second Doctor story Fury From The Deep.
Can only imagine the image of Hartnell using the sonic screwdriver.
Fan moment on seeing images of the other Doctor courtesy of the Testimony.
The Twelfth Doctor called the First, among many things, Mr Pastry.
Mr Pastry was a children’s show character played by Richard Hearne and Hearne had been considered for the Fourth Doctor. Hearne had wanted to be to play the Fourth Doctor like Mr Pastry an idea that did not fit in well with then producer Barry Letts and the Fourth Doctor ultimately went to Tom Baker.
When the First Doctor was wearing the sonic sunglasses he asked what is history browser. Imagine if Hartnell had gotten to say those two words.
When the Captain got attacked by that creature the Twelfth told him to take deep breaths. No doubt to bookend the Capaldi era as it began with Deep Breath.
A certain language used by Bill when talking to the Twelfth Doctor did fit in well with the First Doctor leading him to warn her of giving her a smack bottom if she continues to use that language. A great emulation here from Bradley of what Hartnell was like as the First Doctor.
Surprise seeing Rusty from Into The Dalek turning up here. Never occur to me the possibility of him returning.
The Captain reveals his name as Archibald Hamish Lethbridge-Stewart. It wasn’t stated as such in the episode itself but is confirmed elsewhere that he the Brigadier’s paternal grandfather.
No doubt Gatiss feels so honoured to play this character.
As well as Bill the memory also appearing to the Twelfth Doctor are as memories Clara and Nardole as they say goodbye to this Doctor.
It seems that Jenna Coleman barely had time to make a brief reprisal as Clara due to her commitments on her title role as Victoria.
In fact she is in two Christmas Specials shown in Christmas 2017, Twice Upon A Time and the first Victoria Christmas Special Comfort and Joy.
Jenna Coleman as Clara seeing off the Twelfth Doctor continues the trend of a numbered NuWho Doctor being seen off by his first companion following Billie Piper as Rose for the Ninth Doctor in The Parting of the Ways (although this was because she was still the incumbent companion), Rose again for the Tenth Doctor in The End of Time and my wife Karen Gillan as Amy Pond for the Eleventh Doctor in The Time of the Doctor.
Very good regeneration in which Peter Capaldi turned into Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker.
In his last moments the Heaven Sent music was played even though Heaven Sent & Twice Upon A Time are not narratively connected notwithstanding the Doctor saying he hadn’t seen Rusty for a million years.
It is rather akin to the Eleventh Doctor swansong The Time of the Doctor playing the Long Song from earlier Eleventh Doctor episode Rings of Akhaten although these two episodes weren’t narratively connected.
The Time of the Doctor had a cameo by my wife Karen Gillan as Amy and Heaven Sent would later aired on my wife Karen’s birthday on November 28 2015.
Although she will not have it for long Jodie Whittaker sure does look handsome in her predecessor’s outfit.
Very good her first line of “Oh brilliant.”
In fact the BBC did not waste time in posting the regeneration on Youtube:

Brilliant indeed especially with the first clear sight of her face.
Thrilling cliffhanger as the new Doctor got thrown out of the TARDIS in midair. Be a shame if this was the end of this Doctor just as she got started.

In fact the Thirteenth Doctor made her debut in this the thirteenth Christmas Special. Very good symmetry.


Doctor Who: The Fan Show

The Twelfth Doctor’s Final Story, Regeneration & More:


The Lives of Captain Jack: The Year After I Died:
The Year After I Died is the first episode of The Lives of Captain Jack anthology from Big Finish.
This episode takes place a year after Captain Jack’s first death as was shown in Doctor Who: Parting of the Ways and hence the title The Year After I Died.
Very interesting story presenting what Jack was up to relatively soon after his first death and first resurrection.
Sarah Douglas makes for a very good adversary as Vortia Trear, the founder of the Hope Foundation.
Also very good is Shvorne Marks as Silo Crook an aspiring reporter and Jack sure found her pesky with her inquisitiveness.
A solid episode and quite horrifying upon learning about assets.


In Smith and Jones when the Doctor introduced himself as the Doctor to Martha, Martha said she would not call him that as it is a title that has to be earned.

Of course it will be established later on that the Doctor didn’t have to earn that title as he was the one who started it all!


In Goodnight Sweetheart season 6 finale Accentuate the Positive Ay From It All, the final episode of the original run,
Yvonne sees Gary going through the time portal and when she demanded answers from him she said that he dematerialises like Doctor Who’s Police Box.
Gary then follows the Doctor Who reference from Yvonne by referencing The X-Files and this is the perhaps the first time I ever heard both Doctor Who & The X-Files in close proximity to each other in the same avenue.
Yvonne in the season 6 finale was played by Emma Amos and given that she made the Doctor Who reference she curiously later became the Doctor’s wife that of Fifth Doctor Peter Davison’s in The Last Detective with Davison as the said detective.


My wife Karen Gillan Wants a Woman for the Next Dr Who:

This was posted on April 25 2017 before the reveal of Jodie Whittaker as the first female Doctor some months later.


The End of an Era:
The End of an Era is a retrospective on the Peter Capaldi era as it came on BBC America immediately after his swansong Twice Upon A Time.

Saw it on iView:

Prior to watching this I had read that this retrospective would be called Farewell To Peter Capaldi.
Don’t know whether Farewell To Peter Capaldi was a working title or that The End of an Era is an alternative title.
If The End of an Era became the title for everywhere then it is probably because not only does this looks at the end of the Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi but also to the end of Steven Moffat as writer and showrunner.
Narrated by Colin McFarlane who had played Jonathan Moran in the Capaldi story Under The Lake/Before The Flood.
An overall good retrospective on both Capaldi and Moffat.
I especially found it heartwarming when Moffat mentioning the emotion when my wife Karen Gillan left and seeing her at the read through for The Eleventh Hour and clips of her from Vincent and The Doctor & The Girl Who Waited.


Doctor Who: The Fan Show

Steven Moffat On Writing For Doctor Who, Weeping Angels & MORE:

First part in a three part interview.

Includes clips of my wife Karen Gillan in The Eleventh Hour & The Time of Angels.


Saw a rerun of Evolution of the Daleks which concluded the story that began with the previous episode Daleks In Manhattan.
Afterwards I saw my favourite bit with my wife Karen Gillan that of her in a bath in the TV movie that also had Manhattan in its title that of We’ll Take Manhattan which came in 2012 not long before her Doctor Who swansong the similarly named The Angels Take Manhattan.

The Daleks Manhattan story had the companion Martha played by Freema Agyeman and my wife Karen herself would also played a character called Martha in Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle.


Short Trips: Flashpoint:
Flashpoint is the sixth story of the seventh season of Short Trips from Big Finish Productions.
Featuring the Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller and read by Sheridan Smith (Lucie).
Written by Andrew Smith and released in July 2017.
This is not the first time that Flashpoint has been used as a title for a Short Trip as it was used for a short story by Matt Grady featuring the Fifth Doctor and Liz and included in the Monsters anthology book published in 2004.
Notwithstanding to these two Short Trips, Flashpoint is also the name of the final episode of the First Doctor TV story Dalek Invasion of Earth.
Coincidentally I have been seeing the unrelated TV series called Flashpoint.
For the 2017 Flashpoint, the Doctor and Lucie are on the storm world of Cerberin.
The Doctor and Lucie are soon separated and Lucie found herself protecting a boy who is the target of gangster assassins.
Very good thrilling story of Lucie protecting this boy and the revelation of why he was the target of gangster assassins.


Free download of The Sons of Kaldor Part One from Big Finish with the code dee84:


My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic 5.9 Slice of Life featured Dr Whooves who is based on the Doctor in Doctor Who. In this episode Dr Whooves uses the Tenth Doctor’s catchphrase Allons-y and at one point wears the Fourth Doctor’s scarf.

Dr Whooves is voiced by Peter New and the episode also featured Rose based and named after Rose Tyler and she is voiced by Kazumi Evans.

It should also be worthy to note that this episode is the 100th episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. So quite an honour for Doctor Who to be represented for this milestone.


The Silurian Candidate:
The Silurian Candidate is an audio story featuring the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Mel.
Written by Matthew J. Elliott and released in September 2017.
The story title is an allusion to The Manchurian Candidate and its influences are felt here in this story.
A very enjoyable story as the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Mel deals with the Silurians in this story and especially thrilling the cliffhanger to Part 3.
The Silurian Candidate like The Manchurian Candidate makes for a very good political thriller and pretty good how this links with the Fifth Doctor TV story Warriors of the Deep which also featured the Silurians.


In the City of Death novelisation it had the description of:
“Scaroth waved this away like a small problem with meringues.”

My wife Karen Gillan had a problem with meringues in my favourite scene in Not Another Happy Ending as she was naked in that scene.


In The Wedding of River Song, my wife Karen Gillan made her entrance in this episode as Amy Pond by introducing herself as Pond, Amelia Pond.
This introduction undoubtedly was done to emulate Bond, James Bond.
Recently I saw the TV movie/documentary Becoming Bond (2017) which is about George Lazenby becoming James Bond.
As depicted in Becoming Bond, the task of Lazenby (Josh Lawson) involved in him getting past a receptionist.
In what is more probable to have been something that got invented for this film rather than something that actually happened Lazenby introduced himself to the receptionist as Lazenby, George Lazenby in the style of the James Bond introduction.
The receptionist was played by my wife Julianna Guill and given how these remarks started she earlier played my wife Karen Gillan’s old high school nemesis in the final episode of Selfie, I Woke Up Like This.


Lights Out:
Lights Out is the 12th and last Puffin eshort story and featuring the Twelfth Doctor.
Written by Holly Black.
This story takes place between Deep Breath & Into The Dalek when the Doctor went to get coffee for Clara.
The one place that the Doctor tries to gets coffee is in Lights Out where he visits the Intergalactic Coffee Roasting Station also known as ICRS (pronounced Icarus).
Here he has a stand-in companion refer here as Fifty-one.
A very good enjoyable story that Black wrote set aboard ICRS and how it made Fifty-one face off his fears in light of his meeting with the Doctor.


My wife Karen Gillan has discovered the love of Chinese Doctor Who fans and the nickname they gave her:

Appropriately enough I am a Chinese Doctor Who fan myself and as her Chinese Husband I love her as well.