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From Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia
Liao Dynasty – The Doctor sent Matthew See and Karen Gillan to the Liao Dynasty for a Chinese takeaway – it wasn’t a restaurant but the actual 12th-century palace. The guards were not happy. [The Gunpowder Plot]

Baker’s End: The King of Cats:

The King of Cats is the first story in Baker’s End starring Doctor Who luminaries Tom Baker and Katy Manning and written by Paul Magrs.

I was very glad that this had Tom and Katy finally working together.

Tom plays a different version of himself and there is a funeral for him in the village of Happenstance which was attended by Suzy Goshawk played by Katy.

However Tom is not as dead as he seems and the hilarity this ensues and this embroils Suzy in it.

Other cast members includes Susan Jameson and David Benson.

Jameson’s played Tom’s housekeeper Mrs Frimbly and she also played another housekeeper Mrs Wibbsey, companion to Tom’s Fourth Doctor in the Nest Cottage series which was also written by Magrs.

Benson played Panda, companion to Iris Wildthyme played by Katy for Big Finish.

The interview with Tom at the end was enjoyable and it was very amusing how long it took Magrs to identify himself.

The Fifty-year Delay:

The Fifty-year Delay is a short story that was originally published in the 50th Anniversary Annual and later republished as part of the Heroes and Monsters Collection.

Featuring the Eleventh Doctor.

Intriguing story in which the Doctor meets Ryan Goodman in the Underground Station as they battle it out against an ancient time bird.



Broken is the penultimate episode of the second Big Finish Torchwood season.

Featuring Ianto and Jack.

Written by Joseph Lidster and released in July 2016.

This is set during season 1 with it coming just after episode 4 Cyberwoman, during the course of episode 5 Small Worlds (with Jack getting a call from Estelle), episode 6 Countrycide and the last setting in relation to the TV series is sometime after episode 7 Greeks Bearing Gifts as Jack had recently killed Mary.

With Greeks Bearing Gifts being episode 7, Lidster explained that he wrote Broken as if it were episode 7A.

As this episode only feature Ianto and Jack as the main Torchwood characters, the others are mentioned but conveniently they just happened to be absent in the episode’s proceedings.

Much of Broken deals with the aftermath of Cyberwoman, as Ianto had just lost Lisa.

Broken also presents Ianto’s experiences in Countrycide had on him.

This comes as Ianto enters a new pub and befriends barmaid Mandy.

I sensed rightly there was something more to Mandy than she initially appeared.

In a climax to this Ianto’s promise of revenge over Lisa came into play, a promise that was not addressed and forgotten about in the TV series.

Ianto got to experienced something that he did not experience in the TV series and that same experience for Jack is akin to what he went through in the changed world in Turn Left.

In detailing Ianto’s feelings particularly about the loss of Lisa in Cyberwoman, Broken fits in perfectly like an episode of season 1 from whence it is set.

The cover has Ianto and Jack in an embrace and made me think that this is a love story between the two.

However while this particular subject is touched upon, this was mainly about

Ianto and what being part of Torchwood has done to him.

Broken is the feeling inside of one’s self being in that state.

This made me think of the movie The Party’s Just Beginning as it ran more or less on similar lines which made me appreciate Broken.

I think about The Party’s Just Beginning all the time since it is from my wife Karen Gillan.

Dark Eyes 4: A Life in the Day:
Opener of Dark Eyes 4.
Written by John Dorney.
Intriguing with the premise and quite lovely with how Liv spends the said day.
Live spends the day with Martin Donaldson whom she and the Doctor meets whilst the Doctor was on his latest investigation.
Fascinating that whilst all this is going on the Doctor and Liv gets hunted by some mysterious force.
This climax in a certain revelation by Martin.
With Liv separated from the Doctor for much of this episode, the Doctor has Martin’s sister Kitty as a kind of stand-in companion.
Kitty is played by Beth Chalmers and she knows what it is like to be a companion as she briefly played Seventh Doctor companion Raine Creevey.
No doubt Kitty was written that way for Chalmers to play due to certain issues that prevents Big Finish from using Raine again.
Having travelled with the Seventh Doctor, Beth Chalmers makes for a good foil for the Eighth Doctor.

A Life in the Day included a movie theatre in which Liv and Martin and then the Eighth Doctor and Kitty were in separately.

Recent to my listenings of A Life in the Day, saw the Scream episode When a Stranger Calls which also featured a movie theatre and directed by Patrick Lussier and Lussier had edited the 1996 Doctor Who TV Movie which debut the said Eighth Doctor.

UNIT: Shutdown: Power Cell:
Opener of Shutdown, the second season of UNIT.
Written by Matt Fitton.
This marked Alice Krige’s (the Borg Queen from Star Trek) debut as the villain Felicity Lyme.
Absolutely enthralling start to Shurdown which got sparked by the disappearance of a UNIT scientist.
Terrifying the menace that turns up here.
Cute when Osgood referenced The Incredible Hulk.
Neat how a certain blue box and a man in a bow tie made their cameos here which sets this sometime after The Day of the Doctor.
Exciting climax but too bad the tragedy that came with it.

Dark Eyes 4: Master of the Daleks:
Penultimate episode.
Written by John Dorney.
Master of the Daleks sees the return of Molly but she was not played by Ruth Bradley and she is played instead by Sorcha Cusack as a Molly 40 years older in an alternate Earth and goes by the name of Mary Carter.
Cusack is the daughter of Cyril Cusack who was one of several actors considered for the First Doctor.
On television I see Sorcha Cusack in her regular role in Father Brown.
Master of the Daleks is a horrifying and very good story set on a bleak alternate Earth.
Truly impressive when Liv used perfume as mace on the Master.
Liv questions whether the Master and the Dalek Time Controller really called each other by their titles since it is a contradiction. An impressive philosophical question.
Also very good in the midst of the exciting climax how the Master is last presented in this episode in typical Master style.

Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia by Gary Russell has an entry on Marilyn Monroe in A Christmas Carol and says that she was played by Charlotte Howard.
However Marilyn wasn’t seen in A Christmas Carol itself.

Come to think of it I am pretty sure Marilyn’s voice (presumably Howard’s) was heard calling the Doctor as they were about to get married.

Howard however wasn’t credited in A Christmas Carol.

Impulse 2.3 For Those Lost had a conversation about the impact of dream with Townes (Daniel Maslany) bringing up as an example Doctor Who’s Dream Lord.

For a Doctor Who reference the Dream Lord was an unexpected one.

The Impulse episode along with the entire Impulse second season was released on October 16 2019 almost seven months before the tenth anniversary of Amy’s Choice, the Dream Lord’s only appearance, on May 15 2020.

Dalek Guns in first episode of The Mandalorian:

Doctor Who season 42 quiz:

Got 6/7 with the Orphan 55 question stumped me.

UNIT: Silenced: House of Silents:
House of Silents is the opener of Silenced, the third UNIT season.
Written by Matt Fitton.
As indicated in the umbrella title, the third season is about the Silence.
Interesting how UNIT starts their encounter with the Silence as they investigate an old woman who lives in the said house where the Silents reside.
With no Doctor around to explain who the Silence are, UNIT found themselves with a new enemy they have no idea what they are like and how to handle them.
Interesting how UNIT’s handled this initial encounter of the Silence.
Curious that there’s is one thing that Kate got wrong about the Silence and that they are not murderers.
The Silence does have the ability to murder and here it is demonstrated in relation to the said house.
A very spooky start to this battle between UNIT and Silence and a very good recreation of the Silence by Big Finish…

The Great White Hurricane:
The Great White Hurricane is the second and final story in The First Doctor Adventures: Volume One from Big Finish.
Written by Guy Adams.
The Great White Hurricane was a real event which I didn’t know before.
Fascinating learning about this hurricane with this story with the time travellers not being all together in the duration of this story.

The hurricane occurred in 1888 in New York City with Susan being kidnapped by a gang member with the Doctor worried for her safety.
Meanwhile Ian and Barbara befriends Rosalita and embroils in a custody battle with her ex over their son.
The threads are neatly played out in the midst of this hurricane with the feelings being expressed here in reaction to it.
As the travellers eventually gets passed the hurricane it was surprisingly how it ended by what the Doctor revealed to Ian and Barbara.

The Marvel Super Hero Adventures episode Bend, Don’t Break had Spidey and Ghost-Spider in pursuit of Rhino.

Rhino was stopped when Ghost-Spider blinded him making him to say, “Hey who turn out the lights”.

This made me think of Proper Dave saying those same words in the Library in Silence In The Library/Forest of the Dead.

It does not seem to be a coincidence because the reason why Spidey and Ghost-Spider were chasing Rhino is because he stole a book from a library!

Bend, Don’t Break is an episode of Marvel Super Hero Adventures just as Silence In The Library/Forest of the Dead is a story of David Tennant’s third season as the Doctor.

Something that is definitely coincidental is after seeing the Marvel Super Hero Adventures episode, I finished the antepenultimate episode of Grey’s Anatomy season 16, Love of My Life which had Maggie (Kelly McCreary) asking the opposite about lights as she asked for them to be turned on.

The Adventures of River Song:
Saw The Adventures of River Song on the season 39 DVD set as complementary material to The Husbands of River Song.
Narrated by Nina Toussaint-White who of course played Mels before her regeneration into River in Let’s Kill Hitler.
Interviews with River’s creator Steven Moffat and River herself, Alex Kingston.
Pretty good overview of River’s history leading to The Husbands of River Song.
Of particular interest to me is seeing my wife Karen Gillan as Amy in clips from The Time of Angels, The Pandorica Opens, The Impossible Astronaut, A Good Man Goes to War & The Wedding of River Song.

The Faceless Ones Episode 1 (animated):
This is the animated version of The Faceless Ones.
The TARDIS lands on a runway at Gatwick Airport but Polly and Ben are each get separated from the Second Doctor and Jamie.
Fun on noticing Easter Eggs with a couple of Masters at Gatwick.
During the said separation Polly goes to the hangar for Chameleon Tours and this is where she witnessed a murder.
Polly gets made in witnessing this murder but managed to escape and tell the Doctor and Jamie about it.
However afterwards Polly gets taken by the aliens from Chameleon Tours.
Having now noticed Polly is no longer with them, the Doctor and Jamie tried to someone in authority.
Funny when they kept being asked for their passports which they hadn’t got.
The Commandant looked into this but didn’t find anything wrong at Chameleon Tours. These aliens have covered their tracks.
Things become worse for the Doctor and Jamie when they see Polly only for this woman not to recognise that name and neither does she seem to know the Doctor and Jamie.
Intriguing cliffhanger with a creature being escorted to the medical centre and the state it is in.

Pompadour (Full Soundtrack):

It may not necessarily be a Doctor Who reference as I am not able to prove it conclusively but the bit between 1:10.28 and 1:11.58 from Goldengirl (1979) is worth listening to: