Doctor Who


Peter Capaldi is leaving his role as Dr. Who after this year’s Christmas special.


This Week’s Dr Who is …


Damnit… Peter Capaldi has been my favourite of the current era. I think he should go older again and become Tom Baker again for an episode or two. :wink:


That will be an Action Packed episode


Why wouldn’t it be… Doctor puts his false teeth in and enjoys eating a jelly baby whilst jamming his walking frame in the door of the TARDIS. Action all round if you ask me.


We can call the episode The Last of the Summer Who’s




Doctor Who In Lilliput:
Doctor Who In Lilliput is a story on the Give-A-Show Projector released in the 1960s and is included in The Chase DVD release.
Doctor Who In Lilliput has the First Doctor and his two companions visit a world where everything is much bigger than them.
This is undoubtedly a retelling of the First Doctor TV story Planet of Giants and it very quick enjoyable retelling of that story.


In the Doctor Who Extra on Death In Heaven, narrator Matt Botten stated that it was the last Doctor Who Extra for NuWho series 8.
Even though Botten was clearly stating the title Doctor Who Extra, the DVD subtitles erroneously presented it as “Doctor Who extra”.
Upon talking about the scene in which the Doctor, after he got off the plane, was diving in the air, Peter Capaldi said he felt like being Doctor Who and Superman at the same time.
Perhaps from a prophetic point of view, Death In Heaven director Rachel Talalay later made her series directorial debut on Supergirl when she directed 2.3 Welcome to Earth.


In the DVD info text of The Creature From The Pit for Part 3 it stated a scene that looked similar to one in The Pirate Planet shown a year earlier.
The DVD info text writer pointed out that The Pirate Planet was written by Douglas Adams marking his Doctor Who debut but neglected to mention that The Creature From The Pit was script edited by none other than Adams himself.
Also for this episode, the info text stated that Edward Kelsey (Edu) had two previous Doctor Who credits in The Romans & The Power of the Daleks but in yet another neglected mention is the fact that both these stories were directed by Christopher Barry who also directed Kelsey in The Creature From The Pit.
The info text writer seems to leave an impression on the viewer that both these notes were a point of coincidences even though evidently they clearly aren’t.


The Daleks Destroy The Zomites:
A story from the Give-a-Show Projector and included in The Chase DVD release.
The Doctor and his companions arrives on the Daleks’ homeworld (with no mention of the name Skaro) where they encountered menacing insects in The Zomites.
The Zomites are also menacing to the Daleks, which made the Daleks and the time travellers unusual allies.
Not bad this unusual alliance and the end of it makes it clear that things will be back to normal the next time they meet.


Doctor Puppet

Into The Storm:

The behind the scenes look at the making of episode 7 The Foregone Storm and most of it has Alisa showing us on a computer what effects were made on the episode.
Interesting process of how this episode was made but patience is needed to look that view of the computer screen.


Doctor Puppet

The Many TARDISes of Christmas:

The behind the scenes look at the making of the recent Doctor Puppet Christmas Special The 12 Doctors of Christmas as Alisa explained about the different TARDISes that was used here.
Quite interesting explanation from Alisa about the TARDISes here.


Dr Who On The Aqua Planet:
A story from the Give-a-Show Projector included in The Chase DVD release.
Fascinating little story in which the Doctor and his companions arrive on the said Aqua Planet and battling a monster in the sea.


Doctor Puppet

Making the War Doctor:

Very good piece on the making of the War Doctor puppet with Alisa saying why she hadn’t made a War Doctor puppet before John Hurt’s passing and hence why she has now rectify this and this video being dedicated to Sir John Hurt.


Second Empire Episode 7:
Interesting conversation about knowledge of Dalek technology being lost through the passage of time and how the Daleks had to accumulate technology of races they conquered.
Fascinating cliffhanger of Dalek agent infiltrating the enemy camp with knowing that it has entered the point of no return.


Dr Who In The Spiders Web:
A story from the Give-a-Show Projector included in The Chase DVD.
A companion decided to venture out of TARDIS first only for her to meet a giant spider.
Luckily she is rescued in time.
Fun and thrilling little adventure and it sure taught the companion not to venture out first.


Dr Who Meets The Watermen:
A story on the Give-A-Show Projector included in The Chase DVD.
This is not much of an adventure because while the Doctor does meet the Watermen, it however has the Doctor fixing the Watermen’s spaceship and the Watermen then make their way to wherever their journey takes them.


Included in the Doctor Who season 38 DVD release is Deep Breath Q & A in which Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat had a Q & A session hosted by Zoe Ball and taking place after the world premiere of the season opener Deep Breath which was shown ahead of its television broadcast on August 23 2014.
During this Q & A, Capaldi said they were like cut rate Beatles. Capaldi would know something about being a Beatle as he had played one in George Harrison in the 1985 TV movie John and Yoko: A Love Story.


The Defeat of the Daleks:
A story from the Give-A-Show Projector included in The Chase DVD.
Looked over by the Doctor, a companion uses a ray gun to defeat the Daleks.
Outside of this story if only defeating the Daleks was that easy since they keep on coming back!