Do you need to use 3rd Party Anti-Virus software anymore?

I’ve paid for a multi PC AV license for many year so all the PC in my house are protected, first with Avast, later I moved to Bit Defender.

But with my move to push all my email accounts through gmail to remove the flood of spam, virus and malware emails I was getting I don’t need software to vet my email anymore.

Over the past year the AV software I’m paying for is being more and more annoying, it now surpasses the famous Microsoft Assistant.

I keep get annoying popups when I connect to my bank website or paypal etc which I can’t get rid of.

I’m also concerned that using AV software that’s meant to be protecting me is now a bigger source of insecurity, to protect you the AV software has to basically commit a ‘man in the middle attack’ to monitor your HTTPS connection with your bank website for example, the certificate you see on your browser isn’t from the bank, it’s from your AV Software. There has been a lot of SSL certificate issues over the passed 2 years, from Lenovo SSL Superfish to Symantec issuing bad SSL Certificates I don’t want anything breaking my SSL security when my bank or credit card details are involved.

My AV subscription is about to expire so I’ve decided to remove the 3rd party AV software completely and just use the build in Windows 10 Defender. Microsoft has had a few attempts over the years to protect your PC with various degrees of success, they seem to have finally got it right with Windows 10 Defender.

I will be installing a Melware program as well, I’m currently evaluating Malwarebytes.

I use both Windows Defender and Malwarebytes.

I’ll be evaluating Melwarebytes over the next 14 days, if it doesn’t bother me with crap popups then I’ll get a multi PC license for the home.

I use both Bitdefender across my network.