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Former Ten News reporter and host Matt Doran, who hosts Crime Watch Daily in the US, has announced that his show will be seen on C+I from 6 March at 9.30pm.

“It’s pretty exciting when you work with a family that’s sort of been stalled in not knowing, in anguish and in grief. It’s like a modern America’s Most Wanted, especially in this unparalleled age of social media."

"Everybody sees or hears something and police just might need that one last piece of evidence”, he told the Sunday Telegraph.

Matt’s Crime Watch comes to Oz


Foxtel signs Matt Doran

Foxtel today announced it has signed award winning international news correspondent, and crime journalist, Matt Doran.

Matt will be seen five nights a week from March as host of a new investigative series, “Crime Watch Daily” and later in the year, as anchor of the highly successful, “Crimes That Shook Australia.”

To begin weeknights at 9.30pm from March 6, FOX8 will premiere ‘Crime Watch Daily’. The new one-hour show investigates all aspects of the U.S. criminal world. From unsolved murders to must-see mysteries, undercover investigations to shocking acts of crime caught on video, the series uncovers the stories happening in America and turns them into international headlines.

In addition to ‘Crime Watch Daily’, Matt will host the third season of ‘Crimes that Shook Australia’ on Foxtel’s crime + investigation channel. Through gripping interviews and dramatic reconstructions, the critically-acclaimed documentary series explores the details and events leading up to some of Australia’s most shocking crimes, and its enduring effect on the national consciousness.

From his base in Los Angeles, Matt Doran said:

"There’s something really special and enduring about being involved, even in a small way, in the resolution a criminal investigation. With the help of an alert public, we’re seeing astonishing results; ending the anguish for families otherwise stalled in grief. That’s the power of journalism, the power of Crime Watch Daily - we’re working closely with police to solve national mysteries, we’re breathing life into cold cases and mobilising armchair detectives across America. In my 15 years covering crime stories around the world, I’ve grown increasingly in awe of the police methodology in bringing criminals to justice. I’m thrilled Crime Watch Daily now has an Australian home for viewers to enjoy on Foxtel.

I’m also looking forward to returning to Australia later in the year, to start production on the new season of Foxtel’s ‘Crimes that Shook Australia’. I’m an emphatic fan of this show, which is giving the red-hot crime documentary genre a fresh, authentic perspective. Viewers are given a rare insight into police strategy, and more importantly, the lasting impact of crime on Australian families. The show has an integrity and sensitivity that I think sets it apart from competitors in this space.”

Matt Doran is best known as the former national news and morning show anchor with Network TEN, where he regularly interviewed the biggest names in Australian politics, crime, media, sports and business. He has also hosted the The Project and anchored on-scene coverage of international stories including the Japanese tsunami, the “Bali 9” executions in Indonesia and the deadly earthquakes in New Zealand. His hard hitting and often personal investigations have taken him around the globe – from feuding drug gangs in Buenos Aires to the secret world of human organ brokers in Southeast Asia and exclusive covert investigations on human trafficking and child slavery in the Philippines and Myanmar.


Crime + Investigation is to undergo a world-wide revamp, featuring new positioning, an updated on-air look, and enhanced programming strategy.

The global refresh will begin with the UK.

“Crime + Investigation has long taken a unique and intelligent approach to the true-crime genre. We do what we do because truth is worth pursuing - through powerful storytelling across multiple platforms.” explained Amanda Hill, CMO, A+E Networks.

“We made some brave decisions with our channel partners on logo design, imagery, use of typography and brand spots. The result is a distinctive, modern package about which we are all hugely proud and which we know viewers will enthusiastically embrace.”

“Crime + Investigation has a fiercely loyal and passionate fan base worldwide,” said Patrick Vien, executive MD, International, A+E Networks.

“We are thrilled to unveil this evolved vision which will help us to continue elevating the crime genre with thought-provoking, investigative storytelling driven by human ingenuity. Paired with significant investment in original programming, we are confident that CI will reach new heights as we bring both core fans and new audiences even deeper into some of the most galvanising investigations of our time.”


the new logo is a little underwhelming - just black with Crime + Investigation written.


**Homicide Hunter **
7.30pm Thursdays
crime + investigation

Each episode of Homicide Hunter will use Kenda’s first person narrative along with dramatic recreations to retell the stories of Kenda’s most disturbing and challenging murder cases. (M)


New season filmed in one of the most dangerous prisons in the United States
Starts Wednesday, April 26 at 9.30pm AEST
Only on Foxtel’s crime + investigation network
Also available to stream instantly on Foxtel Play

On Wednesday, April 26 at 9.30pm AEST, Foxtel’s crime + investigation network will premiere the third season of the ground-breaking documentary series and global television phenomenon 60 Days In.

Produced by A+E Network in the US, this extraordinary new season moves from Indiana to Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail – one of the most dangerous facilities in the United States – and follows nine innocent volunteers who are sent to jail for 60 days, living amongst the prisoners and under the watch of around-the-clock cameras, without fellow inmates or staff knowing their secret.

With five times the number of inmates at Fulton County Jail than in previous seasons, rampant drug problems within the prison, a powerful gang population and the constant threat of violence, the innocent participants of 60 Days In are plunged even deeper into the dangerous world of incarceration in season three.

Said Foxtel’s General Manager of Factuals, Jim Buchan, “60 Days In as a concept has proven to be as fascinating a series phenomenon for our Ci audience as it has internationally. A social experiment with purpose, the series has provided viewers with an incredibly unique look at what incarceration does to people and how we deal with criminals in our supposed modern society.”

Chief Jailer of the Fulton County Jail, Colonel Mark C. Adger, learned of the tremendous success of the previous undercover programs in seasons one and two filmed in Clark County Jail, Indiana – and invited nine new volunteers in to his facility for season three, in order to expose the root of the prison’s issues, while providing an unbiased perspective of life on the inside.

The participants who infiltrate the jail this season include a special education teacher who works with at-risk youth; a man who believes the system has failed African Americans and wants to help fight discrimination; a former corrections officer who wants to see what it is like when the roles are reversed; a woman who met her husband while he was incarcerated and hopes to understand his institutionalised behaviour and a Marine with law enforcement aspirations.

60 Days In season three is a 15 x 60 minute series produced by A+E Network in the US. It is exclusive to Foxtel’s crime + investigation network in Australia.

60 Days In premieres on Wednesday, April 26 at 9.30pm AEST on crime + investigation network.

Following the 9.30pm broadcast, each episode will be available to watch on demand, via Foxtel on demand on internet connected iQ boxes. Customers can also stream the series on demand on Foxtel Play or Foxtel Go. Foxtel Go is included with all Foxtel residential and Foxtel Play subscriptions at no extra cost.



First launched in Australia, Crime + Investigation is the home of true crime. For over 10 years Crime + Investigation has been a global leader in navigating the who, what and why of true crime, going further than anyone else.

From March 15, Crime + Investigation will have a bold new logo and on-air look which will reflect our journey to the heart of the criminal underworld as we uncover the truth behind the headlines of some of the world’s most infamous crimes.

Jim Buchan, General Manager – Factual Channels said, ‘Launching as a world first back in January 2005, Foxtel’s CI brand became Australia & New Zealand’s only crime and investigation channel and the #1 Factual channel.

‘As the popularity of the true crime genre continues to grow, we’re proud of maintaining our leading position and being our audience’s first choice for the best, most compelling true crime and investigation local commissions and content available. CI always delivers the truth and an understanding of the how and why behind events that inform our humanity within society and the modern world all live in.

‘This new brand renovation delivers a contemporary, edgy experience and environment that our audiences expects from us.’

Crime + Investigation opens the door to real crime scenes and labs, police archives and courtrooms, allowing viewers to join detectives, and the family members, as they examine evidence and piece together clues. Crime + Investigation will continue to showcase the best in true crime programming, including: Homicide Hunter, Leah Remini: Scientology & The Aftermath, The Killing Season, 60 Days In, upcoming Court Justice: Sydney and programming blocks Must Watch and Serial Killer Sundays.


Ground-breaking new series Court Justice: Sydney to premiere on Crime + Investigation

A ground-breaking new observational documentary series, Court Justice: Sydney will premiere exclusively on Foxtel’s Crime + Investigation network in the second half of 2017.

For the first time on Australian television, cameras have been allowed inside one of the world’s busiest local courts, The Downing Centre in Sydney, taking viewers to the absolute front line of Australia’s legal system.

Produced by CJZ for Foxtel, this fascinating 10 x 30 minute series will give viewers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look in to the daily dramas facing the courts’ Magistrates, as they preside over a vast array of cases from drug matters and drink driving, to assault, theft and vandalism.

The 12 magistrates that preside at The Downing Centre lead by Chief Magistrate Judge Graeme Henson handle over 30,000 cases every year, from minor traffic offences to major assaults. It is a world filled with emotion and drama where defendants, ranging from habitual offenders to everyday citizens who have made a bad mistake, stream through the courtroom doors every day.

Foxtel’s General Manager for Factual, Jim Buchan, said: “It’s been an incredible opportunity gaining unprecedented access to The Downing Centre Local court. In creating a series that captures the real life drama of the court room, our audience will not only be fascinated to see how justice is served, they will also see illuminated the important problems, issues and questions of morality that exist within our modern society.”

Judge Henson said: “Research shows confidence in the criminal justice system is higher among people who understand how it works and this program will give the community an insight into how magistrates make their decisions.”

Said Executive Producer for CJZ, Michael Cordell, “Gaining television access to our courts is one of the last frontiers of observational filmmaking in Australia. We’ve seen a lot of police shows, ambulance shows and the like, but we rarely get a chance to observe what happens in our courts, which are critical to the way society functions.”

Court Justice: Sydney is a 10 x 30 minute series and will also be available to stream on Foxtel Play. It is produced by CJZ and is exclusive to Foxtel’s Crime + Investigation network.


Court Justice: Sydney
Starts Sunday, 2 July at 7.30pm AEST

The ground-breaking new observational documentary series, Court Justice: Sydney will premiere exclusively on Foxtel’s Crime + Investigation on Sunday, July 2 at 7.30pm AEST.

In an Australian television first, cameras have been allowed inside one of the world’s busiest local courts, The Downing Centre in Sydney, taking viewers to the absolute front line of Australia’s legal system.

Produced by CJZ for Foxtel, this fascinating 10-part series will give viewers an unprecedented look in to the daily machinations of the courts’ Magistrates, as they preside over a huge array of cases from drug possession and drink driving, to assault, theft and vandalism.

The 12 magistrates that preside at The Downing Centre, under the leadership of Chief Magistrate Judge Graeme Henson, handle over 30,000 cases every year, from minor traffic offences to major assaults. It is a world filled with emotion and drama where defendants, ranging from habitual offenders to everyday citizens who have made one bad mistake, stream through the courtroom doors every day.

In episode one of Court Justice: Sydney, we see Sydney’s top Magistrates dealing with a violent street brawl that has a very surprising outcome; a long-running stoush between neighbours – and a father of three facing graffiti charges.

Court Justice: Sydney is a 10 x 30 minute series produced by CJZ and is exclusive to Foxtel’s Crime + Investigation. Following its live broadcast on Crime + Investigation, Court Justice: Sydney will be available to watch from Foxtel’s on demand library, or streamed on demand on Foxtel’s newly announced streaming service, Foxtel Now.


The Queen & Zak Grieve
A 90-minute, hard-hitting crime investigation premieres Wednesday, September 27 at 7:30pm, on Foxtel’s CI.

Crime   Investigation

Walkley award-winning investigative reporter Dan Box has produced this six-part vodcast documentary series for The Australian newspaper, which is now available to watch as a 90-minute special, only on Foxtel’s crime + investigation.

The Queen & Zak Grieve tells the story of a young Indigenous man convicted of murder and facing a life in prison as a result of the Northern Territory’s mandatory sentencing laws, a decision the judge himself described as an “injustice”.

Dan and his team spent weeks in the Top End town of Katherine investigating the killing and the events that led to Zak Grieve being jailed, despite evidence he was not there when the crime took place. They conducted exclusive interviews with many of the people involved, including the judge who sent Grieve to jail, and obtained rare access to crime scene footage, forensic photographs, police interviews with suspects and trial recordings from the case.

The compelling documentary raises questions about the criminal justice system itself. How could this apparent injustice have happened? Is it time for the mandatory sentencing laws that led to Grieve’s lifelong incarceration to finally be revoked?

Director Ivan O’Mahoney said: “This was a unique opportunity for us to work with one of Australia’s best reporters, on a story of national importance and pioneer a new way of long-form documentary storytelling.”

Jim Buchan, Foxtel’s General Manager – Factual Channels, said: “We’re pleased to be working with The Australian, In Films and Screen Australia in bringing our CI audience this important and moving Australian story.
Dan Box’s investigation highlights how Australia’s mandatory sentencing laws challenge our everyday perception of what justice should look like.”

The Queen & Zak Grieve is produced by In Films for The Australian and Foxtel, with production funding from Screen Australia, in association with Create NSW


Friday 26 January at 10.30pm AEDT

Crime   Investigation

Re-examine the Beaumont children’s disappearance… from the very beginning. Did a psychic predict the truth?

In light of recent developments, on the 52nd anniversary of the Beaumont children’s disappearance CI will air a special episode of CRIME INVESTIGATION AUSTRALIA: THE BEAUMONT CHILDREN MYSTERY on Friday, January 26 at 10.30pm.

Hosted by Steve Liebmann, this 60-minute special follows the original investigation into one of Australia’s most infamous and unsolved crimes – the disappearance of the three Beaumont children.

On Australia Day 1966, an outing to a beach in Adelaide turned to horror when three small children, Jane (9), Arnna (7), and Grant Beaumont (4), vanished suddenly and without a trace.
Were the children abducted by the man seen playing with them at the beach? Were they buried in an accident in the sand dunes? Or are they still alive?

This CRIME INVESTIGATION AUSTRALIA episode includes detailed re-enactments, exclusive interviews with the parents and police as well as extensive examinations of the theories behind the well-publicised case.

The special also looks at the claims made by world-renowned Dutch psychic Gerard Croiset shortly after they disappeared that the children had not been kidnapped but rather had been trapped below the concrete floor of a warehouse that was being built. Years later in 1996, the warehouse was eventually excavated but no trace of the Beaumont children was ever found. Recent developments will see SA Police excavate a new area of this same factory in search of the three children.

Did a psychic predict the truth? Is one of Australia’s most baffling crimes about to be solved? Follow the original investigation when CI airs CRIME INVESTIGATION AUSTRALIA: THE BEAUMONT CHILDREN MYSTERY on Friday January 26 at 10:30pm. Encore screenings Saturday January 27 at 9:30am and 5:00pm.


A Masterclass in Homicide Investigation
Ron Iddles: The Good Cop series
Premieres on Crime + Investigation
Based on the bestselling book “The Good Cop” by Justine Ford
Thursdays 7.30pm (AEDT) from January 31


Ron Iddles has often been referred to as the best homicide detective Australia has ever known, having solved 99% of the over 320 murder investigations he has investigated, spanned across 25 years in the homicide squad.

Ron is an old-school cop who is tough, inventive and incorruptible. A man who solved the unsolvable with his head and his heart and a mantra of “failure is not an option”.

How this intuitive cop put more murderers behind bars than any other homicide detective in Australia is told in this six-part, Foxtel Original series, in which Ron Iddles shares his secrets.

Each episode takes us behind the scenes of one of Ron’s most challenging murder cases, with powerful insights from the victims’ families, his homicide colleagues, journalists, and even Ron’s informers and suspects. Many of these people have never told their story on television.

Jim Buchan – Group General Manager, Factual said “Of all the series we’ve commissioned for CI we’ve never achieved this degree of access to a homicide detective. Ron Iddles as one of Australia’s greatest homicide detectives has lived through an incredible era in Australian policing.

“This series delivers unique perspective into the world of criminal investigation and insight into the critical thinking and perseverance required for great detective work. We are thrilled with the work CJZ has done and the candour afforded to us by Ron Iddles a special thankyou also to author Justine Ford”

This series looks at 6 cases that Ron investigated over his career and include:

Michelle Buckingham: Failure is not an option
16 year-old Michelle Buckingham went missing from Shepparton, Victoria in October 1983. A few weeks later, her body was found dumped on the side of the road at Kialla, on the outskirts of town.

Bonnie Clarke: The Answer’s in the file
6 year-old Bonnie Clarke was a very happy child living with her mum in the Melbourne suburb or Northcote. In December 1982 – just a few sleeps before Christmas – Bonnie was sexually assaulted and murdered in her bed.

Jane Thurgood-Dove: The ABC of Homicide
Jane Thurgood – Dove came from a close-knit family, married her childhood sweetheart and loved her three children. They seemed like the perfect family. On November 6, 1997 – a gunman shot Jane dead in the driveway of her home in suburban Niddrie with her three children in the car looking on.

Marafiote Murders: It Costs Nothing to Listen

In 1985, greengrocer Dominic Marafiote mysteriously went missing from his hometown of Mildura in rural Victoria. The following day, his parents, Carmelo and Rosa Marafiote, were found shot dead execution-style in their home in Adelaide. Could Dominic have killed his parents and then staged his own disappearance?

Slawek Tomczyk: Don’t Make The Facts Fit Your Theory

Polish born security guard Slawek Tomczyk was doing his rounds one night in February 2002 when he was attached in the driveway of a reception centre in the Melbourne suburb of Cranbourne.

Maria James: Every Family Deserves Answers

In June 1980, mother of two Maria James was stabbed 68 times in the bedroom of the flat adjoining her second-hand bookshop in the Melbourne suburb of Thornbury. It was Ron Iddles’ first homicide investigation. After examining the crime scene, Ron and the investigation team realised this was no random attack. Whoever wielded the knife knew Maria.

Ron Iddles: The Good Cop is more than a crime show – this is a master class in detective work from Australia’s finest cop.

Ron Iddles: The Good Cop will premiere exclusively on Foxtel’s Crime + Investigation channel, Thursdays 7.30pm (AEDT) from January 31. The series will also be available to customers On Demand.