Communication (RIP Shoutbox)


Hope to be back here with lots more stories tomorrow.

Last day of painting today.


Planning to be back tomorrow (Monday) - sorry for the absence… it’s been a horror fortnight.


Sorry for lack of updates, been in meetings about cricket coverage on Triple M, plus some other work functions.

Should be back into it this afternoon - one final meeting at 9am today.


So KOFM yesterday did what we believed to be a world-first - 2 streams from the one brand simultaneously.

102.9 had the cricket… online had music/V8s Supercars… and will continue this way all weekend.

I’m in the building from midday to 8pm today and 7am to 8pm Saturday and Sunday… gotta love those penalty rates :stuck_out_tongue:


Here at work the last three days 6pm to midnight, doing a lot of KF work tonight.

Getting paid to watch/press buttons for the cricket. Don’t mind if I do.


Added new category to discuss finance related topics, such as Bitcoin, Blockchain, Stock Market, Companies/Business, Currencies, etc.



Guys, I’m going to be away a fair bit over the coming week. Should be back properly by the end of the weekend.


sorry everyone been one of those weeks. Back fully tomorrow.


Hey team, for the next week or so I can only post after 3pm.



Hey everyone. I’ve had a family loss and as such I won’t be posting for a little while.

I will be back soon.


I’ll be back on Sunday - thanks for your understanding guys.


Just a bit of shuffling and housekeeping going on…your favourite topics should become available if they are not already within the next couple of hours.

Simplifications to the site include:

  • Moving the streaming category to the top. As television evolves, more and more people are turning to streaming instead of traditional television. Heck even Nine recognise this with their acquisition of Fairfax
  • Moving Technology also to the top just below streaming
  • Combining the television categories into a single category

Feedback is always welcome.


Will be only able to post sporadically over the coming few days.

Family, Sydney, Sydney, Family and other annoying stuff to contend with until Tuesday. Shoot me.


It’s okay. Might give me a chance to post something. I always see something on Reddit and think “ooh good post that over at KnowFirst” only to find someone else knew before I did. :wink:


Back from tomorrow.

Been one hell of a week with cancer treatment travelling (my aunt) and waiting by the phone for appointments etc.


Hey guys, just been having bad headaches so not posting much recently. Hopefully better by the weekend.


Hey guys, no posts from me recently due to the loss of a very close loved one, plus other things piling up.

It should be back to normal very soon (I hope!)


Fixed the icons on the site. Apparently an issue with Discourse.

*** Since version 2.2.0 there is a change to the use of certain font-awesome icons in addition to a change that broke category icon scaling.