Communication (RIP Shoutbox)


Hey all, just a quick one to let you know I won’t be around much today or tomorrow, but I’ll still post where I can.


We don’t need no shoutbox…We gots Discourse instead.


Should be back posting around 9am today.

Had some interesting conversations yesterday about the media. Sadly I can’t share any of them :frowning:


Expecting some big storms here tonight and tomorrow, so may be limited in how much time I can be online.


It’s not that bad… Is it?


I seemed to have killed the word association game


I’ve lost 2 computers in ten years to storm damage, not about to make this one the third… if there are storms around, computer goes off.


Posting from me will be sporadic for the next couple of days - in Sydney today, work training tonight in Newcastle, remnants of a cyclone to deal with and a funeral tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience.


Sorry for the lack of updates in the past coupla days!

Had to work Thursday and Friday, then yesterday filled in for a real estate friend, then got some crap news about another friend.

Back at it though later this morning.

This week should be quite busy as all the US series pilots will start to get orders before next week’s Upfronts. We’ll have all the details in their respective threads as we get the information.


I’ll be away for a little bit tomorrow (Newcastle hospital, visiting a friend with cancer) and on Friday afternoon/evening (work).

Will try and get stories up between.


Hi all - finished posting for this morning now - should be back by 2pm eastern to post any more cancellations or pickups, plus other news.

Enjoy your day :slight_smile:


Gosh it’s been a quiet media week!

Hoping it picks up a bit this week, we need more scandals. Hopefully Schapelle Corby arriving home, and the media circus that awaits - with “Special Coverage on Nine from 5.30am tomorrow and a Special Edition of Nine News at 6” means there will be plenty of stupidity to critique.


Made a few slight tweaks to the front page just to make it look a little more appealing - please let me know what you think and any changes you’d like us to consider making.


Sorry not much has happened here recently, been really busy learning the new Zetta system at KOFM and Hit 106.9 plus doing some stuff orientations etc.


Good news: my NBN connection is due this Tuesday 22nd August.

Great news: This will allow me to spend more time on this site as speeds will be faster and work will be easier to do - if I’m doing a lot of things at once it slows everything to a crawl and it’s really hard to even load webpages sometimes.


Shit news: my NBN connection is now not due til Wednesday. Bah!

One more day of waiting for pornhub not to buf… err wot?


Hey everyone, sporadic postings from me in the next week as I’m without glasses and my eyes are very sore as I adjust to 2 eyes only again.

New glasses should be here this time next week. I HOPE.


Getting my new glasses today so will be able to post more as I’ll be able to see what the heck I’m doing now :smiley: :smiley:


I just lost a nephew to cancer. Might not be around as much as I planned the next few days. Thanks.


Hey guys, painting and funerals and specialist appointments this week - back when possible