Cobra Kai


Ace Degenerate:

Series opener.

Cobra Kai is the TV sequel series to The Karate Kid with clips from the first movie especially the tournament between Daniel and Johnny being incorporated here.

The tournament was in 1984 and we then jump to the present in 2018 and what has life been like for Johnny as he still is reeling from his defeat by Daniel in the said tournament.

Ralph Macchio appears briefly as Daniel in this the first episode as he unexpected had a reunion with Johnny and what a surprise who Daniel’s daughter turned out to be.

Ace Degenerate is a very good series opener and it was very good in making us sympathise with Johnny and made Daniel look like the villain even though it was the other way around in The Karate Kid.


Hands down. This was one of my most favourite shows to watch this year. Cannot wait until series 2 hits the web. Just hoping it doesn’t go the way of The Karate Kid Part III.


Strike First:

Season 1, Episode 2.

After the series started off mostly from Johnny’s perspective this the second episode shows that life has been good to Daniel and certainly not the villain that Johnny’s perspective made him out to be.

Nicely handled episode including Daniel dealing with the reality being the father of a teenage daughter and confronting Johnny in his new dojo.



Season 1, Episode 3.

The episode title is Spanish for skeleton and it harks back to Daniel wearing a skeleton costume in the first Karate Kid film and here Miguel wears one at the school.

What particularly got my attention is from the said dance when I saw a male student in costume as the Eleventh Doctor and picking up a girl.

Seeing this Miguel says to his friends that they just lost one (a girl) to Doctor Who!

Given the Eleventh Doctor here and notwithstanding having seen the Karate Kid movies beforehand, what triggered me in starting in Cobra Kai was rewatching Selfie 1.6 Never Block Cookies.

In this Selfie episode, a Karate Kid reference was made by Eliza Dooley and she was played by Eleventh Doctor companion my wife Karen Gillan.

Whilst on the subject of triggering mechanism and having seen the first two episodes what triggered me in seeing this the third episode of season 1 was seeing a rerun of School Reunion, the third episode of David Tennant’s first season as the Doctor.

School Reunion & Esqueleto both has a school as a setting but more so in the Doctor Who episode than in the Cobra Kai episode.


Cobra Kai Never Dies:

Season 1, Episode 4.

Interesting that this episode begins with a kid stealing a laptop before it is revealed that he is Johnny’s son.

Oh dear on what was done to Daniel’s face on a billboard by Johnny.

After failing to get through with his son it sure provided an inspiration for Johnny to beg Carmen to let son Miguel back into karate lessons.



Season 1, Episode 5.

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Pat Morita as Daniel visits Mr Miyagi’s grave.

Morita died in 2005 while Mr Miyagi got to live six years longer when he died in 2011.

The gravestone shows that he 86 when he died and Morita would have been 86 this year 2018 when this episode along with other season 1 episode got released.

Quite sneaky with Daniel with his manoeuvre to shut down Cobra Kai.

Also sneaky is Robby getting a job at Daniel’s workplace.