Chaos Walking

Released in 2021, Chaos Walking is based on the first book in the Chaos Walking trilogy The Knife of Letting Go by Class creator Patrick Ness.
Starring Daisy Ridley, Tom Holland, Mads Mikkelsen and Nick Jonas, this is set in 2257 AD in which the populace can see and hear everyone’s thoughts due to something called the Noise.
This is a society in which there are no women due to a war.
Holland plays Todd Hewitt one of the men that had survived when a spaceship crashed and out came its only survivor a girl Viola (Daisy Ridley).
While this premise sounds fascinating I was not very enthused seeing this played out and the final scene is somewhat unsatisfying.

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Chaos Walking
Movies based upon books often are awesome like americatools, and boardersguide.
I am die heart lover of fantasy, adventure thriller, action, romantic movies but when story is carried from book it becomes more awesome.