Call The Midwife


Season 6, Episode 3:
Very interesting case of the newly born baby from a Chinese father and a white mother and how she succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning.
Luckily she was gotten to Dr Turner in time.
The case with this baby sure proved doubtful the effectiveness of the 20-minute edict that was imposed.
There were worries that the inspection at Dr Turner’s clinic might lead to certain closures but ultimately got a temporary reprieve thanks to Dr Turner coming into good light due to the way he treated that baby promptly.
Finally nice to see Trixie back as she was last seen in South Africa in the most recent Christmas Special.


The Casebook:
Shown between the 2016 Christmas Special and season 6, The Casebook is a documentary that looks at real-life stories that inspired the episodes of Call The Midwife including of course the memoirs by Jennifer Worth that the series is based on.
Presented by Stephen McGann (Dr Turner) and includes telling the viewer about how he came into the world of his family.
Stephen does not mention his name but it showed pictures of Stephen with his family including with his brothers when they were boys
Of course one of his brothers is Eighth Doctor Paul.
Fascinating documentary looking at the real life stories of midwives especially in the early days of the NHS and sadly as narrator Stephen McGann points out the Call The Midwife TV series made its debut not long after the death of Jennifer Worth, the woman who made the TV series possible with her memoirs.
Also I am glad to know more of Stephen McGann as a person.


Season 6, Episode 4:
Quite moving about the expectant mother who decides to give her baby to her childless cousin.

There was sure a moving father-son time between old man Turner and son.

A new midwife is coming Valerie Dyer who previously appeared two episodes ago and look forward how she goes as a midwife.


Season 6, Episode 5:
A very moving episode when Fred’s cousin ivy dies and leaves behind her young adult son Reggie who has Down’s syndrome.
Quite sensitive on how this episode on what is to be done about Reggie before the ultimate solution came at the end.
Quite a shock on seeing Sister Mary Cynthia’s current location and what she was doing there.
The dental storyline was also well handled.


Season 6, Episode 6:
Antepenultimate episode of season 6.
Very good the backdrop of the Cuban Missile Crisis and how everyone is concerned by it.
US President John Kennedy is seen in news broadcast as his presence reflects the seriousness of the said crisis.
Somewhat satisfying resolution with Sister Mary Cynthia with her moving out of that mental institution and eventually into a more gentler place.
Not bad the case of the woman from Somaliland.


Season 6, Episode 7:
Penultimate episode of season 6.
Harrowing situation with Rhoda and Bernie Mullucks as they struggled to agree what is best for their young daughter who got affected by thalidomide.
Also tragic when Phyllis accidentally knocked over a child when driving.
Tragic news about Patsy’s father although perhaps not unexpected.


Season 6, Episode 8:
Season 6 finale.
Lovely end to the sixth season.
Certainly agonising for Shelagh as she gave birth to a baby boy


Call The Midwife got referenced in the penultimate episode of Walliams & Friend season 1, Miranda Richardson.
The reference got made when David Walliams made a joke about cuts at the BBC and that Call The Midwife was going to be called Call The Midwife But You Should Call Someone Else.


Christmas 2017 BBC trailer includes Call The Midwife Christmas Special:


2017 Christmas Special:
Takes place in the winter of 1962-63 in the UK.
Tragic when Valerie delivered a baby who she believed to be stillborn but what a miracle that the baby started crying sometime afterwards.
Looks like this is the last we see of Barbara as she departs with Tom for Birmingham after he got a temporary post there and I quite liked her.


Season 7, Episode 1:
Season 7 opener.
Good introduction to new midwife Lucille Anderson.
Quite daunting on seeing Phyllis battling with Sergeant Woolf as a dying woman who will not leave her house despite being marked for demolition.
Also well handled the case of stripper expectant mother.

Growing up as Timmy Turner:


Season 7, Episode 2:
So intolerable the racism that was displayed on Lucille when a new mother after giving birth suffers a stroke and Lucille is blamed for it due to her skin colour by the new mother’s mother.
Things seems to be interesting with new au pair arriving Magda at the Turners’ household


Season 7, Episode 3:
Harrowing case of Huntington’s disease although refer here as Huntington’s chorea.
Uncomfortable viewing of the plotline with Magda.
Fun the beauty contest.
Karen Gillan was in beauty contest before eventually becoming my wife.


Season 7, Episode 4:
A harrowing situation in which Pakistani woman living in England finds out her husband has gotten married to her cousin who is now pregnant with his baby and bigamy is legal in Pakistan.
Well handled how this difficult situation was presented.
Sister Monica Joan is diagnosed with cataracts and risked going blind unless she goes through an operation which she initially refuses.
Amazing how she changed her mind as she compared to the risks that astronauts have taken to go into space.


Season 7, Episode 5:
Fascinating case of the smallpox victim.
Pretty good how Lucille handled her case here.
It was sure interesting timing the return of Tom and Barbara to Poplar.


Season 7, Episode 6:
Antepenultimate episode of season 7.
Sad when the patriarch of an Irish family got killed the accident and what his widow had to go through afterwards including escaping from a fire from her newsagent with her kids.
Sad the revelation that leads to a mental asylum.
Harrowing that Barbara may have septicaemia.


Season 7, Episode 7:
Penultimate episode of season 7.
So sad and shocking that Barbara dies from septicaemia.
Certainly overshadowed the other plotlines including teenager at a remand home and his pregnant wife.


Season 7, Episode 8:
Season 7 finale.
This episode marked Trevor Cooper’s fourth appearance as Sergeant Woolf and guest starred David Calder and both were in the short-lived Star Cops (1987) with it being headlined by Calder.
Sad that this episode starts with Barbara’s funeral.
The assassination of US President John F. Kennedy takes place during this episode which was aired on March 11 2018.
Coincidentally The Crown season 2 in 2.8 Dear Mrs Kennedy also briefly touched upon the assassination and The Crown season 2 was released three months earlier on December 8 2017.


Season 8, Episode 2:

Moving episode as Lucille becomes in the case of Clarice Millgrove (Annette Crosbie) as Clarice fights to keep her home but this was unsuccessful.

Sad when Clarice dies in bed.

A truly a superb and beautiful performance by Crosbie as Clarice.


Season 8, Episode 3:
Congratulations to Violet on being elected to the local council.
Moving story about the mother who just had given birth to her second child, her first having died when still being little.
Quite unexpected the beach outside Nonnatus House but the beach did look nice when it came to fruition.