Call of The Wild (2020)

Call of The Wild (2020) trailer:

Featuring my wife Karen Gillan although she is not in this trailer.

This version of Call of the Wild stars Harrison Ford as John Thornton.
Heartwarming story about the dog Buck as we see his journey with changes of masters before being with John Thornton.
Playing the villain Hal is Dan Stevens and not bad the adversary that he makes to Thornton culminating to their final encounter. Incidentally I am also seeing Stevens in his lead role in the Legion TV series.
My highlight with this movie is with the brief appearance by my wife Karen Gillan
My wife Karen came in with the sound of her laughter.
The moment I heard that laugh I knew it was her.
Despite being brief it was very nice to see her here.

As The Call of the Wild is about a dog named Buck, coincidentally just before I went in to see this new version of The Call of the Wild, I saw a dog laying on the ground and I immediately thought Buck!

Hollywood Insider Behind The Scenes of The Call of the Wild (2020) with my wife Karen Gillan: