A show I enjoy watching ended it’s second season with a double ending. The first ending was if it was the last ever show,with a very happy ending. After they found it had been renewed, where it faded to black after the happy ending, the show opened another bit stating “two years later” and added a lead in to season 3.

yeah this confused and annoyed me!

Blindspot season 3 make its world debut in the US on October 27 2017.

Blindspot has been renewed for a fourth season.

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That season 3 ender was bloody amazing!

Blindspot season 4 will make its world debut in the US on October 12 2018.

I Came to Sleigh:
Season 5 opener.
As it turns out the team who were still in the shack survived except Reade who died from injuries afterwards.
Funny the name that was given to Rich.
Worrying that Madeline brought in mercenaries and what is the deal that she made with mercenary leader Ivy Sands.