Black Mirror

Black Mirror season 4 teaser trailer:

USS Callister:
Season 4 opener.
This episode is inspired by Star Trek with the Callister the name of the starship here.
USS Callister was directed by Toby Haynes who had directed five Doctor Who episodes in 2010 and 2011 and I don’t think anyone has ever directed both Doctor Who and the real Star Trek.
So Haynes’ direction of USS Callister is the closest that comes to it.
However it is not a completely Star Trek-esque episode as it is presented as a virtual reality game based on a Star Trek-like show.
The captain Robert Daly (Jesse Plemons) is in reality an ordinary person working in a company called Callister Inc who does not feel appreciated by his co-workers and his crew is made of his co-workers that is made from their DNA.
Daly adds a new co-worker Nanette Cole to his crew and she is played by Cristin Milioti and I know her as the mother in How I Met Your Mother.
As captain of the Callister, Daly is very ruthless to his crew, essentially an evil version of Captain Kirk.
The crew then plots a way to ditch their captain.
A very dark and very good episode that takes Star Trek as its inspiration.

Black Mirror has been renewed for a fifth season.

Striking Vipers:
Season 5 opener.
Starring Anthony Mackie and it was lovely to see Pom Klementieff as an avatar of a video game.
Quite a disturbing piece of reality and fantasy being blur together as a result of two male best friends playing a video game together one as a male avatar and the other as the said female avatar.

Middle episode of season 5.
Starring Andrew Scott.
Smithereens is a social media site and Scott played Chris a rideshare driver who takes an intern of Smithereens hostage in order to get the attention
of the CEO of Persona which runs Smithereen.
Chris blames Smithereen for the loss of his fiancee who got killed by a drunk driver with Smithereen being a distraction.

This is a compelling piece on the negative effects of social media and I am unfortunately am a victim of those effects.

That ending sure had me guessing.

Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too:
Season 5 finale.
Starring Miley Cyrus as pop singer Ashley O.
Miley Cyrus had previously played another pop singer in Hannah Montana and Ashley O unavoidably made me think of shades of Hannah Montana.
Didn’t really enjoy this one much as Ashley fights against her greedy aunt with the help of two sisters.

Stories From Our Future

Cure for Loneliness:

Interesting that an artificial solution for loneliness can be helpful before the real solution comes along.
Too bad the tragedy that came later.

Stories From Our Future

Getting to Know You:

This has a man forming a relationship with a woman in an interactive world but the man has a wife and family in the real world.
In the end it turns out to be a honeytrap for this cheating husband and quite impressive how this was pulled off.
The new age of honeytrapping.

Stories From Our Future

The Healthy Alternative:

Fascinating tale about a pill that presents the upside in living but eventually its downsde as well.