Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two:
Episode 9.
The Batwoman part of Crisis on Infinite Earths and it came on my birthday on December 9 2019.
Tom Welling gets to reprise Clark Kent from Smallville but it turns out that he has since given up his powers in favour of raising a family with Lois.
Frankly his return as Clark was not really worth it with that revelation and I suspect he only agree to come back because of that revelation.
Along with Welling as Clark, this also saw Erica Durance back as Lois but did not get to meet the Lois played by Elizabeth Tulloch.
It is quite telling that the Durance Lois did not meet Supergirl as Durance was recently seen in the Supergirl part of the story as her mother who just died.
As well as playing Ray Palmer/Atom, Brandon Routh gets to reprise Clark Kent/Superman from Superman Returns.
He even has a fight with the Superman played by Tyler Hoechlin.
Most surprising in all this is seeing Bruce Wayne but not Batman played by Kevin Conroy who had voiced the character in animation most notably in Batman: The Animated Series.
Sadly this turns out to be a bad version of the character who had killed the Superman of his world.
Surprising that Kate turns out to be the Paragon and the Anti-Monitor coming at the end.

Batwoman has been renewed for a second season.