Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Part 1:
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is a two-part animated film.
Part 1 was released in 2012.
Quite a dark entry with Batman/Bruce Wayne is now considerably older.
Interesting little threads that fills the first part including Harvey Dent and the Mutants.
All this as we introduced to a new Robin, a female one.
A particularly amusing moment came when the news anchor read what had happened to Commissioner Gordon.
Pretty good cliffhanger by who turns up at the end.

Part 2:
Horrifying conclusion to this tale with the havoc that the Joker which starts with killing off everyone on a live TV show that he appeared in.
Equally horrific how the Joker came to his end.
Not bad incorporating Superman here along with a fictionalised version of US President Ronald Reagan.
Sad about Alfred and should not be surprised about Bruce faking his death as he continues his mission secretly.