Bad Samaritan


Released in 2018, Bad Samaritan starred Tenth Doctor David Tennant and Robert Sheehan as the said bad Samaritan.
Produced and directed by Dean Devlin. Devlin not only is one of the original creators of Stargate but also produced the Librarian franchise which was very Doctor Who-like in its presentation.
Tennant plays the villain in Bad Samaritan while the title character played by Sheehan is an unlikely hero as he broke into the Tennant character’s home for the purpose of burgling when he found a girl held captive there.
Sheehan as his character Sean could not free the girl as that would mean being arrested himself for breaking and entering.
So he tried other ways of trying to free her.
Tennant as Cale soon learns what Sean has been doing and creates misfortunes for him.
Tennant is superb as the villainous Cale and definitely outshines Sheehan’s Sean who has been very hapless especially at the denouement in trying to save the girl.