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Australian Survivor: First Contestants Revealed.
Australian Survivor: Champions Verses Contenders
Coming Soon. On the TenWIN Network.

Football superstars Moana Hope and Mat Rogers will compete alongside Olympic icon Shane Gould, AM MBE, when Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders premieres soon, on the Ten/WIN Network.

For the first time in Survivor history, 12 every day contestants - the Contenders - will take on a challenge of David and Goliath proportions when they tackle 12 giants of Australian society - the Champions.

The Champions tribe is made up of outstanding achievers in physical, intellectual and social endeavours and are used to applying pure grit to gain success. In order to last 50 days and become the Sole Survivor, the Contenders must rise to the challenge to outwit, outplay, outlast.

From the 24 exciting, determined and inspiring players in the game this year, the first competitors announced for the Champions are:

Damien, Former Special Forces Commando: Damien is an Australian Veteran from the war in Afghanistan where in 2009, an explosion resulted in him losing both legs and suffer other extensive damage to his body. His commitment to recovery and rehabilitation saw him master the use of his prosthetic legs and go on to compete in two Invictus Games in wheelchair basketball, walk the Kokoda Track and compete in numerous sporting competitions. Damien is also a best-selling author, actor and motivational speaker.

Mat R, Dual Code Rugby International: Mat Rogers originally made his mark on rugby league as a standout player for the Cronulla Sharks for six years. After success representing Queensland and Australia, Mat changed codes to Rugby Union in 2001 where he went on to represent Australia with the Wallabies in 45 test matches. In 2007, Mat returned to league to play for the new Gold Coast Titans before retiring from sport in 2011. Mat now devotes his time to another passion – raising money and awareness for children with autism via his foundation, 4 ASD.

Moana, AFLW Marquee Player: A celebrated and powerhouse player for Women’s Aussie Rules Football, Moana made a name for herself on the field as one of the leading goal kickers in the league. An accomplished junior sportswoman, Moana represented Victoria in cricket and Australian Rules, but decided to give up the summer sport in order to concentrate on footy. One of 14 kids, Moana’s family means everything to her. She is the primary carer for her younger sister, Lavinia, who suffers from Moebius Syndrome, a rare neurological condition.

Shane, Swimming World Record Holder: An Australian legend in the swimming pool, Shane is sporting royalty and one of the world’s greatest female swimmers. Between 1971 and 1973, she broke 11 world records in six different events and is the only woman ever to win five individual Olympic medals. Controversially retiring at the age of 17 and at the height of her success, Shane has gone onto raise four children, earn two degrees from the University of Tasmania, become an author and a passionate photographer.

The first competitors announced for the Contenders are:

Jenna, FIFO Supervisor: Working as a supervisor in the mines in Western Australia for the past six years, Jenna happily embraces adventure. An active NFL and AFL player, Jenna is a typical outdoors girl tearing around the bush on her motorbike or wakeboarding. Besides her passions outdoors, Jenna is also a proud mum and counts her daughter as her greatest motivation to achieve.

Robbie, Construction Manager: Robbie has been determined from a young age, competing at a national level in swimming on top of completing his studies. Since jumping out of the pool, Robbie held down three jobs while completing his Masters in Architecture and has now progressed to Construction Manager after years of putting in the hard work and long hours.

Tegan, Management Consulting: Even though Tegan’s hometown of Broome is quite isolated, this WA mum of two is well-travelled including riding down Bolivia’s Death Road as one of her most memorable adventures. An experienced camper and fisherwoman, Tegan is looking forward to pushing her outdoor skills to the next level with building shelter and starting fires from scratch.

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders.
Coming Soon.
On the Ten/WIN Network.

Can A Challenge Beast Win All Stars?**

Locky Joins Australian Survivor: All Stars. Coming To Ten/WIN In 2020.

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One thing is for certain when it comes to Australian Survivor: All Stars , the bigger they are, the harder they brawl. And it doesn’t get much bigger than Season 2 Challenge Beast, Locky.

Returning to fight it out for the title of Sole Survivor, Locky is set to join the best of the best when Australian Survivor: All Stars premieres on Ten/WIN in 2020.

Back with a vengeance and ready to prove his worth, Locky said: “Going into All Stars, I’ve got a massive target on my back. I’m here to prove that a Challenge Beast can take the title of Sole Survivor. I want to prove that I am the top dog.”

With the biggest and most elite players returning to Australian Survivor: All Stars , if you’re not part of the big move, then the big move is on you.

Click here for your Australian Survivor: All Stars Challenge Beast teaser.

Previously announced Australian Survivor’s returning to the island arena are Brooke, Flick, Nick and Phoebe from Season 1; AK, Jericho, Henry and Tarzan from Season 2; Mat, Shane and Lydia from Season 3, and David and Harry from this year’s Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders.

Australian Survivor is hosted by Jonathan LaPaglia and is produced for Network 10 by Endemol Shine Australia.

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Prepare To Fight: TV’s Biggest Battle Begins February 3.

Australian Survivor: All Stars. Coming To Ten/WIN.

10 7 WIN

The greatest Survivors the Australian game has ever seen are coming back, hungrier, stronger and shrewder than ever before.

Premiering on Monday, February 3 at 7.30pm on WIN, Australian Survivor: All Stars will see the smartest, toughest and most strategic players go head-to-head with the aim of becoming the ultimate Sole Survivor.

Out of the 24 players returning, only Shane Gould and Jericho Malabonga have previously tasted victory. While they may be looking for a return to glory, the remaining 22 contestants are baying for blood and redemption.

But according to 2018 Australian Survivor winner Shane, defeating her competitors for a second time will be monkey play.

Shane said: “I’ve studied chimpanzee politics, politics in the jungle and I think I can see quite a lot about how chimpanzees relate. It’s like some people in my tribe. I’m ready for monkey business.”

In order to be head of the tribe, Shane will have to beat out Mat Rogers and Lydia Lassila from her previous season, David and Harry from Season 4, Jericho, Locky, Henry, Tarzan and AK from Season 2 and Phoebe, Brooke, Flick and Nick from Season 1.

With more players to be announced, Shane may just find herself in a state of gorilla warfare in order to make it to the top.

Australian Survivor: All Stars.
Monday, February 3 At 7.30pm.
On the Ten/WIN Network.