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Ouch… Laura Tingle doesn’t miss today.

Tony Abbott…what an utter destructive force, an utter waste of space this man has been on the Australian political landscape.

Hmmm… this is ‘KnowFirst’ not ‘EveryoneKnows’

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well, let’s see… in the first leadership spill, 30 people still voted for the idiot instead of the vacant chair.

So not everyoneknows :stuck_out_tongue:

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Me…I prefer to vote for the bag of sawdust.

so you vote One Nation?

Actually can’t remember who I voted for last year… Sorry threw in a bad joke there based on an old Martin/Molloy sketch… Glad you picked it up though.

Oh come on, what’s $1.4m… surely something that can easily be forgotten about.

This is REALLY getting embarrassing now, It’s bad enough when Australian and foreign media is making us look like idiots with statements like Australian Law supersede the Laws of Mathematics but now Tech Postcast are now having a go.

DTNS 3073 - The Case of Australia v. Math