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The tech giant’s designers have dropped a huge hint about how we’ll interact with the next generation of smartphones, with its 10.3 release.

It has secretly designed two new keyboards, which will change the way users type.

The Sun says an Irish computer expert called Steve Troughton-Smith discovered the keyboards in a beta version of the software which was distributed to developers this week.

Here Comes The Sun’s iPhone story


iPhone sales have risen more than expected in the quarter.


Was watching All About Android this week and they had an app in the App Areana that my eldest bought on his Android device for $8 my wife wanted the same app for her iPad, it was $10 there, fecking Apple Tax.


Apple is considering dropping its Lightning port for iPhones and replacing it with the latest USB connection, according to reports.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is planning to include “a USB-C port for the power cord and other peripheral devices instead of the company’s original Lightning connector”.



Bring on the new Apple File System, they are using iSheep with iPhones and iPads as Beta testers before its released on the Macs






Will be buying iPhone 8 Plus around Christmas time for 2 reasons:

1 - easier for work purposes if we all use the same phones.
2 - if I wanted to buy Note 8, which I really do, I find the battery is shithouse compared to Apple. I’ve replaced the battery 3 times on my Note 4 and it still only lasts 3-4 hours tops.



No they didn’t :slight_smile:



I’ve heard about some old phones that require you to plug in a cable to charge it… Bur surely they’d have to be really old phone, been wireless charging for years :sleeping:


As an Android User…


Welcome to the Present Apple



Short Answer: No

Long Answer: Hell No



Since they are using a Samsung Display and Samsung had to give up with the idea for the Note 8 this isn’t a big shock