Looking at getting my Galaxy Note 8 in early January :slight_smile:


I just upgraded to a Pixel 2. Hands down a great phone.

I dunno why anyone would contemplate a Samsung though. Full of bloatware.


I do, LOVE my Note 8


not according to two work colleagues who swear at it constantly. They’re moving across to the Galaxy soon too because of work issues.


The issue I have with Samsung devices is due to the rivalry between Google and Samsung as well as Google’s requirement to have certain apps on the device in order to allow Samsung access to Google Play Store, the device has two of everything.

Two mail apps you can’t remove
Two note taking apps
Two voice assistants

Samsung has tried to turn Tizen into an Android killer but without developer support, they need to use Android and without the Play Store, Android isn’t that great to use without a legit way to access apps (not to mention a lot of apps use Google Play Services by default as well). Amazon seem to be better in this area with their Fire devices than Samsung did with Tizen.

What issues exactly? I’ll admit out of the box it takes some getting used to but once you customise what you want and not want, it’s great.


one issue I have with Samsung is their @%$@%% @#$!# #$#^%#$% $^Y%&$%&^%$^@#%@ new security thing.

Dave’s had a S2 of mine for a couple of months now because we can’t get into the bloody thing to get my username and password onto it because of a previous owner whose details we don’t know.

@#%@$#%@#$$%@ @#$%@#$@# of a thing.


Samsung KNOX?

Does it happen at pre-book or within Android itself?


Seen this all before

It’s called choice, you make yours and I make mine, which by the way doesn’t include either of the above :grinning:


So what do you drive then? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


KIA and VW


Honda CRV.

Love my CRV.

Previous to that was a Mazda 3.

Previous to that was a Ford Falcon AU

Previous to that was a Suzuki Vitara.

Previous to that was my first ever vehicle, a Hyundai S-coupe.

As you can see, I’m not loyal :stuck_out_tongue:


We should rename this thread “Android and Auto” :laughing:

I drive a Toyota Yaris and a Hyundai i30.

The Yaris is fitted with an aftermarket Chinese Android Headunit running Android 4.4.2

The Hyundai has a factory fitted unit which in looking to upgrade to another type of factory unit (one that has access to Android Auto).


But on the bright side, you can carry off a killer suit


Insert Mission Impossible Theme here when it comes to Android Auto/Apple Play.