Android Auto

what, the fucking thing actually works properly? I’ll believe it when I see it… it’s an absolute POS for me.

Yeah, will never work on your iPhone, works great on my Note 10 and the wifes Galaxy 9+

Hahaha. It doesn’t work on my S10+ properly. I took the car to the audio place yesterday for some work and showed them the issues I’m having. They couldn’t get it working properly either - even after a factory reset.

Does Apple Carplay work?

On and off. Connecting it is problematic. Often have to reboot the phone - hence the factory reset I did yesterday. Will play more with android auto over the weekend.

So, what car shouldn’t people buy then?

I don’t think it’s the car, it’s more likely a fault in the head unit I bought in July. The Sony XAV ax5000.

I’m still doing some testing… will be updating the firmware today.

HA! Just reading their official site and these 2 reviews back to back

Poor connection with android

XAV-AX5000 21 November 2019 by Bradki (USA)

I have a s10 plus phone all updates done and will connect to head unit for 2-10 minutes and then disconnect and say USB device not supported I reconnect couple minutes later same issue. Tried with my wife’s phone and my work phone and same issues. Very disappointed I paid 1300 to have installed with camera and it’s just a touch screen radio now.

CarPlay Issues, Lack of Features

XAV-AX5000 19 November 2019 by KVW4 (USA)

Expectations were let down in almost every department other than screen size. Yes, the screen is large, and there is even an equalizer…but that’s pretty much all you get with this unit. CarPlay rarely works as intended. Restarting unit, updating firmware, restarting phone, shorter cables…every “solution” exhausted and still nothing from Sony. I really wanted to like this unit, but I really don’t. SONY, fix the problem and release firmware updates. Please stop pretending like resetting units is going to fix an across-the-board problem with your product.