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I got Amazon PrimeVideo so I could watch The Grand Tour, after a quick look around the app, they currently seem to have a very limited selection of TV Shows and Movies.

I did the easier option… :stuck_out_tongue:

I do wish the PrimeVideo app would chromecast, currently I VNC from a laptop into a PC in my Study and chromecast the PrimeVideo webpage to the TV in the Living Room or Rumpus Room. That way I can still surf the web while chomecasting 3 middle ages Dickheads cocking about.

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Just received an email offering to sign me up for Prime Video Australia
First month Free then 6months at us$2.99 per month.
No mention of price after the 6 months

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Good work government. Great way to chase away the foreign options. Then the local companies will “Foxtel” up their prices.

Next you’ll hear Gerry Harvey calling for a postage tax to make things purchased online more expressive.

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Bring on Carpool Karaoke Series II or Planet of the Apes, I mean Apps :poop: