Alias Grace

Part 1:
The said Grace is awaiting execution for murders committed 15 years prior memories she doesn’t remember doing.
Intriguing the flashback to Grace’s life and the said murders and what brought these murders on.

Part 2:
Intiguing Grace’s story including her friendship with fellow maid Mary Whitney and sad what became of Mary.

Part 3:
Interesting account as Grace talks about meeting Nancy a housekeeper who offers Grace a job with more pay, one that Grace accepts.
This has Nancy giving Grace a tour of the house including the cellar that would be significant later on.

Part 4:
Quite eerie the dreams that Grace has and it is very haunting.

Part 5:
Penultimate episode.
Quite a harrowing experience for Grace as she recounts when she and McDermott killed Nancy and what follows afterwards.
Also harrowing when Nancy upon the verdict at her trial and fainted on a spike which marked a scar on her chest.

Part 6:
Not bad ending to Alias Grace although it felt messy in places in particular that bit about Mrs Humphrey.