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In an Australian media first, ABC News, in conjunction with co-production partner Torrens University, today launches a feature-length, fully interactive virtual reality (VR) experience bringing to life the experiences of our World War II soldiers on the legendary Kokoda Track.

The 40-minute VR experience will be made available to upper primary and lower secondary school students around the nation through educational VR incursion providers and via free direct download to school devices.

Kokoda VR will also be released on the Steam VR store, for use on the HTC Vive virtual reality system, as an app for iOs and Android mobiles, and as a 360-degree video through YouTube.

Complementary teaching resources and extra features will be provided on the Kokoda VR website, at

“Travelling to Kokoda to see where these momentous events played out in person is out of reach from most people. But with virtual reality, that educational experience is now possible for every student in Australia,”
said Nathan Bazley, Kokoda VR’s Executive Producer.

“With this immersive production, we can now show every student the main events of Kokoda, how the area looks now compared to how it looked then, the equipment used, the men involved, the strategies, the victories and the failures.

“Virtual reality is a powerful learning tool – it is proven to lead to better engagement and recall. This makes it perfect for explaining complex historical events to children. However, it’s not exclusively for kids – we designed it to be a fascinating experience for all audiences, young and old.”

It was 75 years ago today that Australian and Papuan soldiers retook Kokoda from Japanese forces, an important event in the Pacific campaign.

Kokoda VR immerses users in the main events of the Kokoda campaign. Using real locations and authentic artefacts sourced from military museums, combined with animated characters, it tells the story of the track – and the people who experienced it.

Users learn about the Kokoda experience through first-hand character accounts, sound effects, graphic labels and embedded archival media. They can move around within the VR spaces, looking behind trees and other objects and picking up and handling individual artefacts. The users must solve problems in order to progress through the story.

The ABC is the first Australian media organisation to release a fully-interactive VR experience. A year in the making, the project was the brainchild of Bazley, working with a small team from Australia’s premier news education brand Behind the News entirely out of the ABC’s Adelaide studios.

“This ground-breaking project demonstrates the innovation and creativity of the ABC’s content makers in finding new ways to deliver compelling, quality content that engages audiences of all ages,”
said ABC Director, News Gaven Morris.

“Kokoda VR is a tremendous resource for students – and anyone else interested in this significant event in Australian history.”

A companion Kokoda Augmented Reality (AR) mobile phone app is also in production. It will allow users to explore some of the WWII artefacts in their homes in 3D and learn the stories behind each of them. The Kokoda AR app will be available later this year for free through the Apple and Google Play app stores.

How we did it:

The Kokoda VR team used a technique called “photogrammetry” to capture the terrain of the track itself, along with more than 40 real WWII artefacts from the collection of the South Australian Army Museum. This gives the experience incredible authenticity and detail.

Other authentic touches include using real horizons and skies from each location. Bark and leaf textures captured from the track were used to “grow” 3D trees. The restored Capri Theatre in Adelaide, originally built in 1941, was the inspiration for the cinema scenes. Even the small sections of scribble and typewriter script shown in the VR experience were taken from the original marked-up scripts of Chester Wilmot, the ABC’s Kokoda war correspondent.

In July this year two Kokoda team members, Matthew Holbrook and Luke Gibbs, took off for Port Moresby. Over six days, they captured major parts of the Kokoda track, primarily with high-resolution SLR cameras. All up, they took almost 30,000 photos, which were used to recreate the 3D locations as accurately as possible. In addition, 360-degree panoramas were captured to form the background layers and the sky of each scene.

Atmospheric audio and sound effects were also captured at each location and added spatially using the Unity 3D design engine to help bring this virtual world to life.


Andrew Probyn has been appointed ABC’s Political Editor after Chris Uhlmann left for the Nine Network in September.


Jeremy Fernandez to anchor ABC TV 10.30PM national news

ABC News Australia

EXPERIENCED ABC NEWS presenter Jeremy Fernandez has been named as anchor of the ABC’s new 10.30pm national news bulletin.

The 30-minute late-night edition news will air Monday-to-Friday Australia-wide from 29 January.

Fernandez will also continue to present the NSW 7pm News on Fridays and Saturdays.

ABC Director, News Gaven Morris said Fernandez had an impressive track record as a journalist and presenter.

“Jeremy brings solid journalism credentials to this role and we are delighted to have him in this key position,” he said. “As well being a skilled and experienced presenter, he has a natural warmth that viewers respond to, and he is a highly valued member of the ABC NEWS team.”

The appointment caps a busy year for Fernandez, with other highlights including presenting the ABC’s New Year’s Eve Broadcast, the Australian of The Year ceremony, Q&A, Lateline and the NSW 7PM News, as well as anchoring a string of major breaking news events on the ABC NEWS channel.

“It has been an eventful and enriching year for me and I’m thrilled to be launching the ABC’s late-night national bulletin in 2018,” Fernandez said.

“I’m looking forward to finding my new home on the national ABC TV schedule next year. It’s a great privilege to be welcomed into people’s loungerooms and bringing them up to date on the news that matters to them.”

Due to the time zone difference, Fernandez will not be seen in WA. The anchor of the WA 10.30pm bulletin will be announced in the new year.



ABC News Australia

Karina Carvalho, one of the ABC’s most talented presenters, is moving to a new national role in 2018.

After five years successfully leading ABC TV’s flagship 7pm News bulletin in Queensland, Carvalho will relocate to Sydney to take up a prime-time presenting post for the ABC NEWS Channel.

Her final Queensland bulletin is this Thursday, 11 January. From Monday 29 January she will anchor ABC NEWS Channel every weeknight from 7pm-9pm.

“It’s been a privilege to be invited into the living rooms of Queenslanders each weeknight for the last five years,” Carvalho said.

“I’m very much looking forward to my new role and bringing the day’s most important stories and breaking news to a national audience.”

Louisa Rebgetz will step in as Queensland newsreader until Carvalho’s successor takes over the anchor’s chair.

More details on ABC NEWS Channel’s 2018 line-up will be unveiled shortly, also including two new programs hosted by Stan Grant and Patricia Karvelas.

Carvalho joined the ABC in 2007 after working for the BBC. After a stint as a reporter in the Perth newsroom, she presented the 7pm News in Perth for three-and-a-half years before moving to Melbourne to present ABC News Breakfast alongside Michael Rowland. She took over as Queensland 7pm News presenter in April 2013.



ABC News Australia

ABC TV’s 7pm News in Queensland will have a new line-up in 2018 with award-winning journalist Matt Wordsworth joining Jessica van Vonderen on the anchor desk.

Starting Monday 29 January, Wordsworth will anchor the flagship 7pm News bulletin Monday-Thursday with van Vonderen presenting on Friday and weekends.

Born and raised in Queensland, Wordsworth is one of the ABC’s top political and investigative reporters and a former presenter of 7.30 Queensland. He returns to Brisbane after two years based in Sydney.

“As a Queenslander I am thrilled and honoured to be returning to my home state to take on this important role,” Wordsworth said.

“Queensland contributes so richly to the economic, cultural and political landscape of the nation and I look forward to continuing the outstanding coverage the ABC provides throughout our great state.”

Van Vonderen has been an integral part of ABC Queensland since 2009.

"I’m really looking forward to another big year in Queensland, bringing amazing stories to our audience, on behalf of an incredibly hard-working bunch of ABC journalists, camera operators and editors,” she said.

It was announced last week that former anchor Karina Carvalho, who has been presenting the flagship 7pm bulletin since April 2013, is moving to take up a new national presenting role. From Monday 29 January Carvalho will anchor ABC NEWS Channel every weeknight from 7pm-9pm, based in Sydney.

The ABC in Queensland offers a breadth and depth of national and local coverage unrivalled by any other news organisation, with a team of journalists working across television, radio and digital platforms from newsrooms in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Bundaberg, Sunshine Coast, Mt Isa, Mackay, Longreach, Cairns, Townsville, Toowoomba and Rockhampton.


Everyone has opinions. ABC NEWS channel has the facts.

ABC News Australia

In 2018 ABC NEWS channel, the most-watched 24-hour breaking news service, is doubling down on its commitment to provide Australia’s best and most trusted live news, analysis, context and discussion, delivered by our respected journalists and with an exciting new prime-time line-up.

Starting Monday 29 January, 9:00pm AEDT becomes appointment viewing time seven nights a week for a deep dive into the big stories and issues.

Launching in the timeslot this year, Stan Grant hosts Matter of Fact Monday-Thursday, with a best-of program on Saturdays. On Fridays, Chas Licciardello and John Barron feed your US politics addiction with the return of Planet America in a longer 45-minute format. And every Sunday Patricia Karvelas picks apart the issues consuming the nation in National Wrap, also new in 2018.

ABC Director, News Gaven Morris said it was the channel’s biggest shake-up since its July 2010 launch.

“ABC NEWS channel specialises in facts, not opinions, and the changes we are introducing this year strengthen that focus,” Morris said.

“In a complex and dynamic world, Australians want to know they are getting the best and most accurate news and information, from a source they can rely on, as it happens.”

With Australia’s largest network of journalists in 56 locations around the country, the best political journalism team, and peerless foreign correspondents based in 11 overseas bureaux, ABC NEWS is Australia’s leading live news channel.

ABC NEWS channel will also draw on the resources of two newly-formed teams: ABC Investigations, Australia’s largest dedicated investigative daily news team, and the Specialist Reporting Team, which brings in-depth knowledge to a range of core rounds.

Reaching an average of 3.4 million people every week (metro + regional), it is the place Australians turn when major news breaks at home or abroad, to see the latest developments unfold and have their impact explained.

In Matter of Fact, award-winning journalist, author and commentator Stan Grant brings audiences the essential information they need to separate facts from fiction on the important issues of the day, with analysis and key interviews. The program will also feature regular contributors covering the economy, technology, history, music and the arts.

“There is too much opinion for opinion’s sake, too much public debate that is just about who can shout the longest or loudest,” Grant says.

“Australians are smart people who are tapped into the world. Matter of Fact will respect that intelligence, not just stoke more anger. If you think you know something, then think again – that’s what I want this show to be about.”

On Saturdays, Matter of Fact This Week will feature highlights of the week’s best conversations.

In National Wrap, top journalist and RN Drive presenter Patricia Karvelas hosts a sharp, interview-based national affairs program that will set the agenda for the week. Topics ranging from reconciliation and the republic to students’ performance in schools will be interrogated by experts and leaders in their fields.

“Audiences are increasingly looking for context and explanation – National Wrap provides it,” Karvelas says. “You will see our most influential politicians and advocates cross-examined about their plans, going beyond the immediate news cycle to shine a light on the end game.

“Particularly among younger audiences, there is often an assumption that politics and national affairs are dry or too dense. National Wrap makes the important topics accessible and relatable.”

Other highlights of the revamped 2018 schedule include an expanded 45-minute format for popular panel show The Drum, with Julia Baird and Ellen Fanning sharing hosting duties.

The Business moves to 9:45pm AEDT weeknights, with Elysse Morgan continuing to bring the key interviews with CEOs and other industry leaders.

Karina Carvalho, one of the ABC’s most talented news presenters, joins the presenting line-up 7:00pm-9:00pm AEDT on weekdays. After a new-look The World with Beverley O’Connor, Yvonne Yong hosts a national news hour at 11pm from Melbourne, followed by more live national programming out of Perth.

From Saturday 3 February at 7:00am AEDT Andrew Geoghegan will be joined on Weekend Breakfast by new co-presenter Johanna Nicholson, with Miriam Corowa presenting across weekends and contributing to Indigenous and arts coverage.

The Schedule 2018
(all times AEDT)
News Breakfast
Mornings with Joe O’Brien
ABC News with Ros Childs
Afternoons with Kirsten Aiken W-F/ Gemma Vaness (M-T)
The Drum (New 45-minute format)
7pm: ABC National News
730pm: Regional/feature segments
8pm: National News Hour
Matter of Fact with Stan Grant
9pm Fridays
Planet America (new 45-minute format)
9pm Sundays
The National Wrap with Patricia Karvelas
The Business with Elysse Morgan
The World with Beverley O’Connor
National News Hour with Yvonne Yong
National 30 min News
(Replay) 7.30
National News 13 mins
(Replay) Matter of Fact
National News 13 mins
(Replay) The Drum








Statement in ABC News breaches impartiality rules


A statement contained in an ABC News report breached the impartiality provisions of the ABC Code of Practice (the code), the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has found.

The ACMA investigated a complaint about an ABC News report, broadcast nationally on 10 October 2017, covering a climate change speech by former prime minister the Hon. Tony Abbott, MP to the Global Warming Policy Foundation think tank.

The investigation found the report generally demonstrated fair treatment and open-mindedness in the way it presented Mr Abbott’s views on climate change over time.

However, a statement made to camera by the ABC’s political editor that Mr Abbott was ‘the most destructive politician of his generation’ was declarative and not in keeping with the scope of the factual matters presented earlier in the report.

The ACMA considered the statement judgemental, not in language considered as analysis and one that the ordinary reasonable viewer would have understood as a pejorative descriptor. As a result, the ACMA found a breach of Standard 4.1 of the code, in that the report was not presented with due impartiality.

‘The impartiality provisions in the ABC’s own code require it to demonstrate balance and fair treatment when presenting news, and avoid conveying a prejudgement’ said ACMA Chair Nerida O’Loughlin.

‘This is only the second breach by the ABC of its impartiality rules since 2011. While this demonstrates strong compliance with these important provisions of the code, the ABC did not get it right on this occasion,’ Ms O’Loughlin said.

The ABC has advised the ACMA that ABC News will incorporate the ACMA finding into its editorial compliance training programs. The ACMA accepts this as an appropriate action by the ABC in the circumstances.





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