ABC KIDS (TV Channel)

ABC KIDS launches new series ‘Get Grubby TV’ featuring dirtgirl, scrapboy … and Costa!
NEW SERIES launching Monday September 4, airing 8.20am daily on ABC KIDS.

Get Grubby TV takes the Australian Emmy Award-winning animated TV series, dirtgirlworld, and reimagines the story to reveal the real place and the real characters …in the real world!

Having invented the ‘costavator’ - dirtgirl and scrapboy have also gained a new friend, Costa the Garden Gnome (Costa Georgiadis), and together they are travelling across Australia to new places and getting grubby… big time!

With 20 episodes running for 12 minutes each, Get Grubby TV delivers a grubby bucket list full of adventures as the trio are on a mission to explore a world of nature and find themselves up to their eyeballs in grubby fun. This is a story-world where bugs check into hotels, dirt is awesome and getting grubby can win the day.

Episode 1 ‘Buzz’ on Monday, September 4: dirtgirl’s besties - scrapboy and Costa The Garden Gnome - arrive with a bucket full of grubby challenges. The first challenge – ‘What’s stickier than mud?’. The trio set off for a sticky (and fun) adventure to the honey house to find answers – and learn a new bum dance!

Get Grubby TV has just enough grit and adventure to take our planet-loving pre-schoolers on imagination-charged escapades, packed with the silly stuff they enjoy surrounding themselves in and the curiosities that they love to explore in their backyard.