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On the other hand, the production also improved in the Phone number list control groups, despite the fact that their members did not experience changes in lighting conditions. In short, the results were mixed . Something beyond lighting was affecting employee performance. The experiment continues In the following stages of the experiment, it was decided to separate a small group of employees. These workers were subject to certain variations in their working conditions, among which the increases in wages, the introduction of rest periods or the shortening of the Phone number list working day stood out. In turn, the researchers pretended to be their supervisors (who, among other things, now allowed the group to decide on their rest periods, and were asked for their opinion on the various proposals for change). The Hawthorne experiment lays the foundations for what management tasks should be like if the goal is to increase employee performance Consequently, increases in performance were observed; but productivity did not rise or fall uniformly. The relationship between the various incentives and changes in productivity was not clear.

Again, the results were ambiguous. Reaching the first conclusions The Phone number list experiments already highlighted, as well as those that followed, allowed Mayo and his team to determine that aspects such as economic incentives were not the fundamental cause that explained the increases in labor productivity. Rather, these increases were related to a complex chain of attitudes. The fact of being selected and receiving special attention Phone number list caused both the experimental and control groups to acquire a kind of group pride . This pride motivated them to improve their performance (an aspect that was strengthened thanks to the supervision exercised by the researchers, who took into account the opinion of the employees). Thus, it was found that employees were inclined to put more effort into their work when they believed that management cared about their well-being. This is known as the Hawthorne effect. Hawthorne experience the importance of being taken into account at work The Hawthorne Effect at Work People do not act the same way if they are alone or in a group.

In psychology, the tendency of individuals to modify Phone number list their behavior when they believe they are being observed is known as reactivity . In this way, it can be affirmed that the Hawthorne effect is the type of psychological reactivity experienced by those subjects who know that they are participating in an investigation. The tendency of individuals to modify their behavior when they believe they are being observed is known as reactivity. This phenomenon normally occurs involuntarily, and is usually preceded by the experimenter effect, which are the clues provided by the Phone number list researchers themselves about the results they expect from the study in question. The results of Elton Mayo’s experiment served to establish the foundations of what is now known as the School of Human Relations . These are the fundamental postulates that derive from the Hawthorne effect: The relationship between production and social interaction It’s not just ability or talent that affects performance: so do group expectations and social norms.