12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys has been renewed for a fourth and final season.
The third season in the meantime will debut on May 19 2017.

The fourth and final season of 12 Monkeys will make its world debut in the US on June 15 2018.

Syfy will fasttrack the final season from Saturday June 17 7:30pm.

Here in Australia, Syfy is showing the fourth and final season of 12 Monkeys with these new episodes being shown on Sundays which began on June 17 2018.
In 12 Monkeys, Dr. Cassandra Railly is played by Amanda Schull.
Somewhat fortuitously the Seven Network showed two TV movies both of which just happened to star Amanda Schull and each on consecutive days with Betrayed (2014) on Monday June 25 and Hunt for the Labyrinth Killer (2013) on the following day Tuesday June 26.