Anticipated changes at 2UE have begun - after the sudden resignation of General Manager, Bob Miller - and veteran presenter, John Kerr, might be an early casualty.

It begins with the John Laws morning program, where a new producer has been appointed: Grant Williams, formerly with Channel Nine's 'Today' show.

From next week, Stuart Bocking moves aside as producer to begin an an air role on 2UE mid-dawns.

John Kerr, the regular overnight presenter, is away in the US for another 10 days with a tour of 2UE listeners in Nashville. Kerr has worked in radio since 1957.

Program Director, Sandy Aloisi, has told The Daily Telegraph's Sydney Confidential that: "We're interested in fostering new talent at this radio station, so this would have seemed like an opportune time, perhaps, to explore further opportunities for Stuart."

On the question of Bocking possibly taking over from Kerr, Aloisi says: "Mid-dawn is as much a part of this radio station as Monday-Friday or weekends so, of course, we'd look at mid-dawns. I'm not going to include it or exclude it, if you know what I mean.

"We've lost Bob Miller here so, obviously, things are in a state of flux, so it's difficult to say when decisions like that would now be made."

In the meantime, Southern Cross Broadcasting (SCB) is happy to wait for the right person to replace Bob Miller.

SCB Group General Manager, Graham Mott, is filling the GM role at UE until a suitable replacement is found. This means commuting from his home in Melbourne and juggling his other duties from Sydney.

Mott, who is one of Australia’s most experienced broadcasters, says: "We haven't put a timeframe (on the search) because that raises expectations.

"I have told the staff I will be here for two to three months while we have a good, thorough search for a new general manager.

"If we find someone before that, all the better, but we are not going to make any rushed decisions."

SOURCE: radioinfo