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Roadshow Films Joins Foxtel Movies
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Thread: Roadshow Films Joins Foxtel Movies

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    Roadshow Films Joins Foxtel Movies

    Foxtel today announced that it had reached an agreement with Australia's largest independent movie distributor, Roadshow Films, to supply content to the new Foxtel Movies and Premium Drama service which launches on 1 January 2013.

    Roadshow joins NBC Universal, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox as suppliers to the new service. Foxtel confirmed it was in negotiation with other distributors and expected to be in a position to announce further supply arrangements in the near future.

    Foxtel CEO, Richard Freudenstein said, "We are delighted that Roadshow has come on board with our exciting new movie and drama offering. As Australia's largest independent distributor of local and international films Roadshow has a rich slate of new release titles and a wonderful library of great films that will significantly enhance what we can offer customers."

    Roadshow CEO, Chris Chard said, "We congratulate Foxtel on the Foxtel Movies initiative. It will clearly improve the movie offering for existing customers and make it simpler and more attractive to prospective subscribers. Roadshow is committed to helping Foxtel grow its business and we are confident that the content we will deliver to the platform will do just that."

    Roadshow Films partners with many of the leading film makers of the world including Village Roadshow Pictures, Lionsgate, The Weinstein Company, Relativity, Film Nation and is the leading distributor of Australian made films. Titles to premiere on the new service shortly after it launches include: The Hunger Games, One For the Money, My Week With Marilyn, The Artist and with future premieres to include The Great Gatsby,Gangster Squad, Looper, Mirror Mirror, Dark Shadows, What to Expect When You’re Expecting and Magic Mike.

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    I'm frigin confused!! so is Roadshow available only to the MNC or to Showtime?

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    Quote Originally Posted by laurie View Post
    I'm frigin confused!! so is Roadshow available only to the MNC or to Showtime?
    It was originally only available on MNC, but once it ceases to operate on Jan 1st, it's movies will be shown on Foxtel Movies. As I said in the post yesterday on this thread (http://www.knowfirst.info/forums/showthread.php?t=44645&page=2), Roadshow broke ranks from the other MNC partners and began negotiations early - causing the negotiations for Foxtel to buy MNC to fall through but for Foxtel to get their movie rights before MNC closes. Simply put, Foxtel is very lucky.

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