The Eight Truths is the first instalment of the finale of the third season of the Eighth Doctor New Adventures from Big Finish released in 2009 and written by Eddie Robson.
The Eight Truths itself is made of two parts which the conclusion being Worldwide Web.
This story is a sequel to the Third Doctor swansong Planet of Spiders.
Planet of Spiders has legendary status and with their being no TV sequel to it, it was inevitable that Big Finish would make one themselves.
The story takes place in 2015 not far off from where we are now (ironically I read that the story was originally listed to take place in 2012 before the change to 2015).
A pretty good guest cast which includes Stephen Moore (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy & has since turned up in the Doctor Who TV series in Cold Blood), Sophie Winkleman (Red Dwarf: Back To Earth), Sanjeev Bhaskar (Kumars at No.42) and the return of Katarina Olsson as the Headhunter.
The presence of the Headhunter means that Karen is also back leading Lucie to become part of the Headhunter’s plan with the spiders.
The Eight Truths is a very good first instalment of the Spiders sequel including a reminder that the spiders don’t like to be called spiders.
The accompanying interviews on this disc are enjoyable to listen.
I was surprised from the interviews that the Karen here is not the same as before with Kelly Godliman replacing Louise Fullerton. Kelly Godliman did not try to copy Louise Fullerton’s performance but to be honest I did not noticed the difference between their respective portrayals of Karen.
It was interesting to learn from Sanjeev Bhaskar that he had previously worked with Paul McGann in the movie The Dance of Shiva. This perhaps why they worked well together for this story. In fact McGann was the reason why Bhaskar agreed to be in it.