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Digital Radio Buckles up with new country format
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Thread: Digital Radio Buckles up with new country format

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    Digital Radio Buckles up with new country format

    The Buckle is a brand new digital-only radio station to be launched by the
    Fairfax Radio Network at 12 noon on Tuesday December 22.

    The station will initially be heard in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

    The Buckle is a modern contemporary country music format, created specifically for capital city listeners. This has not been done before.

    Whilst many of today’s country music artists are amongst the biggest selling and most successful performers in the world, their music has been all but ignored by the major music stations in Australia.

    Keith Urban may be a superstar in the U.S. with millions of albums sold, but he is best known by most people in his home country, as the bloke who married Nicole Kidman.

    Something needs to change, and The Buckle will change it!

    There is no doubt fans of contemporary country music have been short-changed in our major markets for many years, and we are excited to at last be able offer them a non-stop selection of the best that contemporary country music has to offer.

    But we are also aware that many people will have never heard (or even heard of) the majority of the artists The Buckle will play. With this in mind, the playlist has been carefully crafted to appeal to non-country music fans as well.

    Program Director Gary Hoffman says, “I wanted to create a format that country music fans would love, but also one that someone who had never listened to country could turn on and say… I have no idea who that is, but what a great song”.

    Hoffman stresses that The Buckle is a contemporary country format, listeners won’t be hearing the likes of Slim Dusty, John Williamson, or oldies like Patsy Cline.

    Hoffman says, “Slim’s contribution to Australian country music can never be devalued or underestimated, and Williamson is a terrific performer, but over the years country, like most other forms of popular music, has developed a range of styles of which contemporary country is just one (albeit the most popular by far), and that’s what listeners will be hearing on The Buckle – Great Country Music.

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    Digital radio in the country areas would be much more interesting

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    As soon as I found out that there was a 24 hour country radio station on Digital I went out and bought a Digital Radio. Thanks for letting me know Gary.

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