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Channel Nine and GO! 2010
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Thread: Channel Nine and GO! 2010

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    Channel Nine and GO! 2010

    Today in Melbourne, David Gyngell presented the Nine GO! Network’s 2010 line up at the final of three “Welcome Home to Nine” Christmas lunch presentations for the industry that have taken place this week.

    At the end of what has been a challenging but successful year, Nine has maintained its winning share of the 25-54 audience demographic, and launched the Number 1 multi channel in Australia – GO!.

    Mr Gyngell said, “GO! has given us a unique opportunity to strategically extend audiences and attract an all new younger audience to build our demographic profile. It’s a strategy that provides certainty to advertisers with more targeted choice that will continue to provide audience growth in 2010. We aim to become even more competitive, and combine Nine’s experience with youthful vigour and take the network to Number 1.”

    “I believe we are going into 2010 with the best line up in years. Nine’s Summer of Cricket, followed immediately by the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games is the ideal way to kick off what's going to be a big year for the network with a powerful mix of exciting new programs both local and overseas, together with returning favourites. Our focus is on variety and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy, with shows like Hey Hey, The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show and Top Gear to name just a few.”


    · Underbelly – The Golden Mile

    The real story of how Australia’s most infamous playground turned into a deadly battlefield.

    · Top Gear UK & Top Gear Australia

    The show that holds the crown of the world’s most popular television program comes to Channel Nine in 2010. Seen in more than 100 countries with over 350 million viewers, Top Gear is the network’s number 1 acquisition and rightly so. Work is also underway on an exciting series of Australian made specials.

    · The Real Hustle

    There are a thousand ways you can be hustled. Using hidden cameras and a team of Aussie con artists, we expose Hustlers’ clever scams and tricks so you can beat them at their own game.

    Presented by Gyton Grantley.

    · Hey Hey It’s Saturday

    The Aussie television institution is reborn after the two reunion specials rewrote the history books in 2009. Now with over 300,000 members on Facebook, the entertainment juggernaut has recaptured the hearts and minds of viewers all around Australia. Bouncing into the new millennium with a series of exciting new shows, this year’s number one live entertainment show will return in 2010.

    · V

    The visitors are coming to every major city on earth, including ours. The new drama that attracted 14 million U.S. viewers.

    · AFP (Australian Federal Police)

    For the first time ever, the AFP reveals it’s most heavily guarded secrets and investigations in a compelling new series. Across 30 countries and forty series, on guard against crime in Australia and across the world, see the work of our national police force unfold before your eyes.


    · Wicked Love – The Maria Korp Story starring Rebecca Gibney & Vince Colosimo

    For the first time, the gripping suburban thriller comes to television starring two of Australia’s leading actors. Behind the shocking headlines, the true story of how an explosive love triangle got out of control and became one of our most notorious criminal cases.

    · The Middle – Hit US Sitcom starring Patricia Heaton

    Average rules! Everybody Loves Raymond’s Patricia Heaton brings her outrageously hilarious new family to television in a wickedly different observational series about modern life.

    · Human Target – thrilling new US series

    A mysterious security agent for hire assumes different identities, at times literally becoming a human target on behalf of his clients. Using the popular DC Comics title as a springboard for riveting and intelligent action and adventure, this is a thrill ride with no clear boundaries.

    · Past Life – new US drama

    A groundbreaking new drama that takes us into the lives of people flooded with memories of the past, memories that can’t be explained and are not their own.

    · The Forgotten – new US drama starring Christian Slater

    Every year, there are countless unidentified victims of murder. When the authorities have all but given up, a team of ordinary citizens take up the cause to find the truth. Follow their fascinating journey in a new series where unsolved murders will not be laid to rest.

    · Who Do You Think You Are

    Hollywood’s A list delve into their family history and discover the fascinating lives of their forebears. Who Do You Think You Are will feature Sarah Jessica Parker, Susan Sarandon and Lisa Kudrow with more big names still to come.

    · The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show

    Bringing up kids has never seemed more difficult with all the rules, regulations and judgments modern society places on parenting. Now, clinical psychologist Nigel Latter brings his unique brand of humour to Australia, to lead us through the maze of tactics to keep the little tackers at bay. Presented with tongue firmly in cheek, this is a series that will debunk the myths and have Mums and Dads rediscover that tried and true methods are often the best.

    · Survivor – Heroes Vs Villains

    The original reality juggernaut is gathering the most memorable Survivors from past series for a special event series.

    · Who Wants to Be A Millionaire

    One of our most successful gameshows returns with a new multigenerational twist. Kids, can they rise to the top and claim a win for their school? Big cash is on offer as their family watches on. All the lifelines are back as we send kids into the hot seat in the first of a series of Millionaire Special Events.

    · Send in the Dogs

    A new factual series that follows trained canines at the forefront of crime.

    · Community – US comedy starring Chevy Chase

    A failed college graduate returns to school and joins a study group of misfits with very different priorities. From the producers of Scrubs and Arrested Development comes a new comedy that challenges the traditional sitcom values with a unique take on lighthearted humour.

    · Romantically Challenged

    New series about dating in the modern age, starring Alyssa Milano and Australia’s Josh Lawson.

    · You’re Nicked

    The most incredible real crimes ever caught on camera. From police chases to CCTV and security dramas, You’re Nicked gathers sensational footage showcasing the most compelling situations that unfold in daily life.

    · Gordon’s Great Escapes

    Experience the lighter side of the world’s most famous chef as he travels abroad to experience the culinary delights of different cultures. A worldwide tour of gastronomic discovery, this is Gordon unplugged and reborn.

    · Extraordinary Stories

    You won’t believe how bizarre people can be. We discover the craziest and most unbelievable stories on earth.

    · Big Trouble in Tourist Thailand

    Aussies caught with no help in a foreign land. Follow their journeys as it happens as they try to escape from a world they can’t understand.

    · Big

    Share intimate stories as clinically obese and overweight people seek to reinvent themselves and regain their former selves. With help from doctors, dieticians and fitness experts, this is not a reality competition, but a journey over months to take charge and slim down.

    · Arranged Marriage

    Where loved ones help lonely people find the perfect match for the partnership of a lifetime.

    Returning Shows

    · Sea Patrol 4

    · Rescue Special Ops 2

    · Farmer Wants a Wife 5

    · The Big Bang Theory

    · CSI

    · RPA


    · Random Acts of Kindness

    · Amazing Medical Stories

    · CSI Miami

    · Whose Line is it Anyway

    · CSI NY

    · Money for Jam

    · What’s Good for You

    · Flashpoint

    · Kitchen Nightmares

    · Test Australia – The National IQ Test

    Special Events

    · Twenty20

    · Winter Olympic Games Vancouver 2010

    · Oscars

    · 2010 TV Week Logie Awards

    · NRL State of Origin

    · Wimbledon

    · Rugby League Four Nations

    · EJ Whitten Legends Game

    · Australian Masters Golf

    · AFI Awards

    · 2011 Rugby Union World Cup

    · NRL Finals Series

    · 2010 Ashes Series

    · Summer of Cricket

    · 2012 London Olympics

    Returning Favourites

    · Today

    · 60 Minutes

    · A Current Affair

    · Nine News

    · Hot Seat

    · 20 to One

    · Getaway

    · Domestic Blitz

    · This is Your Life

    · Australia’s Funniest Home Videos

    · Mornings with Kerri-Anne

    · The Ellen DeGeneres Show

    · The View

    · The AFL Footy Show

    · The NRL Footy Show

    · NRL

    · Wide World of Sports

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    Nightmares and Dreamscapes, an eight-part anthology series based on short stories by Stephen King, premieres on GO! on Wednesday, January 6 at 10.30pm.

    These eight mind-bending tales from the master of horror are based on stories from King’s Nightmares and Dreamscapes collection, including Crouch End, Battleground, The Road Virus Heads North and Autopsy Room Four.

    Nightmares and Dreamscapes was filmed entirely in Melbourne and boasts numerous supporting roles by Australian actors, including Greta Scacchi, Rebecca Gibney, Sigrid Thornton, Kristian Schmid, Susie Porter, Marg Downey, Kym Gyngell, Jacqueline McKenzie and many more.

    The series also stars a number of Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe winners and nominees, including Tom Berenger, William H. Macy, Kim Delaney, Ron Livingston, William Hurt and Samantha Mathis.

    Nightmares and Dreamscapes: from Wednesday, January 6 at 10.30pm on GO!

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    TVTONIGHT are reporting that ER with new episodes returns to our screens this Thursday night after NINE dumped it back on Dec 4.

    Like i said when it was last axed by NINE , it won't return to NINE again.

    SO ER can be seen on GO! Thursday night at 10.30pm , starting this Thursday with The Hills being moved.(i noticed online TV Guides yet to adjust) Finally! i think they will play the whole series out now , with 33 episodes yet to be seen in Australia

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    The once great AFL Footy Show returns to NINE on Thursday March 11 at 9.30pm, declining every year.
    And the always crap The NRL Footy Show returns the same date Thursday March 11 9.30pm

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    Nine’s Director of Programming, Michael Healy, today announced that THE BLOCK 2010 has been commissioned for a new series for the Nine Network.

    “THE BLOCK is a unique format that has always captured our ongoing obsession with real estate,” Mr Healy said. “Right now everybody’s talking about real estate again and I’m very excited that we’re bringing back a show which has been such a phenomenal success.”

    In 2003 THE BLOCK quickly became the highest rating television series of all time – a record it still holds today. The first series in Australia had a weekly average rating of 2,239,000 million viewers and the finale Auction episode screened to well over three million viewers.

    In 2004 THE BLOCK was the hottest new TV format in the world, with more than a dozen countries producing the show including the UK and the USA. Since then more than 350 episodes of the show have been made worldwide in countries such as Russia, Israel, Norway, Romania, Sweden, Finland, Belgium and The Netherlands.

    In Australia in 2004 THE BLOCK was Nine’s highest rating series for the second year running.

    Mr Healy said: “The enduring success of the show internationally has been in the simplicity of the format. Four couples renovate four apartments and then sell them to the highest bidder.”

    This year four new couples will have just eight weeks to out-design and out-decorate each other in a struggle to complete the best apartment. At the end of the final week the winning apartment will be decided by the toughest judges of all – the buying public.

    All four apartments will go to public auction and each couple will keep the profit made from the sale, so the better the renovation, the more money they make. The couple who top the auction also win the grand prize of $100,000.

    THE BLOCK 2010 will be hosted by Scott Cam who said: "As a builder I know this is one of the toughest competitions that's ever been devised but having watched the first two series I know it can also be one of the most rewarding.

    "I can't wait to meet the four couples who are willing to take on the challenge this time. Usually I'm the one on the tools so for me, this is going to be fun."

    Casting for THE BLOCK 2010 has commenced. Interested couples can contact apply@mcgregorcasting.com for more information.

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    Ninemsn believed to be planning to launch a catch-up TV service next month.
    The service will allow viewers to watch a range of full-length TV shows on the internet after they have gone to air.

    Ninemsn is tight-lipped, but late last year Nine sales chief Peter Wiltshire told a gathering of advertisers that a free, full-length catch-up TV service would launch online this year. He said programs that Nine received from its output deal with Warner, which included Two and a Half Men, Cold Case, and The Mentalist, would be available online for 28 days from the midnight of the day on which the show first screened.


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    Ninemsn has launched a 24-hour, on-demand news service for television.
    The device allows a stream of updatable information over an internet connection to a TV set and is usually viewed in part of the screen while the viewer is watching regular programming.

    After a year in development, Ninemsn on Wednesday became the first company in the world to create a widget for Samsung's 2009 range of televisions and is believed to be the first Australian company to launch a local TV widget


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    Three of the Nine Network's most popular marquee programs launch in April: Underbelly, Hey Hey It's Saturday, and Sea Patrol.

    UNDERBELLY, the AFI and TV Week Logie Award winner, returns to Nine on Sunday, April 11, at 8.30pm,two hour telemovie premiere.

    HEY HEY IT'S SATURDAY, the new series, premieres on Wednesday, April 14, at 7.30pm with a two-hour blockbuster.

    SEA PATROL returns with 16 action-packed episodes on Thursday, April 15, at 8.30pm.

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    A recent programming amendment will see The Nanny on GEM going head to head with…. The Nanny on GO!
    Full Story: http://www.tvtonight.com.au/2010/10/...elf-on-go.html

    Who have they got working there? 12yr olds?

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