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Walkley Award nominees 2009
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Thread: Walkley Award nominees 2009

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    Walkley Award nominees 2009

    54th Walkley Awards – 2009 FINALISTS

    Print News Report
    Proudly sponsored by MEDIA Super
    Natasha Boddy, Kalgoorlie Miner, “600ml of Water for Hot Four Hour Journey”
    Gary Hughes, The Australian, “Black Saturday 1 & 2”
    Michael McKenna, The Australian, “Police Feel Heat After Girl Tasered”

    Best Three Headings
    Proudly sponsored by Dow Jones
    Paul Cully, The Sydney Morning Herald
    “From second fiddle to fecund Siddle”
    “Benji Martian”
    “The curious case of Jenson Button, the man whose salary is stuck in reverse”
    Tim Douglas, The Weekend Australian and The Australian
    “Ludwig bans vote haven”
    “Regrets? We’ve had a flu”
    “Rebels without a clause deserve the desk sentence”
    Leigh Tonkin, The Newcastle Herald
    “It’s all love, no Waugh”
    “Poulet the other one”
    “Swapping the beat for the grind”

    Magazine Feature Writing
    Proudly sponsored by BHP Billiton
    Annabel Crabb, Quarterly Essay, “Stop at Nothing: The Life and Adventures of Malcolm Turnbull”
    Julie-Anne Davies, The Weekend Australian Magazine, “Back From the Brink”
    Gary Hughes, The Weekend Australian Magazine, “One Day at a Time”
    Roy Eccleston, SA Weekend, The Advertiser, “Inside Bob’s Brain”

    Newspaper Feature Writing
    Proudly sponsored by Pantera Press
    Patrick Carlyon, Herald Sun, “Where the Hell is Everyone?”
    Jock Cheetham, The Sydney Morning Herald, “Who Killed Isaac Dinsdale?”
    Corrie Perkin and Cameron Stewart, The Australian, “Black Saturday”

    Proudly sponsored by Banki Haddock Fiora
    Neil Matterson, The Sunday Mail, “Sold”
    Peter Nicholson, The Australian, “Bashir and Bombing”
    Cathy Wilcox, The Sydney Morning Herald, “Two Clouds”

    Proudly sponsored by Purple Palate
    Simon Letch, The Sydney Morning Herald, “Colour me Kevin”
    David Rowe, The Australian Financial Review, “Budget Boat”
    John Tiedemann, The Week, “Waiting in the Wings”

    Radio News and Current Affairs Reporting
    Proudly sponsored by ABC
    Samantha Donovan, The World Today, ABC Radio, “Black Saturday Aftermath”
    Stephen Long, ABC Radio, “The Week That Shook the World”
    Stephen McDonell, AM, ABC Radio, “China: Wall of Silence”
    Sally Sara, AM, ABC Radio, “India Child Sex”

    Radio Feature, Documentary or Broadcast Special
    Proudly sponsored by QUT Creative Industries
    Anita Barraud, 360, ABC Radio National, “Indonesian Journeys: Democracy and Diversity: Jakarta, Aceh, West Timor, Bali”
    Damien Carrick, The Law Report, ABC Radio National, “Ercan Tekin’s Treatment”
    Ian Townsend, Background Briefing, ABC Radio National, “Crisis for Children”

    Best Online Journalism
    Kate Geraghty, Jonathan Pearlman and Kimberley Porteous, smh.com.au, “Sexual Warfare in the Democratic Republic of Congo”
    Leader Community Newspapers team, “Feeling the Strain”
    news.com.au and heraldsun.com.au team, “Victoria in Flames”

    Television News and Current Affairs Camera
    Proudly sponsored by Australian Super
    Tim Hawkins, Sunday Night, Seven Network, “Volcano Hunter”
    Robert Hill, Foreign Correspondent, ABC TV, “Kashgar: The Uighur Dilemma”
    Tim Noonan, Today Tonight, Seven Network, “Street Gangs”

    Television News Reporting
    Proudly sponsored by Hart Security
    Greg Jennett, Simon Johnson and Chris Uhlmann, ABC News, “Our Man Godwin”
    Chris Reason, Seven News, “The Tapes”
    Seven News Victoria team, “Black Saturday Bulletin”
    Jane Cowan, ABC News, “Marysville Gone”

    Television Current Affairs, Feature, Documentary or Special (more than 20 minutes)
    Proudly sponsored by Southern Cross Ten
    Anna Broinowski, SBS TV, “Forbidden Lie$”
    Steve Cannane, Antoinette Chiha, Kath Earle and Brendan Hutchens, The Hack Half Hour, ABC TV2, “Fight”
    Anne Connolly, Sarah Ferguson, Ivan O’Mahoney and Kate Wild, Four Corners, ABC TV, “Code of Silence”

    Television Current Affairs Reporting (less than 20 minutes)
    Proudly sponsored by Media Monitors
    Ross Coulthart, Sunday Night, Seven Network, “Ice Man”
    Andrew Geoghegan and Mary Ann Jolley, Foreign Correspondent, ABC TV, “Zimbabwe, Left to Die”
    Matthew Peacock, The 7.30 Report, ABC TV, “Killer Carpets”

    Social Equity Journalism
    Aaron Lewis, Dateline, SBS TV, “The Skin Trade”
    Steve Pennells, West Weekend Magazine, “Collateral Damage”
    Heather Stewart, The Law Report, ABC Radio National, “Queensland’s Child Protection Service”
    Yaara Bou Melhem, Dateline, SBS TV, “Jordan: Jailing the Innocent”

    Coverage of Indigenous Affairs
    Proudly sponsored by SBS
    Janine Cohen, Liz Jackson and Kate Wild, Four Corners, ABC TV, “Who Killed Mr Ward?”
    Paul McGeough, The Sydney Morning Herald, “The Intervention: Two Years On”
    Jamie Walker, The Australian, “Death in Doomadgee”
    Murray McLaughlin, 7.30 Report, ABC TV, “Young Love”

    Coverage of Community and Regional Affairs
    Proudly sponsored by Fairfax
    Jodie Duffy, Illawarra Mercury, “Living Nightmare”
    Louise FitzRoy, Steve Kyte, Kon Karamountzos and Simon Rogers, ABC Kinglake Ranges 94.5FM, “A New Voice”
    Bianca Hall, The Melbourne Times, “Paper Tigers”

    Best Sports Journalism
    Proudly sponsored by Nine Network
    Anne Connolly, Sarah Ferguson, Ivan O’Mahoney and Kate Wild, Four Corners, ABC TV, “Code of Silence”
    Jacquelin Magnay, The Sydney Morning Herald, “The Punch”
    Josh Massoud, The Daily Telegraph, “Parramatta Eels Elections”
    Trent Dalton, QWeekend, The Courier-Mail, “Shadow Boxer”

    Best Scoop of the Year
    John Garnaut and Mathew Murphy, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, “Rio Tinto Executives Detained in China”
    Paul Maley, The Australian, “Why I Faked Email: Grech”
    Cameron Stewart, The Australian, “Operation Neath: Army Base Terror Plot Foiled”

    Outstanding Continuous Coverage of an Issue or Event
    Proudly sponsored by August
    The Age, The Sunday Age and The Age Online team, “Black Saturday”
    James Thomas, Seven Network and Yahoo Seven, “War Criminal At Large, Government in Hiding”
    HeraldSun.com.au team, “Black Saturday Bushfires”
    A Current Affair team, Nine Network, “Kinglake Ground Zero”

    Business Journalism
    Proudly sponsored by JP Morgan
    Sarah Curnow, Liz Jackson and Steve Skinner, Four Corners, ABC TV, “Tax Me if You Can”
    Duncan Hughes, The Australian Financial Review, “ASIC Knew About Storm for Months”
    Pamela Williams, The Australian Financial Review, “Future Fund Calls Time on Telstra”
    John Garnaut, The Sydney Morning Herald, “Shock and Ore”

    International Journalism
    Proudly sponsored by Seven Network
    Matthew Carney, Four Corners, ABC TV, “Pakistan on the Brink”
    Fouad Hady and Geoff Parish, Dateline, SBS TV, “City of Widows”
    Li Bin, Robert Hill, Stephen McDonell and Jiang Xin, Foreign Correspondent, ABC TV, “China: Crisis and Control”
    Belinda Hawkins, ABC TV News, “One Night in Sofia”

    Investigative Journalism
    Proudly sponsored by Bayer
    Richard Baker and Nick McKenzie, The Age, “Visa Came After Ruling”
    Michael Best, Peter Doherty, Michael McKinnon and Neil Warren, Seven News, “Police Corruption”
    Caro Meldrum-Hanna and Sally Sara, Four Corners, ABC TV, “The Many Faces of Brother Paul”

    Broadcast and Online Interviewing
    Proudly sponsored by Ernst & Young
    Sarah Ferguson, Four Corners, ABC TV, “The Dishonouring of Marcus Einfeld”, “Code of Silence”, “Buying Back the River”
    Tracy Grimshaw, A Current Affair, Nine Network, “Simon Cowley”, “Nick D’Arcy”, “Matthew Johns”
    Liz Jackson, Four Corners, ABC TV, “Eye of the Storm”, “Who Killed Mr Ward?”
    David Speers, Sky News, “Mark Arbib”, “John Howard”, “Joe Hockey”

    Commentary, Analysis, Opinion and Critique
    Jo Chandler, The Age, “Angola versus Angelina”
    Paul Cleary, The Australian Financial Review, “The Curse of Plenty”
    Paul McGeough, The Sydney Morning Herald, “Doing the Bidding of Organised Crime”

    Daily Life / Feature Photography
    Proudly sponsored by Nikon
    Stephen Dupont, Monster Children, “Port Moresby”
    Kirk Gilmour, Illawarra Mercury and The Sydney Morning Herald, “Batten Down the Boogie Boards”
    Craig Greenhill, The Daily Telegraph, “Burnout Masters”

    News Photography
    Proudly sponsored by Nikon
    Finalists were chosen from each of two sub-categories: General and Spot News.
    General News
    Justin McManus, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, “Black Saturday Body”
    Jason South, The Sunday Age, “Blackest Saturday”
    Brad Hunter, Northern District Times, “Laid to Rest”

    Spot News
    Alex Coppel, Sunday Herald Sun, “Black Saturday”
    Rob Maccoll, The Courier-Mail, “Ingham Floods”
    Andrew Brownbill, Sunday Herald Sun, AP and AAP, “Howling Flames”

    Sport Photography
    Proudly sponsored by Nikon
    Mark Dadswell, Getty Images and The Sun Herald, “Golden Light”
    Phil Hillyard, The Daily Telegraph, “Sports Light”
    Cameron Spencer, Getty Images, “Water World”

    Photographic Essay
    Proudly sponsored by Nikon
    Kate Geraghty, The Sydney Morning Herald, “Displaced Future”
    Jason South, The Age, “Papua Birth”
    Tamara Voninski, Oculi, “Coming of Age in Samoa”
    Renee Nowytarger, The Australian, “Tears of Stolen Love”

    Nikon-Walkley Press Photographer of the Year
    Proudly sponsored by Nikon
    Kate Geraghty, The Sydney Morning Herald
    Craig Greenhill, The Daily Telegraph
    Renee Nowytarger, The Australian

    Best Non-Fiction Book
    Graham Freudenberg, Churchill and Australia, Pan Macmillian
    Peter Hartcher, To The Bitter End, Allen & Unwin
    Jenny Hocking, Gough Whitlam: A Moment in History, Melbourne University Press
    Mary-Rose MacColl, The Birth Wars, University of Queensland Press
    David Marr, The Henson Case, Text Publishing
    Iain McCalman, Darwin’s Armada, Penguin
    Sally Neighbour, The Mother of Mohammed, Melbourne University Press
    Matt Peacock, Killer Company, ABC Books
    Gerard Ryle, Firepower, Allen & Unwin
    Robert Wainwright, The Killing of Caroline Byrne, Allen & Unwin

    54th Walkley Award – 2009 JUDGES

    News Report
    Michael McKinnon, FOI editor, Seven Network
    David Penberthy, editor, The Punch
    Margaret Simons, freelance journalist and senior lecturer, Swinburne University of Technology

    Three Headings
    Lyn Irwin-Kelly, sub-editor and designer, APN Centro
    Bernie O’Shea, chief sub-editor, The Australian Financial Review
    Seumas Phelan, senior sub-editor, The Australian

    Newspaper Feature Writing
    Tony Barrass, WA editor, The Australian
    Bruce Guthrie, journalist, editor and broadcaster
    Narelle Hooper, editor, AFR BOSS

    Magazine Feature Writing
    Shona Martyn, publishing director, HarperCollins
    Helen McCabe, editor, The Australian Women’s Weekly
    Andrew Rule, deputy editor (investigations), The Age

    Artwork and Cartoon
    Geoff Hook, cartoonist, geoffhook.com
    Ward O’Neil, cartoonist and illustrator, The Australian Financial Review
    Victoria Roberts, cartoonist, The New Yorker

    Andrew Darby, online pictorial editor, The Daily Telegraph
    John Donegan, photographer, 1826 Media
    Wen Huang, senior editor, Xinhua News Agency, Beijing
    Dan Peled, picture editor, Australian Associated Press
    Moshe Rosenzveig, freelance photographer; Head On founder and curator

    Radio News and Current Affairs Reporting
    Simon Beaumont, morning presenter, 6PR
    Steve Cannane, reporter, ABC Radio and ABC TV
    Amanda Collinge, series producer, Q&A, ABC TV

    Radio Feature, Documentary or Broadcast Special
    Kathy Gollan, journalist, ABC
    Bronwyn Martin, freelance journalist
    Christoph Wimmer, manager quality and standards, SBS Radio

    Best online journalism
    David Higgins, editor, news.com.au
    Gaven Morris, head of continuous news, ABC
    Stephanie Raethel, editor, smh.com.au

    Television News Reporting
    Cheryl Hall, senior reporter, Stateline, ABC TV
    Rob Raschke, director of news, Seven News Brisbane
    Mal Walden, news presenter, Ten News

    Television Current Affairs Reporting (Less than 20 Minutes)
    Patrick Condren, political correspondent, Seven News
    Mary Davison, editorial manager, Nine Network
    Mary Gearin, journalist, 7.30 Report, ABC TV

    Television Current Affairs Reporting (More than 20 Minutes)
    Chris Hammer, author, TV and print journalist; formerly Dateline, SBS TV
    John Westacott, former head of news and 60 Minutes executive producer, Nine Network
    Helen Vatsikopoulos, journalist and broadcaster

    Television News and Current Affairs Camera
    Marty Craik, camera supervisor, Ten News
    Ryan Sheridan, senior cameraman and editor, World News Australia, SBS TV
    Sue Spencer, executive producer, Four Corners, ABC TV

    Coverage of Community and Regional Affairs
    Ellen Linke, managing editor, Portland Observer and Guardian
    Andrew Lobb, chief-of-staff, NBN News
    Eleanor Miller, features editor, Messenger Community News

    International Journalism
    Ben English, sports editor, The Daily Telegraph, formerly European bureau chief for News Ltd
    Peter Kerr, executive editor, The Sydney Morning Herald
    Deborah Steele, deputy editor, ABC Asia-Pacific News Centre

    Business Journalism
    Simon Mann, chief correspondent, The Age
    Ali Moore, presenter, Lateline Business, ABC TV
    Helen Trinca, leader writer, The Australian

    Coverage of Indigenous Affairs
    Colleen Egan, assistant editor, The West Australian
    Peter Gleeson, editor, Townsville Bulletin
    Dasha Ross, commissioning editor, ABC TV Documentaries

    Investigative Journalism
    Michael Harvey, chief politics reporter, Canberra bureau, Herald Sun
    Kate McClymont, investigative reporter, The Sydney Morning Herald
    Sharon O’Neill, reporter, 7.30 Report, ABC TV

    Sports Journalism
    Les Murray, editorial supervisor, SBS Sport
    Phil Rothfield, executive sports editor, The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph
    Janelle Ward, sports editor, The Sunday Age

    Social Equity Journalism
    Richard Guilliatt, staff writer, The Weekend Australian Magazine
    Wendy Page, producer, Australian Story, ABC TV
    Lisa Pryor, columnist, The Sydney Morning Herald

    Commentary, Analysis and Critque
    Nick Bryant, Sydney correspondent, BBC World TV
    Richard Gluyas, senior reporter, The Australian
    Debra Jopson, senior reporter, The Sydney Morning Herald

    Broadcast and Online Interviewing
    Philippa McDonald, senior reporter, ABC TV News
    Michael Peschardt, presenter and producer, Peschardt’s People, BBC World News
    Terry Willesee, presenter, Sky News

    Best Scoop of the Year
    Mark Day, media commentator, The Australian
    Michael Gordon, Saturday editor, The Age
    Fran Kelly, presenter, Radio National Breakfast
    Outstanding Continuous Coverage of an Issue or Event
    Kathy Lipari, online editor, The Daily Telegraph
    Malcolm Maiden, columnist, The Age
    Graham Thurston, freelance television producer

    Dennis Atkins, national affairs editor, The Courier-Mail
    Paul Bailey, managing editor, The Australian Financial Review
    Diane Butler, journalist, The Courier-Mail
    Rodney Cavalier, chairman, Sydney Cricket Ground Trust
    Malcolm Farr, national political editor, The Daily Telegraph
    Libby Lester, senior lecturer, University of Tasmania
    Chris Masters, freelance journalist and author
    Matthew Ricketson, journalist, The Age
    Christine Wallace, journalist and author

    Quentin Dempster, NS W presenter, Stateline, ABC TV (chair)
    Gay Alcorn, editor, The Sunday Age
    Cathy Border, political editor, Network Ten Queensland
    Mike Carlton, columnist, The Sydney Morning Herald
    David Dare Parker, freelance photographer, Western Australia
    Alan Kennedy, representing the AJA arm of the Media Alliance
    Tony Koch, senior reporter, The Australian, Queensland
    Peter Meakin, director of news and public affairs, Seven Network
    Laurie Oakes, Nine Network
    Jeni O’Dowd, group editorial marketing manager, News Ltd
    Malcolm Schmidtke, Herald Sun, Melbourne
    Fenella Souter, senior feature writer, Good Weekend

    ---------------- ends --------------

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    I see they still haven't included an award for, "Best bare-faced lie told to talent in order to secure an interview".

    I personally witnessed a Walkley Award-winning reporter doing precisely that a few years ago. I have not been able to take the Walkley's seriously since that day.

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