Peep Show premieres on ABC2: Sunday, July 1, 9.00pm.

It's said that men think about sex every six seconds. This series featuring the inner thoughts of two London flatmates may be out to prove that.

This British comedy series is billed as an insight into the private thoughts of two average, south London flatmates; if Peep Show's stars are accurate representations of the average male twentysomethings in those parts, then you're best off avoiding the area in your future travels.

Mark (David Mitchell) and Jeremy (Robert Webb) are unlikely friends. Mark behaves as if he is an overly nervous middle-aged man with a heart condition. He is bullied by children, laughed at by his best friend and terribly misunderstood by women.

Jeremy, on the other hands, believes he's more attractive, cooler, and talented than he'll ever actually be. He boasts constantly about things he's never done and things he'll never achieve, such as being a self-styled, "genius" electronica musician in the making.

So what do they have in common? Well, both lads are obsessed with sex.

Peep Show is based around the interesting idea of letting you see through the characters' eyes and hear their innermost thoughts. Unfortunately, in practise this just means you're exposed to unnecessarily crass stretches of dialogue. The sheer vulgarity of what these boys are thinking as they compete to bed their female neighbour is cringeworthy.

That's not to say that foul language doesn't have its place in comedy. It can be used to good effect - but not when language and vulgar turns of phrase to describe sex are the only things a show has going for it.

In 2006, Peep Show somehow won the British Comedy Award for best TV comedy. You can only assume that this series must get better - or that the award was a cruel joke on unsuspecting audiences.