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  1. New Virus
  2. A silly story from Brazil
  3. A Christmas special
  4. International Cricket
  5. Worker fired for selling Queen's Christmas pud
  6. Spam Mail
  7. Brawling Santas arrested in Auckland
  8. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist..
  9. Hillarious Soundboards
  10. Santa cited for marijuana possession
  11. The official "what cheeses me off" thread
  12. Mexican City Bans Indoor Nudity
  13. BBC staff shown the door
  14. German paper prints only good news on Xmas
  15. What did everyone get from santa?
  16. Costs force Snow White to cut dwarf numbers
  17. Tsunami Donations...
  18. Archives reveal Qld concerns over colour TV
  19. This guy wrote a 50,000 word story without using the letter"E"
  20. Crotch shot has blokes fuming at sexist ads
  21. Man injured when toilet explodes at Bondi Beach
  22. Contest controversy
  23. 'Fear Factor' Viewer Smells Rat, Settlement
  24. Boys will be boys
  25. Rolling back bad taste
  26. Office Olympics
  27. How Elvis would have looked at 70
  28. Bulgarian's blood-alcohol level astounds doctors
  29. Tell a lawyer joke, go to jail?
  30. Tsunami moves North Pole, shortens daytime
  31. Funny Vid about George Bushs' second term
  32. What I think of IE
  33. SpongeBob song offends US Christian groups
  34. Make the Linux Switch
  35. 'The Crazy Frog sound? That's my fault.'
  36. Cupholder or not? (Video Clip)
  37. Sad but amusing
  38. Mum caught in Duff beer scam
  39. Melbourne Weather
  40. Public-access TV p*rn under fire
  41. Joke: Irish Daughter
  42. Washington Couple Names Son 'Jake 2.0'
  43. A letter of resignation
  44. Man Fined For Egg McMuffin Assault
  45. Job recruitment at IKEA - bloody funny!
  46. Funniest actual headlines of 2004
  47. Why it's dangerous for women to shop alone!
  48. 4-Year-Old Mich. Boy Drives Mother's Car - to Video store
  49. Rugby fan 'cuts off testicles' to celebrate win
  50. Public want some new deadly sins
  51. Why did the chicken hit the roof? Because it could
  52. British couple take a shower
  53. Fighting at midnight Ikea Sale
  54. Hitler's mail still getting through
  55. 'Female' athlete claims penis 're-grew'
  56. Priceless - Marriage Joke!
  57. Pull up your pants or be fined $64
  58. Beefiest burger in the world
  59. Don't mess with the CIA
  60. Swearing at work is a no-no - suggested rephrasing
  61. 4WD parking fees doubled
  62. 'Lucky tree' falls on unlucky couple
  63. Iraqi children now safer in Iraq?
  64. Billy Connolly's 13 things I hate about people
  65. Fourth major lottery win for lucky Hunter couple
  66. Crowing rooster recording enrages neighbours
  67. Now 'ear this!
  68. Neighbours blasted with cock
  69. Man to cook 1.3 ton bag of chips
  70. Kissing school teaches the art
  71. Three-year-old passes Mensa test
  72. Nudists dine in New York style
  73. It's Finders-Keepers After Woman Finds Winning Lottery Ticket
  74. Backstab your boss for $50M
  75. The End of the World
  76. New seatbelt design promises 45 per cent less motor vehicle accidents
  77. Michael Jackson jokes - some shockers, be warned!
  78. Penis retrieved from toilet
  79. ON THIS DAY 28/2
  80. A woman's view on marriage and life
  81. Email virus warning!
  82. Beaver
  83. Work vs Prison
  84. Guiness Book of Records
  85. The Best Basketball Shot... EVER!!!
  86. Firefighter
  87. Mission accomplished in round-the-world flight
  88. Women swimming naked in the dam
  89. A heart warming story - not to be read whilst drinking in front of keyboard!
  90. This is not your everyday 'Skunk bites man' story
  91. Stomach staple for Star
  92. MadTV Does Lost
  93. Plan for tsunami theme park
  94. Another man cuts off penis, eats it
  95. Niw Zulland and the condom crisus!
  96. The 213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed to Do in the U.S. Army
  98. The biker and the squirrel
  99. Hilarious sports bloopers
  100. Customers............
  101. One Liners
  102. "THE MAN CODE"
  104. A Few Jokes
  105. Why men die first
  106. Management at it's Best
  107. Court tells dying man to postpone death
  108. Biker gets two penises
  109. Men admit tasting partners' breast milk
  110. Channel 7 Sports theme
  111. Who Is In Charge?
  112. Top Ten most Polite Ways to Say Your Zipper Is Down.........
  113. how to be annoying online
  114. The Rabbit
  115. Happy Easter
  116. Led Zepplin to Britney Spears backward masking
  117. Owner demands $65,000 or the bunny gets it
  118. A Prayer
  119. Music McChallenge
  120. The silent disco
  121. Alston to take top Telstra job
  122. Every Australian House to recieve ADSL 2+
  123. Add Free Pay TV
  124. Best April Fool's joke of 2005
  125. US covers condom shortcoming
  126. Jacko the No.1 fool
  127. Actual Federal Government Employee's performance reviews
  128. Compassion
  129. An Irishman, and Englishman and an Australian...
  130. Star Wars geeks - what a bunch of dunderheads!
  131. There is always someone dumber....
  132. Changing to Optus TV as its much better
  133. If you want a challenge, Read this
  134. There'll be no freebie doughnuts on my beat, chief orders
  135. 5 Minute Chinese lesson
  136. The Best Out-Of-Office Automated Replies
  137. Questions
  138. Fascinating!
  139. Testing Times For Learner
  140. batboy
  141. You might like this
  142. mice in canberra
  143. The blonde joke to end all blonde jokes
  144. Canadian police advise against lying in the road
  145. Job Search
  146. A smart blonde joke!
  147. Do the Irish REALLY put it in?
  148. Cheap Plug: I'm ebaying!
  149. Crown Princess Mary pregnant
  150. Boffins baffled by exploding toads
  151. Breakfast!
  152. Snoring
  153. Knowfirst Weight Challenge Anyone ??
  154. Ugly Children May Get Parental Short Shrift
  155. Boy finds snake in breakfast cereal
  156. Web site critique
  157. it's very quiet ....
  158. School Suspends Boy for Wearing Prom Dress
  159. 98%
  160. Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets in Cambodian Ring-Fight
  161. Want to know the time in style?
  162. Suspicious package was fake foot-long plastic penis
  163. $900,000 pokie win
  164. Big Ben's Silence Baffles Engineers
  165. Only a stupid Queenslander....
  166. Good party trick for your drunk mates! :)
  167. Jaywalking Chicken Ticket Tossed
  168. Broken TV leads to charges
  169. Hubby annoying? Put him in a box
  170. What are your hidden talents?
  171. Did you ever wonder who and why?
  172. Washington Post Confirms 'Deep Throat' ID
  173. Monks defrocked after street brawl
  174. You know you grew up in the 1980's if…
  175. Pointless Facts (I need to get a life...)
  176. Man Sues Over Exploding Porta-Potty
  177. Suspicious package found at Parliament House, Canberra
  178. Balance
  179. Why men lie
  180. Extra daylight saving for Games
  181. Competition For Jobs, Partners Sparks Height Craze In China
  182. Forty becomes the new 30
  183. Police hope madam, 80, can stay out of trouble
  184. German city prepares 'sex huts' for World Cup
  185. State of Origin Warm-up.......Go Queensland
  186. Woman jailed over 271 pets
  187. Indonesia President says 'call me'
  188. For the Knight fan........
  189. Probation for naked interviewer
  190. Madame Tussauds make a chocolate Elton
  191. 4 held in goat-for-coke scheme
  192. Alleged Chicken-For-Sex Offer Lands Meat Man In Jail
  193. The Love Dress
  194. Too Many Notices
  195. Granny biker
  196. Computer Man
  197. Joy Of Tech
  198. Terrorist Alert!
  199. DJ's wife sold his Lotus for 50p
  200. Life Lessons from Bill Gates
  201. Loch Ness Monster Attack Cover For Athletes
  202. Teen girl sleepwalks to top of crane
  203. McDonald's seeking star makeover (US)
  204. Bush bruised in bicycle blunder
  205. Who Hates The Damn Frog
  206. Revenge of the Sith translated into english
  207. The value of a drink
  208. Virgins to get free university
  209. ebay plug
  210. Guts and Balls - know the difference!
  211. A Canadian in New Zealand...
  212. Swearing parrot banned
  213. Men too sexy for this ad
  214. The weather will be ... zzzz
  215. Banks "Mr Dick Head" (UK)
  216. Men do have trouble hearing women: research
  217. Stop stealing F*cking's Road signs!
  218. When did you first get on the net at home?
  219. Royal Navy does Queen
  220. Apple's New iPod
  221. Men 'smarter' than women
  222. You can use the f-word in class (but only five times)
  223. Disconnection just the start...
  224. Funny llama
  225. Mark's new Avatar..... Barry my Ar*e
  226. Knowfirst Caption Time
  227. NSW Police - no wonder we laugh at them!
  228. Testicle festival left hanging
  229. Penguins planned for the desert
  230. Brunettes 1, blondes 0
  231. China bans bald taxi drivers
  232. Nothing to wine about
  233. Uni students get on the drink a lot - well derr!
  234. Staff sacked after email fight
  235. Thief arrested by door
  236. 'Too sexy' for the Pope
  237. Cake for everyone
  238. 'World's strongest beer'
  239. We Are The Pride
  240. can anyone answer
  241. Uni offers alien degree
  242. Only in America...
  243. Fined for walking too slowly
  244. Bible translated into SMS
  245. Just a little chilli for a good nap
  246. Aussies not sane after all
  247. This is very interesting ...
  248. Travel guide to the stars
  249. eBay addicts turn to rehab
  250. Study finds Britain's 'rudest' city